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Host a movie night in your community, as a fundraiser, educational, or mixture of events. Here is some information that you might to use in your showing of Somos Una America. Use this opportunity to raise awareness in your community, and continue building a movement from South to North to end militarization in the hemisphere.

Note from the Producer:

"From south of the South, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I appreciate your support and struggle to close the SOA and to end imperial militarization. This struggle is for all those that desire another form of understanding us [South America] as a continent, as humanity, as people.  And to construct new ways of understanding ourselves as A Single America, we need creativity and imagination working en tandem, in the service of the Culture of Peace that we wish to consolidate.  This documentary is just that: a creative collective effort, like all the protests, research, delegations, Encuentros, communications, workshops, bulletins, videos and songs that, from all of our humble hearts, that spring forth to unite us in a single struggle from the North Pole to Patagonia.  We Are One America!"

Watch the trailer!!

What is the SOA? What have people heard? What do people know about SOA Watch?


1. What are peoples thoughts? Questions? What surprised you? What confused you? What motivated you? What is one phrase that you take away after watching the film?

2. How are you connected to militarization? Is militarization only limited to South of the border? How is it present in your community?

3. Additional resources, theories, or stories to share about militarization. What are the reasons behind militarization? What was US military intervention like in the 70s through the SOA? What's the difference with militarization today?

4. What are things that you can do in your community to impact the system that creates militarization?

5. How do you envision solidarity? How do you think you can contribute to this struggle?

Please click here for an addtional study guide to supplement a conversation or classroom discussion!


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phone: 202-234-3440
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