What is Heterosexual Privilege? Print
Marrying--which includes the following privileges:

  • Public recognition and support for an intimate relationship, such as receiving cards or calls celebrating your commitment to another person.
  • Joint child custody.
  • Paid leave from employment when grieving death of your spouse.
  • Property laws, filing joint tax returns, inheriting from your spouse automatically under probate laws.
  • Immediate access to your loved ones in case of an accident or emergency.

    Not questioning your normalcy, sexually and culturally:

  • Having role models of your gender and sexual orientation.
  • Learning about romance and relationships from fiction, movies and television.
  • Having positive media images of people with whom you can identify.

    Validation from the culture in which you live:

  • Living with your partner and doing it openly.
  • Talking about your relationship, or what you and your partner are doing together. Expressing pain when a relationship ends from death or separation, and having other people notice and tend to your pain.
  • Dating the person of your desire during your teen years. Working without being identified by your sexuality/culture (for example, you get to be a farmer, artist, etc., without being labelled the heterosexual farmer, etc.)