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Home Resources Anti-Oppression Features White Ally Event at the November Vigil to Close the SOA
White Ally Event at the November Vigil to Close the SOA PDF Print E-mail

on Saturday, November 19, 2005
from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Locations: Convention Center

(801 Front Avenue, Columbus, GA)

The SOA Watch Council passed a proposal that calls the SOA Watch movement to address the deeper connection between the racism that allows the School of the Americas (SOA) to exist with the racism of U.S. world dominance. It further calls on the Movement to deeply exam its own complicity in not dealing sufficiently with racist attitudes and behaviors. Unless we address systemic racism the SOA Watch, as a movement, will not get to the root of the evil of the SOA.

A People of Color Caucus is going to be organized by FOR's Nonviolent Youth Collective. The People of Color Caucus is going to explore issues such as people of color activism in traditionally white organizations, tokenism, internalized racism and other intersecting oppressions as they are experienced by the participants. The caucus will also make time to strategize about how to transform the movement against the School of the Americas to be more anti-racist in its practices and share the knowledge, skills and experience each participant brings to the caucus.

Central to fighting racism is recognizing that it isn't just an issue for people of color to fight. Think about it: Would it be possible to end racism if white people weren't involved in the struggle and challenging other white people to do the same? For this reason, an Alternative Event for White people is going to correspond with the People of Color Caucus.

Part of the interactive event will be a presentation by Sara Koopman, titeld Undoing Imperialism Within: How Structures of Domination Shape our Resistance and based on a research project with white middle class women SOA Watch activists.

The primary purpose of the White Ally Event is to deepen its members understanding of White Supremacy as one of the underlying forces of the SOA and US foreign policy, to explore how racism plays out within the movement and to discuss the role that white people play in both chalenging oppression and perpetuating it.

There will also be space to brainstorm goals and strategies for organizational change to break the patterns of domination and to dismantel white supremacy.

For more information read also:
Combating Oppression Inside and Outside by Elizabeth 'Betita' Martinez, An Evaluation by Darren Parker, and check out the compilation of articles on white supremacy and race


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