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Youth & student organizing contacts
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Information & tips about how to build a local group

Action Center For Justice
David Dixon
BringThemOnHome@yahoo.com    704-554-1016
Dedicated to abolishing racism, sexism, homophobia, war, poverty, oppression & building a world of justice & equality through social activism. Sponsors demonstrations, forums, public speakers, leafleting/canvassing and more. Linking with local, national, and international struggles to achieve these goals of peace with justice for humanity.

All Walks
Sam Nagoor
close_the_soa@yahoo.com    72-473-2499
Getting folks together from all walks to walk together to close the soa! Join us for our bus trip, or call on us to speak at your group!

Connie Pace Adair
tokyojo67201@yahoo.com    316-409-2495

San Juan
Gabriel Villaronga

Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia
Jean Rupertus
jean120@comcast.net    610-358-3679

St. Francis House Catholic Worker
Steve Jacobs
sfhcw913@aol.com    573-875-4913

world youth peace organization
abel obiagwu chibuike
abelworldyouthpeace@yahoo.com    +2347038939536

SOA Watch Northeast
Linda  Panetta
The staff of SOA Watch/NE is available to bring a speaker to your area... and much more - give us a call and check out the photos on our website!

Corporación Compromiso
Diana Tada
We are a human right organization that works in the north-east region of colombia divided in several programs, one of our programs is peace and human rights, and right now we work with victims of our arm conflict in 4 aspects: juridical, psicological, organizational and the observatory of human rights.


Kyle Kordsmeier

Blanche Crandall
akcran@yahoo.com    907-272-0638

Don Muller
c/o Old Harbor Brooks 201 Lincoln Street Sitka, AK 99835


Episcopal Peace Fellowship of Alabama
Rev'd Deacon Steve Shanks
srshanks@wwisp.com    205-664-2526


Phoenix SOA Watch
Jessica Tartaro
SOWatchPhoenix@gmail.com    (480)993-5562
Phoenix SOA Watch began in April of 2007 in an effort to organize Phoenix area activists committed to ending torture. In coalition with several other local activist groups, we are focusing our efforts on community education as well as contact with our representatives to urge their sponsorship of HR 1707.

Tucson SOA Watch
Ken Kennon
kkennonaz@cox.net    520-745-5803


Nikki Duda

Judy Liteky
Jliteky@aol.com    415-334-4770

Dolores  Priem

Colombia Peace Project
Hector Aristizabal

Direct Action Task Force Against Torture!
Janet Louise Wilsom
Bringing attention to the use of and need to end torture through various means.

Grandmothers for Peace International
Lorraine Krofchok Director
Goal: a better, safer world for the future...

Mendocino County
Jerry Cox

Oakland/Berkeley SOAWatch
Bob Nixon 
robertnixon@mindspring.com    510-533-3120

Peace and Justice for All
Judy Rosselli 
jrosselli@aol.com    858 453-0341
I'm one person going from San Diego and want to connect with others from this city. Maybe we could meet in Columbus or when we return and keep some action going.

Laetitia Bordes

Sacred Heart Prep
Jeff Mezzocchi 
A Catholic High School in the San Francisco Bay Area with a curriculum focused on justice and Catholic Social Teaching

Saint Mary's College of California
Gary Adler
students, faculty, and staff from Saint Mary's college

San Francisco
Judy Liteky

San Jose SOA Watch
Larry Lauro

Santa Rosa
Alice Waco

SOA Watch Los Angeles
Patricia Contreras

SOA Watch West
David Mezzera

SOA Watch West
Karen Klingel
kklingel@sbcglobal.net    415-457-9881

SOA Watch West
Michael  Bass
riovi@aol.com    510-654-5355

SOA Watch West
Theresa Cameranesi
tmcameranesi@earthlink.net    415-876-1455

SOAW Contra Costa
Natalie Russell 
russell1626@juno.com    925-934-0759

SOAW Los Angeles

SOAW-Placer County
Denise Sewart Denise Johnston
dsewart@surewest.net    (916) 300-0482
It is our goal to help build a just society through advocacy by effecting social change to remedy injustices existing in our local, global and environmental communities.

SOAWatch - East Bay
Bob Nixon 
robertnixon@mindspring.com    510-533-3120

University of San Francisco SOA Watch
Jen Herrera

Veternas For Peace Chapter 56
Gordon Soderberg


Mark Cunningham
a group of students from Mount Saint Vincent University and also members from the HRM area

Canada - British Colombia
Bud Godderis

SOAW Toronto/London
Pascal Murphy
always.choose.peace@gmail.com    416 619 0650

SOAW Toronto: Student Christian Movement of Canada
National Office 
info@scmcanada.org    416 463-4312

SOAW Western Ontario (Kitchener, London, Stratford)
Dwyer Sullivan 

Central Arkansas

Hendrix College Against Torture
G Cooper
Three social activists from Hendrix College are looking for contacts in the central Arkansas region. Groups willing to caravan and find public places for lodging would be great!


Samuel McFadyen
akamoro@gmail.com    719 431-3640
We are a student group from the University of Colorado. We have been coming to the SOA protest for a number of years now.

Boulder -- Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center
Sabrina Sideris 

Denver Justice and Peace Committee
Jerry Stookey
DJPC is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting human rights, economic justice & lasting peace in Latin America through education, solidarity projects and nonviolent activism

fair advocates for cultural truths [f.a.c.t.]
Krista Martinez
vive.paz.y.solidaridad@gmail.com    970.596.4179
we're kind of a makeshift semi-student group that originated a few years ago by wanting to promote fair trade. We have evolved tremendously since then into a group of yongsters trying to get alternative voices and perspectives in the area. Currently, f.a.c.t.’s mission is to raise awareness at our university as well as the surrounding community on social justice issues. We emphasis that "truths" is spelled with a lowercase t, because truths, beliefs, and understanding are formed out of individual experience and cultural perspective due to a variety of representations that we have exposed to. f.a.c.t. puts on events that provide a wide range of cultural perspectives including: movie nights, speaker series, cultural exchange trips, support for traveling activists, etc. One of our events in the Spring of 2009 was bringing Malik Rahim of Common Ground to speak at CSU and in the Fort Collins community. Common Ground was the first relief effort in the 9th ward of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Rahim spoke about the current situation in New Orleans and how we can participate, as well as many other issues. We try to organize demontrations around cultural misconceptions such as Columbus Day. We are super excited to be coming to Georgia to hang with SOAW and are currently thinking we'll have about 20 people with us.

Mahatma Gandhi Center for Peace & Nonviolence
Dr. MaryAnn Roldan
Promoting peace and nonviolence in the schools and community. Have developed a xeriscape peace garden for community use for reflection and meditation; contains labyrinth, amphitheather, artistically designed circular bench. Peace vigils held annually.

Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission
Peter Haney 
director@ppjpc.org    (719) 632-6189

Students for Peace and Justice
Jane  Madrigal
jane.madrigal@gmail.com    303.847.1444
Students for Peace and Justice www.sfpj.org SFPJ MISSION: In the last half-century, students have been at the forefront of efforts to realize progressive social change. With this in mind, Students for Peace and Justice was organized as a vehicle for student action to achieve an end to U.S. militarism and to achieve an increasingly peaceful and just world. After all, the U.S. military-industrial complex won’t dismantle itself. Peace and justice won't establish themselves. These goals can only be achieved when people organize and act together to make it so.


Greater Glastonbury for Peace & Justice
John Wentland
jackwentland@gmail.com    8608882502
Greater Glastonbury for Peace and Justice is dedicated to promoting peace, social/economic/environmental justice and the preservation of human and civil rights through active participation in democracy, and through education, dialogue and action.

Greater Glstonbury for Peace & Justice
Jack Wentland
jackwentland@gmail.com    860-888-2502
Organized in 2003, Greater Glastonbury for Peace and Justice is dedicated to promoting peace, social/economic/environmental justice & the preservation of human and civil rights through active participation in democracy, & through education, dialogue and action. Includes members from the surrounding communities near Hartford, CT.

Matthew Bailey
Group in formation.

Veterans for Peace
Walt Hrozenchik 
walthroz@hotmail.com    203.438-2529



School of Americas Watch Face Book group
Kim Dobson
This group was formed in November 2008 for Face book members to show support to School of Americas Watch humanitarian efforts .Also to raise awareness about what negative effects the soldiers trained there have had in Latin America


Sandra Ribas
friends@racsa.co.cr    506 22345928


Rusty  Poulette
backalleyrp@yahoo.com    561-236-0523
There are several groups from Gainesville going up. Contact me if you want to carpool with one of us.

Gio Andollo
giosafar@gmail.com    305 338 2489
I'm trying to round up some troops from Orlando. I'm not representing a particular organization, though I will be trying to recruit people at Discovery Church and from Notre Dame AmeriCorps in Apopka. Please contact me if interested in caravanning. Thanks!

Coalition of Concerned Patriots (CoCP)
Don Thompson 
janedonjuan@juno.com    (941)739-7103

Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice
Bob Tancig
bob@fcpj.org    352-214-1778
The Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice has been working for the last 22 years to support the peacemaker community in Florida.

Florida Gulf Coast Progressive Alliance
Angela Cisneros
acisner@eagle.fgcu.edu    239-293-0251

Barb Howe

Miami SOA Watch
Patrick McCann 

Russ & Dixie Mahan

SOA Watch: South Florida
Raymond  Del Papa
mrrratpp@aol.com    754-423-0051
We are newly forming in the tri-county area to work with other activist organizations to raise awareness of the SOA in South Florida. We will be holding speaking engagments, showing films and organizing local actions. Our first action in support of SOA Watch, this fall, will center around the U.S. Southern Command in Doral, FL.

South Floridians Against the SOA
Jim Sanders 
jimsanders954@yahoo.com    954-770-7769 (cell)

St. Petersburg -- St. Pete for Peace
Chris Ernesto

Students United for Peace and Justice
Sarah Stinard-Kiel 
sws04@fsu.edu    321-274- 2176

Tallahassee -- Veterans for Peace / Vietnam Veterans Against the War
tombaxter@talstar.com    850-893-7390

Venice Peace Caolition
Glenn Rogers
eglennrogers@aol.com    941 488 8805
Our group is small, but we will have a SOAW poster at our table on World Peace Day 12-31-06 plus distribution of "Bring the Vigil Home" flyers. Also we are featuring "SOA for "Dummies" at our April 2006 meeting.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War - Veterans For Peace
Tom  Baxter
peacevetstally@gmail.com    850-893-7390
Veterans for Peace, Chapter 15 and the Tallahassee Chapter of Vietnam Veterans Against the War are proud to be supporters justice, peace and the SOAW.

Wage Peace, Inc.
David Henderson
Community Based peace organization in Northeast Florida. About 50 members with an e-mail list of supporters of several hundred.


Robert Randall

American Friends Service Committee
Tim Franzen
cobbpeace@comcast.net    404-414-5521

CSRA Peace Alliance
Ayman Fadel
info@csrapeace.org    (706) 955-1493
The CSRA Peace Alliance was formed in July 2008 to organize the efforts of diverse groups of people in the Central Savannah River Area of Georgia and South Carolina working for peace. www.csrapeace.org

Dialogue America
JT Arbuthnot
JT@dialogueamerica.org    404-438-4939
Dialogue America is an umbrella branding of Jennie Marie Thomas Foundation. Our first national campaign is National Shoe Day, celebrated on July 6, 2010 and every July 6th thereafter -- the Birday day of President Bush

Volunteer Coordinator
volunteer@koinoniapartners.org    229 924 0391
We are an intentional Christian community about one hour away from the SOA. We have been vigiling at Ft. Benning for decades. We can often provide shelter (floor space, some guest housing) for people on their way to the event. Some groups like to congregate here beforehand or afterwards. We are a peace-loving community and welcome visits at other times too.

Savannah Fellowship of Reconciliation
martie kaufman 
savannah f.o.r. meets second tuesday of month at sentient bean, on park st. @ s. end of forsyth park. 6:30 p.m.

SOAW Georgia
Jerry Nelson
Also see pics at www.koinoniabw.blogspot.com


Atlanta Peace Meetup Group
Mary Lou Van Houten
mlmvh@comcast.net    404-233-7912
We've created a place on Meetup for the various peace groups in Atlanta to meet, exchange information, and post events on the calendar!

Latinas Unidas
jgarcia@agnesscott.edu speralta@agnesscott.edu
Latinas Unidas is an organization of Agnes Scott College focused in the importance of allowing others to become aware of Latin American cultures. We are a sisterhood of dedicated women who have embraced the meaning of being a woman of color, a woman of race, a woman of culture, a woman of love and Latin beauty.

People from All Over
Kim O'Toole
We aren't part of an official group, but a bunch of us GA kids are trying (via our facebook event page/my e-mail) to coordinate as many carpools for as many people as possible. We are also trying to coordinate places for sleeping (campsites, cars, anything we can get our hands on). There is a group to join on the event page so you can start discussions for people going in your area. If you don't have facebook or would rather not use it, e-mail me with your name, location, and any other important information, and I will monitor the group and get back to you with as much information as I can.


Cerremos la escuela
nadia@aiu.edu    808-264-5722


Sr. Ginny Heldorfer
heldorferv@offdub.org    563-583-9786

Dubuque SOA Watch
Gwen Hennessey 
glhennessey@hotmail.com     (563) 583-9786


Buddy Bell
buddy8428@aol.com    773-240-5576

Call To action
Mauro Pineda
mauro@cta-usa.org    773-404-0004
Catholic group working for Church reform and social justice

IL SOA Watch
Megan Kennedy-Farrell

Illinois SOA Watch
Kathleen Desautels
kathleend8@gmail.com    (773) 235-6202
Based at the 8th Day Center for Justice, (312) 641-5151

LaGrange Area
Ed Osowski
emosowski@att.net    708-352-2998

Lewis Group
Martha E Villegas 


Altagracia Corniel

Will County SOA Watch
Sandy Costa
scosta@stfrancis.edu    815-723-3957
We are a loose configuration of University of St. Francis folks and Universalist Unitarians and our friends!


Sally Baldwin
browncountyweavery@live.com    812-988-0340

Charity Ryerson 

Dorothy Day House for Peace and Justice
Amber Thomas
We are a house on the Marian College that strives to uphold peace and justice within the college community. We make others aware of what's happening.

Manchester College Peace Studies Institute
Sarah Hall
Our program seeks to educate students on issues of social justice and human rights. We send a group of interested students and faculty each year to the SOA vigil in Georgia.

Valparaiso University Social Action Leadership Team (SALT)
Wendy Mallette
The Social Action Leadership Team (SALT) is the Spirit-led social justice ministry of the Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University in which students in community seek to embody the Christian call to be the "salt of the earth" (Matt. 5:13). SALT helps students develop a passion and practice of Christian social action. SALTers draw upon God’s love for people to cultivate the skills of community organizing, awareness raising, and fund development. SALT alumni are equipped to lead lives of social justice and serve as agents for positive change in their communities.


Bethel College Students for Social Change

Peace & Social Justice Center of South Central Kansas
Cathy Benton

Peace and Social Justice Center of Southcentral Kansas
Horace Santry
staff@wichitapeace.org    316-263-5886

Salina People for Peace
Janie and Martin St'ates (Stein Bates)


Berea College
Danielle Capillo
We are a social and environmental justice student-run organization. We work on various projects thru out the year but travel to Fort Benning to increase the numbers at the vigil in solidarity with those that have died at the hands of SOA graduates.

Highland Heights -- Students Together Against Racism
Brandon Hill
Students Together Against Racism is an anti-racist organization who strives not only to understand the effects of racism, but also to become proactive about ending racism on an institutional level.


Contemplatives In Action
Geoffrey Hennies
geoffrey@contemplativesinaction.org    504-891-8483
Contemplatives in Action is a ministry rooted in a faith that does justice. We are an intentional community that believes in a God whose mercy and compassion compel us to be women and men for others in imitation of Christ. We value responsible and strategic ministry as we contemplate God’s presence in today’s New Orleans. We provide hospitality and relief to those affected by Hurricane Katrina, both the storm and the flooding. We help to create a space for rest, prayer, and a thoughtful response to our current situation.

Pax Christi New Orleans
Ben Gordon
Pax Christi is a faith based study and action group, with nonviolence as its core. We meet the 4th Thursday of the month.

Polytrix@ killradio.org
johanna iraheta
chepelotuda82@yahoo.com    323-6663016
contacting anyone who is going to the vigil from Los Angeles, Ca.


American Friends Service Committee--Western Massachusetts Office
Douglas Rinnick 
afsc@crocker.com    413-584-8975


Ellen Barfield
ellene4pj@yahoo.com    410-243-5876

Howard County Friends of Latin America
Leslie Salgado
cuba_is_hope@comcast.net    410-381-4899
We are a grassroots organization that promotes awareness, activism, and social responsibility in the United States for more just relationships with Latin America.


SOAW New England
Palmer Legare
palmerlegare@yahoo.com    413 218 1313
SOAW New England is mobilizing folks in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut to shut down the SOA. For this year's vigil we are asking $160 a ticket, which covers all transportation and housing. We are in particular need of people with experience driving a 12-passenger van who are willing to take a shift! Even better if they are 21+ and best yet if they are 25+ with a major credit card. We also do regional organizing aimed at closing the SOA and challenging oppressive US foreign policy. For more info call 413 218 1313 or call palmerlegare@yahoo.com


Tijuana peace group
Jesse Thomas 
jthomas006@yahoo.com    46-26-77-73
We are working on distribution of flyers to the cars that cross the borders in the morning. This is a fantastic opportunity to get the words out!


Rebecca Kanner
rnmik@yahoo.com    734-994-5717

Jude Thompson
jeanninehouse@yahoo.com    989-755-5867

Adrian Dominican Sisters
Sister Durstyne Farnan, OP
Adrian Dominican Sisters and Students from various colleges attend annually the SOA.

Ann Arbor area -- Council for Peace and Justice (ICPJ)
Chuck Warpehoski
info@icpj.net    734-663-1870
Council for Peace and Justice (ICPJ) 730 Tappan Ann Arbor, MI 48104 http://www.icpj.net

Detroit -- UDM University Ministry
Justice Minister
University students, professors, JV's, and assorted Jesuits.

Holland -- Hope College Students for Peace and Justice
AnnMarie Carlson 

White Lake Peace Team
Anne Pawli
apawli@gtlakes.com    231-893-3418
Please update my email address on your site. All other information about the Peace Team remains the same. Thanks


Kate Neis

Minnesota SOA Watch
Tom Bottolene & Pepperwolf & Nils Dybvig
mnsoaw@circlevision.org    612-701-6963 or Nils at: 612-822-6653
MnSOAWatch meets monthly on the first Monday of the month at 6 pm at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 2730 E 31st St, Minneapolis. For more information about local events and images of actions and to sign up for monthly email updates check out the web site: http://www.mnsoaw.org

MN SOA Watch
Jennie Downey
downe006@tcumn.edu    612-529-3551

Twin Ports SOA Watch
Joel Kilgour, (218) 722-2490 
Jay or MaryB Newcomb, (218) 724-6141
Twin Ports (Duluth, MN and Superior, WI) SOA Watch meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm; educational vigil on the first Sunday of every month at 2pm. Contact us for details.

Witness for Peace
John  Pegg
jpeggduluth@yahoo.com    218-349-1786


Colombia Support Network of Kansas City
We are simply one of many chapters throughout the USA. Our national headquarters is in Madison, Wisconsin, but we have a presence on their website. We utilize the following 5 guiding principles: 1. Peace with social justice in Colombia. 2. A negotiated solution to the 45 year conflict. 3. Strengthing civil society. 4. Non-alignment with any armed group. 5. Help to strengthen US democracy itself.

St. louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America
ifcla@ifcla.net    314-721-2977
The St. louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America (IFCLA) is a non-profit organization that is committed to standing in solidarity with thte poor of Latin America. We sponsor a bus annually to Ft. Benning. IFCLA, founded in 1982, is currently working to: foster a sense of community both locally and across international borders that bridges gaps between cultures and faith traditions; advocate for human rights and for change in structures that create poverty and violence in Latin America and around the world; educate people about Latin Ameirca, and about the U.S. policies that are destructive to Latin Americans; and provide material aid and other support to the poor and marginalized of Latin America.


United Students Against Sweatshops @ USM
Zach Wilborn
zachary.wilborn@usm.edu    601-408-4697
We're a group of student activists on campus of the University of Southern Mississippi focused mainly on anti-sweatshop campaigns. USAS people from USM have been attending the rally and vigil in Ft. Benning for a few years now to protest the human rights violations of oppressive governments that wish to maintain domination over those incorrectly viewed as powerless by some.


Taking Action for Peaceful Solutions (TAPS)
Mary Kay Craig 
marykaycraig@bresnan.net    406-723-3851
TAPS - Taking Action for Peaceful Solutions is the Butte affiliate of the Montana Peace Seekers Network. Some years we have about 20 Montanans at the November vigil and have had a Montanan cross the line (Thanks, Summer!). Some of of us are from religious communities or associates of religious communities, some are of mainline Christian faiths, and still others are secular humanists. We're all in solidarity with the people oppressed by SOA graduates. We'll be there this November. Be in touch and you, too, can get your picture taken at Fort Benning behind the banner, "Montanans say... Close the SOA!"


Action Center For Justice
David Dixon
charlotteaction@gmail.com    704-492-5226
Action Center For Justice is dedicated to abolishing racism, war, poverty, LGBT & women's oppression, and all discrimination & injustice and replacing them with true social & economic justice for all.

Chapel Hill Peace First
Wes Hare
jhhare@earthlink.com    919-929-3316

Raleigh / Central North Carolina
Phyllis Lisle 
    (919) 559-4404

Laura Marks
New group forming to cover local region/area. Feb 2008 Teach-ins,films and workshops will be done to prepare for NOV 2008 CONVERGENCE ON THE SCHOOL OF THE AMERICA'S/WHINSEC...WE WILL STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH THOUSANDS TO SAY CLOSE THE SOA. This about section will be updated in Jan 2008 !!!

SOAW Photography
Jerry Nelson
Documenting the stuggle to shut down the SOAW through photographs.

Laura Marks
New Group Working AFFINITY group will have workshoppes,design presentations for various groups, have film/movie nights /days...Work within community to CLOSE THE SCHOOL OF THE AMERICA'S.....Group will be organizing Transportation for NOV 2008 CONVERGENCE ...

Warren Wilson College Peace and Justice Crew
Cody  Goss

Clare Hanrahan
wrlasheville@gmail.com    828-242-5610
WNC-SOA Watch members come together as needed to act and organizize around closing the SOA/WHINSEC. Since its first meetings, over ten years ago, members have organized buses and carpools to the gates of Fort Benning and supported members in and out of prison and probation for crossing the line.


Dick Weithoner

Omaha community and Creighton University
Maria Teresa Gaston


American Friends Service Committee New Hampshire
Nicki Gaines


Robert Call
rscall@aol.com    201-288-2773

Rutgers Against the War
Ian Chinich
Rutgers Against the War is active against US imperialism in all forms and actively combats US policy included in the the so called "war on terror"


Judy Bierbaum Keith Bierbaum
j_sbierbaum56@msn.com    505-268-1040


Amnesty International at Ithaca College
Ithaca College's AI Chapter promotes participation in the SOA Vigil, and has sent a small delegation the past few years, with intentions of continuing to do so in the future until the Vigil is no longer needed and the SOA is shut down.

Binghamton SOA Watch
Jack Gilroy 
jgilroy1@stny.rr.com    607-748-8105
Very active SOA Watch group who organize buses to Ft. Benning, lobby Congress and have had members imprisoned for protesting the SOA. Interested folks from the area are invited to be on our group email list for updates, events, meetings.

Buffalo Area
Marie Kullman
mariekullman@hotmail.com    716-832-6135

Buffalo State Students for Peace
Joshua Coppings
PeaceJusticeResolution@yahoo.com    716 878 3888 Peace Office
BSC Students for Peace is a campus organization working with youth & students, student orgs and community groups to benefit & grow in a positive social direction.

Ithaca College Catholic Community
Lee Imbriano
limbriano@ithaca.edu    516 680-3151

Ithaca/Central New York -- Committee on US-Latin American Relations
cuslar@cornell.edu    607-255-7293

Long Island -- Students for Peace & Humanity
Students for Peace & Humanity is a group that aims to bring awareness of crisis in humanity. Efforts in this group focus on creating a unique blend of activism and volunteerism.

Long Island SOA Watch
Mara Bard
The group includes eastern and western Long Island. We share a website with the NYC group.

Long Island SOA Watch
Agnes Kelly
agnesckelly@aol.com    516-795-1085

New Jewel Movement
Enoch Yisrael
EYisrael93@hotmail.com    1(718)919-1874
Yes this is a reminder about the November protest vigil at Fort Benning Georgia of the School of the Americas in which the brother would truly like to attend.

New Jewel Movement
Enoch Yisrael
EYisrael93@hotmail.com    1(347)438-5953
Yes this is the brother from here in the capitalistic city of New York who would like to attend the protest at the gates of the Babylon School of the Americas military institution with some comrades going down south. Backwards never forwards never!

New York City SOA Watch
Andy Kafel
akafe@earthlink.net    201-792-3459
NYC SOA Watch holds monthly meetings, organizes local events and provides transportation to the annual Vigil.


Sing it Down!
Colleen Kattau
colleenkattau@cortland.edu    607-745-3192

SOA 'Wick Watch
Braeden Lentz
'Wick Watch is the Hartwick College student group dedicated to close the SOA and end militarization and oppressive policy in Latin America & worldwide

SOA Watch-Rochester NY
John, Brenda, Meg, Kate, and Liam Honeck
jhoneck@aol.com    585-964-7982

Syracuse -- School of the Americas Abolitionists
Michael Pasquale
mpasqual@twcny.rr.com    315-446-2720 or 315-254-0732
Nonviolence trainers, workshops on media and legal issues. Contact us if we can be of support to groups in NYS. Michael Pasquale (Mike is a member of the SOAW Council and on the Personnel committee)

Troy (Upstate/Capital Region) -- Rosa House Peace Community / Troy Catholic Worker
Geralyn McDowell
rosahousenotes@yahoo.com    (518) 272-1468
2251 Old 6th Avenue (visiting) PO Box 1511 (mailing) Troy, NY 12181 fax: same #, please call ahead. We offer nonviolence workshops, media support and educational resources.

Wells College


William Houston
htulecke@antioch-college.edu    937-767-1633

Athens-OU SOA Watch
Joy Huntley
huntleyj@ohio.edu    740-594-3185

Campus Anti-War Network
Vanessa  Peck
femminist@yahoo.com    513-917-6212
We are the Cincinnati Branch of Campus Anti-War Network and very interested in joining this year. We would also like to collaborate with Miami University Students of Oxford.

Cleveland -- InterReligious Task Force on Central America
Monica Schafer 
irtf@igc.org    216-961-0003
3606 Bridge Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113

Mary Hershberger
mhershbe@capital.edu    (614)442-5915

Columbus (with Ohio Working Group on Latin America)
Vince Ramos 
vramos@core.com    (614) 235-1883

John & Paula Ewers 
ewers@donet.com    (937) 278-5446

Dayton -- University of Dayton
Mary Niebler

Dayton Area
DaytonPOR@aol.com    937-276-4077

Dayton area -- Antioch College
Brendan Morrice 
There's a group of students organizing teach-ins about the FTAA/SOA and a trip to the protests in Miami and Georgia in November. We're trying to reach out to other groups and local citizens in order to collaborate on the upcoming protests.

Rachel Shively
We're here to hopefully provide information to the curious and build an awareness about SOA.

Lima Area
Marge Eilerman
meilermanosf@yahoo.com    330-659-3423
Sister Marge Eilerman, OSF 3753 Everett Road Richfield, OH 44286

Mahoning Valley Pax Christi
Terry and Vicki Vicars
vtvicars@sbcglobal.netq    330-783-912

Miami University SOA Contingent
Benjamin  Walker
walkerbl@muohio.edu    314.313.1010
We are a grassroots affiliate of the SOAW movement for peace and justice in Latin America. In 2008 we brought 27 students to the Protest and Vigil Weekend, and we are making the trip again in November 2009. Join us.

Oberlin Peace Activists League
OPAL, Oberlin's largest peace and justice group, works on a variety of issues, including closing the SOA/WHISC.

Oberlin Students in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (OSSGUA)
Marian Schlotterbeck 
OSSGUA works on a variety of Latin American solidarity issues and co-organizes the SOA trip with many groups, including OPAL. After 2004, Anne Misak should be contacted.

Ohio State Against the SOA
Kyle Kingma
kingma.2@osu.edu    419-631-5548

Sisters of the Humility of Mary
Jo Marie Chrosniak
josiec@en.com    216-961-3169

Ssisters of St. Francis of Tiffin, Oh
Sister Mary  Kuhlman
Have a chartered bus going to Fort Benning - leaves Friday evening, Nov. 20 and returns Monday morning around 6:00 a.m. Bus leaves from Lima, Ohio and makes stops to pick up other passengers in Dayton, Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area along I-75. Seats on the bus are available.

Chester Chambers
chestervc@accesstoledo.com    419-242-0159

Toledo Area Committee on Central America
Chester Chambers
chestervc@sbcglobal.net    419-242-0159

University of Dayton
Meagan Doty

University of Dayton
Mike Heller
hellermt@notes.udayton.edu    (513)-257-1703


Colombia Support Network
Wesley  Hill

Latin America Solidarity Committee
Scott  Miksch
LASC was known as CISCAP from our founding in 1982 until December 2007.

Portland SOA Watch
Ann Huntwork
ann@solh-salaam.com    (503) 281-4970
Beth Poteet E-mail - wfpnw@witnessforpeace.org Phone - (503) 287-7847

Portland SOA Watch
Ann Huntwork
ann@solh-salaam.com    (503) 281-4970
A Portland, Oregon - metro area grassroots group dedicated to the closing of the School of Americas


Katie Block
ktcubester@gmail.com    610-716-5601

Huntingdon -- Juniata College PAX-O (Peace Organization)
PAX-O is a group committed to raising the awareness of the campus and local community on issues dealing with Peace, Social, and Global Justice, with a specific interest in closing the SOA/WHISC.

Lancaster Coalition for Peace and Justice
Rob Seitz 
robseitz@riseup.net    717-397-3758

Pax Christi Greensburg
Bernie Survil 
Fr.Survil@EmbraceAllOfLife.us    724-850-1616
We're three people active as a local Pax Christi group that has formed to promote participation in the Nov 2005 gathering and to recruit Penna. Congressmen to co-sponsor HR 1217

Philadelphia SOA Watch / NE
Contact Linda Panetta, 215-473-2162, or Deirdre MacDermott, deirdre@whitedog.com, 215-601-4805. The staff of SOA Watch/NE is available to offer nonviolence trainings, to help groups establish new Watch offices, to co-coordinate events, to bring speakers to your area... and much more - give us a call and check out the photos on our website!

SOA Watch Northeast
Linda Panetta
soawnortheast@aol.com    215.694.4240
Linda Panetta, founder of SOA Watch/NE, acclaimed photojournalist and the producer of the award-winning documentary "SOA: An Insider Speaks Out!" - is available to come to your school or community gathering... call us to schedule a talk, slide presentation and /or photo exhibit: 215.694.4240 and check out our website www.soawne.org, also visit: www.OpticalRealities.org for more info.

Western PA Coalition to Close the SOA
Michael Drohan
drohanmichael@yahoo.com    412.271.8414


Kerry Bergin
We are a group of Rhode Islanders and students travelling to GA for the 2009 vigil. Interested in joining us, or have a resource to share? Please send an e-mail!

Rhode Island SOA Watch
Alex Gould
alexandergould@yahoo.com    (401) 272-6724
We are a broad coalition planning a local demonstration, educational events, and transportation to Georgia in November. Join us!


Carolina Peace Resource Center
Arnold Karr
We have information about limited bed space for Friday and Saturday nights. We shall also do our best to find rides or riders for people who want to share travel expenses. E-mail Arnold Karr at director@carolinapeace.org.

Charleston -- MobilizeSC
Kate Reutter

Charleston Peace
Anna Shockley
anna@charlestonpeace.net    843-257-2556

Rock Hill
Rev. Risher Brabham

SD, IA, MN Tri-state Region

Sam Lopez
sam.lopez_64@yahoo.com    712.473.2499
We are not really an organization, just a few folks who are committed to spreading the word about the SOA/WHINSEC training facility. We travel to Ft Benning each year, taking others with and spreading the word. We have workshops throughout the year to educate to eliminate the SOA, we instigate letter writing campaigns, and engage candidates on the issues of Latin America, it's history, and how the SOA has contributed to the so called 'immigration problem' in the US. We are also working on reaching out to the Latino community in the Tri-State region. Come join us - and help us name our group!!!


Don  Nelson

Knoxville Area Committee on Central America (KACOCA)

Mid-South Peace and Justice Center
Jacob Flowers
Organizing rides to SOA.

SOA Watch Nashville
Don Beisswinger
SOAW Nashville is coordinated through the Nashville Peace and Justice Center.

Summertown -- PeaceRoots Alliance
Elizabeth Barger
loveliz77@yahoo.com    931-964-2119
We seek to create a peaceful, just, and sustainable world for future generations by emphasizing our common humanity, promoting nonviolence, and working to remove the root causes of war. The SOA at Ft. Benning is a terrorist organization using our tax money to spread terror in our hemisphere. We can close it down.


Joe Marcinkowski
joe@metroretrofurniture.com    281-333-5512

Stephen Betzen

No War San Marcos
Jill Flores 
jillflores@centurytel.net    512 392-0837
Working to end all war and to practice alternatives to violence, exploitation and greed! A diverse group of activists. SOAW lobbying and vigil is one of our many actvities. Join Us!

Saint Mary's University
Bro. Brian Halderman
Organizing a student group to attend the vigil

SOAW Austin
Scott Brown
soaw_austin@yahoo.com    (512) 626-6176
SOAW Austin assembles a standard charter bus each year taking around 50 participants from all over Texas to the rally and vigil at Ft. Benning. We present information about the SOA, US foreign policy and the SOAW to university and church groups around the state. We host survivor Carlos Mauricio each year for his final appearances before the November event at Ft. Benning.

LARRY skwarczynski
vfp local#126-Working to end all war and to practice alternatives to violence, exploitation and greed! A diverse group of activists. SOAW lobbying and PEACEvigil EVERY THURS.4-6 cityhall-corner(commerce&flores) is one of our many actvities. Join Us! we have signs or bring yours -'no nuclear-whatever pretains to PEACE. ehhh.... will have petitions @ 'u's &colleges"!!!>> also been to SOA SINCE '97!!! & need vol's


Salt Lake General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies)
tr_wobbly@yahoo.com    (801) 485-1969
PO Box 520835 Salt Lake City, Utah 84152-0835


Harrisonburg SOA Watch
Contact Peter for information about efforts to close the School of the Americas/Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, in the Harrisonburg area.

Annette Cousins 

TideWater/Hampton Roads -- School of The Assassins Watch TideWater Affinity Group (SOAWTVA)
Cathleen Rhodes


Vermont School of the Americas Watch
Palmer Legare
palmerlegare@yahoo.com    802-426-3783
We are a coalition of groups and individuals in Vermont, working to expose and close the SOA. We're looking to collaborate with others on a stae and regional level to plan events throughout the year. Contact us for more info.


Peace and Justice Action leaque of Spokane
pjals@qwest.net    15098387870
The Handful of Salt is published six times a year of the Peace and Justice Action Leaque of Spokane. It's name caomes from Mahandas Gandhi's salt tax protest in india, a successful, nonviolent, grassroots action that created significant social change against overwhelming resource advantages.


Farmer to Farmer
Craig Adams
cadams@wcap.org    715-265-4516
Farmer to Farmer is organized to build mutual friendship and cultural understanding among rural people so that we might better understand and accompany each other in our common struggles. We seek to promote peace within ourselves, within our community and across international boundaries. We envision agriculture that is sustainable and respectful of the earth, and one that remains in the hands of the people who live on and work the land. We support grassroots agricultural projects that are democratically initiated and managed. Always, our decisions about a project will be guided by the respect that characterizes the relationship between friends. As an organization we affirm the sacredness of the earth and shall work for and respect the rights of all people and cultures to self-determination

Madison Area and UW-Madison
Jeanette Karon

Kate Fontanazza (for travel by bus) 
    (414) 933-2472

Milwaukee and SE WI
Joyce Ellwanger
jellwang@execpc.com    (414) 933-6157

Northland College Roots for Change
Max Metz
max5823@hotmail.com    847-308-2299
The Northland College group "Roots for Change" is an activist group comprised of students, faculty, and community members alike. Northland sends 30 students to the protest in Georgia every year and is always looking for assistance and diversity with the group.

Saying No to nuclear madness since 1979

Our group was formed in 2004 through the collaberation of Edgewood College and UW students, along with the help of many other Madison community members with the goal of closing the School of Americas, or WHISC. Please email regarding your interest or any questions. We are always looking to expand our membership.

SOAW/Peace Action WI
Joyce Ellwanger
joyce.ellwanger@gmail.com    414-933-6157
Madison area call JoLynn at 262-424-6272 Lv: Thursday evening from Fond du Lac, Milwaukee, Madison-2 nights at Quality Inn downtown Columbus, hot breakfast, 4/room_bus Full cost: @205, students and subsidized cost: $175. Return after Sunday vigil arriving Monday a.m.


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