Latin American Resistance & U.S. Solidarity
Latin America has a 500 year history of resistance to the violence of colonialism, militarization, and elite domination. It is a legacy to treasure and honor. But we must also recognize that the current situation in some countries in Latin America, especially Mexico and Central America, is grim and requires urgent solidarity from those that live in the U.S., where our tax money is being utilized to prop up the forces of oppression.

Solidarity requires us to demand that our taxes not be utilized for the endless violence of the Drug War. When U.S. officials fail to do their job we must expose them and their role in the military industrial congressional complex. ImageAt the 2015 Spring Days of Action in DC, we created music & art, strategized, proposed a Border/Root Causes of Migration mobilization, and took our protest and solidarity to the halls of Congress. Our work at the Spring Days and beyond reverberated, with Congress being forced to cut some of the military aid it was providing Mexico, while only some parts of the deceptively named Alliance for Prosperity in Central America or Biden Plan were approved. These victories need to be recognized and we need to realize that an organized people CAN make a difference so the only answer is to KEEP PUSHING.

Following up on our Victories

Our work last year in DC and in Congress isn’t finished! This year, we converged again on Washington, DC from April 14 - 18 for 5 days of protest, lobbying, workshops, art, and community-building. We need to reject apathy, organize from below, and try everything in our power to stop the violence of that is destroying Central America and Mexico. The failed policies emanating from Congress and the Pentagon have real consequences, with forced migration, enforced disappearances, and assassinations like the recent killing of Berta Cáceres in Honduras, becoming all too normalized. Nevertheless the resistance in Latin America to the violence is growing, the facade of the Drug War is crumbling, and we must continue to march towards the light and help usher in a new world.

We recognize the power of solidarity and struggle, and we welcomed of the Peace, Life, and Justice Caravan that arrived in Washington DC on April 15 to report on their journey through Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and the U.S. to expose the Drug War’s devastating impacts. We also took our next steps in the campaign to pressure Vice President Joe Biden for an Executive Order to close the SOA before he and President Obama leave office early next year. In the meantime you can sign the petition to VP Biden at

Border/Root Causes of Migration Mobilization

This year’s Spring Days were also an exciting opportunity to plug into SOA Watch’s move to the border and growing focus on the root causes of migration. The first Border/Root Causes of Migration Mobilization in Nogales, AZ, will be held on October 7-10, 2016, and we heard from activists from across the country during the Spring Days.
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