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A note from the producer:

"From south of the South, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I appreciate your support and struggle to close the SOA and to end imperial militarization. This struggle is for all those that desire another form of understanding us [South America] as a continent, as humanity, as people. And to construct new ways of understanding ourselves as A Single America, we need creativity and imagination working en tandem, in the service of the Culture of Peace that we wish to consolidate. This documentary is just that: a creative collective effort, like all the protests, research, delegations, Encuentros, communications, workshops, bulletins, videos and songs that, from all of our humble hearts, that spring forth to unite us in a single struggle from the North Pole to Patagonia. We Are One America!" - Gabriela Uassouf

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Resources/Guidelines for Somos Una America Showing:

Having an event or moving showing in your community or University is a great way to educate and mobilize for the November SOA Watch Vigil. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 202-234-3440 for more information and if you are planning to have a Somos Una America showing in the lead up to November.

Sample Agenda: Use this resource for ideas or guidance in leading a discussion around the Somos Una America showing.

Study Guide: Somos Una America is packet with essential information to understanding the complexities and shifts in militarization beyond the SOA. This study guide can be used for teachers or other groups looking to dig deeper into understand the context of the video.

Guidelines for How to Host a Showing: this resource is geared towards students, but maybe useful in generating ideas for other community showings.

Mobilizing for the November Vigil at Fort Benning and fundraising tips: find out more about the November 22-24, 2013 Vigil to share with others, and consider this event as a way to kick of your fundraising efforts for the trip to Columbus, Georgia.

Movie Flier : Use this flier to promote your event just filling in the when and where!

Sign in Sheet. please mail back to SOA Watch National office (PO Box 4566 Washington, DC 20011)

• Other educational resources: Use these materials as supplements to the movie and/or handouts for participants.

History of the SOA Watch movement

The Case for Closing the SOA

The SOA and Neoliberalism

SOA and Labor flyer

Bilingual SOA info flyer

You can also order other resources from SOA Watch including bilingual information sheets, November Palmcards, a box of Presente, and more by visting the SOA Watch store!