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Posters & Wheatpasting PDF Print E-mail

There are many different ways to spread the word about the movement to close the School of the Americas – its time to get creative!

Let’s take activism offline – post on real walls instead of your Facebook wall!

Getting the message out to your communities is so crucial closing the SOA, and wheatpasting is one way that’s creative, fun, cheap, and reaches a lot of people quickly.

Step 1: Print one or more of the posters below on regular paper, or take it to a print shop to get larger versions. Remember the heavier the paper, the longer it will last outdoors! (If you make your own, remember to use materials that won't run if it gets wet).

Step 2: Purhcase wallpaper powder from your local hardware store or online.(For the DIY folks, you can also make your own from this recipe, or this recipe).

Step 3: HIT THE STREETS! Bring a paintbrush, posters, and your bucket of wheatpaste (and a friend to watch your back) and paste up your posters all around the city.

PS: Familiarize yourself with your city’s ordinance about wheatpasting.

Here are a couple of informational SOA Watch posters that you can download and used to spread the word throughout your community.

"RESIST" (black on white)

Click image to download

"RESIST" (white on black)

Click image to download

"RESISTA" (black on white)

Click image to download

"RESISTA" (white on black)

Click image to download


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