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Anti-Oppression Resources
Our goal is to expose and close the School of the Americas/ WHINSEC and to resist the oppressive policies and systems that it represents. We act in solidarity with our Latin American sisters and brothers and all those around the world whose lives are impacted by these policies, as one part of an international struggle for human rights and global justice.

As SOA Watch we gather in the diverse traditions of nonviolence, with respect for the right to self-determination of oppressed peoples and communities. Together we envision a day in which a culture of peace with justice and respect for Earth will prevail, where all people will live together free from oppression.

We commit to recognize and to work dismantle all forms of oppression in our personal relationships, local neighborhoods, globally and with Earth itself.

Anti-Oppression Resources

This page contains a number of articles related to different forms of oppression, sorted in the categories race, class, gender, abelism, antisemitism, and ageism, as well as a small sampling of audio recordings on the issues.

Some of the exercises in the exercise section of this webpage have the potential to move the group that is participating in them into areas of strong resistance. It is therefore recommended that trainers not try to use it without previously experiencing it as a participant, preferably with an experienced trainer.

The Background section contains a glossary of terms that are oftentimes used when discussing oppression, a list of cultural norms and values that show up in our behavior in organizational structures (together with suggested antidotes), some simple suggestions for both challenging AND for accepting a challenge when oppressive moments occur, and more.

Check out the resources section for books, films and a listing of training groups.

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