Call for Submissions Print

We are in the process of a major revision to our anti-oppression resource booklet and we need your help! We are looking for new and existing articles (500-1500 words), graphics, cartoons, poetry, artwork, etc that fit into the four (loose) sections below. If you know of any articles/pieces or are interested in writing/creating one, please let us know. Our deadline for new material is September 10, 2004. Please send submissions or any questions to Laurel Paget-Seekins at laurelrose(at)

Section One: Making the Connections: The School of the Americas as a tool for systemic oppression Topics might include: the history of political and economic involvement of Europe/United States in the Western Hemisphere, the ?war on drugs? at home and abroad, immigration and struggles for immigrant rights in the US, prisons and the movement against the racist/classist prison-industrial complex, repression of unions in Colombia and the US ?

Section Two: School of the Americas Watch This section will have pieces about how oppression unfortunately plays out in SOA Watch organizing and how SOA Watch relates to and uses power. We hope these articles will provide some SOA Watch specific examples to highlight the large issues of white supremacy, classism, homophobia/transphobia, sexism, etc in ?progressive? movements in the United States.

Section Three: Goals and Vision We are looking for visionary articles on the future of the SOA Watch movement and anti-oppression work that put forth a long-term vision as well as short terms steps and goals. For example, what role could SOA Watch play in a larger movement for social, racial and economic justice? What transformations would need to take place in the movement for that to happen? What successful or not successful experiences can we learn from? What are ideas/strategy on how we could make SOA Watch accountable? What is solidarity?

Section Four: Tools and Resources What tools, exercises, books, movies, organizations, websites, etc have helped you and/or your group?