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Protesting Priest Sentenced to Prison Again
  - 2/18/10

Coup's Impact on Honduran Women
 Coup's Impact on Honduran Women - 10/25/09

Theology From Classroom to Jailhouse
  - 10/17/09

Shining a Light on the SOA - School of Coups

U.S. continues to train Honduran soldiers
  - 7/15/09

High stakes for Honduras
Benjamin Dangle, guardian.co.uk   - 7/8/09

U.S. delegation enters tense Honduras
  - 7/8/09

Honduran coup shines spotlight on controversial U.S. military training school
  - 6/29/09

Honduras: US-Trained Coup Leader?
  - 6/29/09

Honduran coup leader a two-time SOA graduate
  - 6/29/09

The United States’ Anti-Democratic Pattern in Honduras
  - 6/29/09

Honduran coup tests waning US clout in Latin America
  - 6/29/09

Protester "desperate" for change
Susan Greene, Denver Post Columnist  Protester "desperate" for change - 1/22/09

News Release: Thousands Gather this Weekend at Fort Benning, Georgia to say: Yes We Can Stop Torture and Close the School of Assassins
  - 11/21/08

Total Recall in Bolivia: Divided Nation Faces Historic Vote
Benjamin Dangl   - 7/23/08

Obama and the School of the Americas
Nikolas Kozloff, NACLA   - 6/24/08

Training ground for tyrants turned into a comfort zone
Louise Southerden, The Australian  I am already nervous, having read a little of the history of Hotel Sol Melia Panama Canal, formerly known as the School of the Americas, the US-funded institution that trained some of Latin America's most infamous dictators. - 5/10/08

The Price of Dissent
Maria Browning, Nashville Scene  A Nashville minister reflects on his time behind bars - 5/1/08

Pedirán a Ecuador no enviar soldados a la Escuela de las Américas
Prensa Latina   - 2/20/08

Militares bolivianos ya no se capacitarán más en EEUU
UPI   - 2/18/08

Hace campaña contra la Escuela de las Américas
Luis Alemán, El Nuevo Diario  Sacerdote norteamericano se reúne con Cabezas - 2/15/08

Survivors of Peruvian massacre bring officer to Miami court
Vanessa Blum, South Florida Sun-Sentinel   - 2/11/08

Campaign in Perú against School of th Americas
Prensa Latina   - 2/8/08

Army school trespasser sentenced
Tom Morton, Casper- Star Tribune   - 2/5/08

General Fortifies Venezuela Against the U.S.
Amar C. Bakshi, Washington Post  After Chavez's failed coup in 1992, army superiors wanting to cleanse Baduel of left-leaning sympathies sent him to the School of the Americas in Georgia, USA. He knew the school’s reputation for supporting various unsavory organizations throughout Latin America this past century, but says he had “a wonderful time” at Fort Benning. It was not until the 2002 coup that he changed his mind fundamentally about the U.S. government. - 2/1/08

Guerra sucia contra guerrillas en Perú se inició antes de Fujimori
AFP   - 2/1/08

Peru's dirty war preceded Fujimori: trial witness
AFP   - 2/1/08

Nun, 94, did federal time back in 2001
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger Enquirer  On the day that 11 SOA Watch protesters were sentenced to prison for trespassing last November onto Fort Benning, 94-year-old Catholic nun Dorothy Hennessey, 88 who had once been sentenced to federal prison for the same offense, was being buried in her hometown of Dubuque, Iowa. - 1/29/08

Protesters receive fines, prison time
Alan Riquelmy, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 1/29/08

Judge sentences Fort Benning protesters, up to 90 days
Associated Press  Eleven protesters who trespassed onto Fort Benning property during a demonstration against a military school at the Army post face up to 90 days in jail. - 1/29/08

Local activist sentenced, fined for protest
Sarah Antonacci, State Journal Register  Lopez Hughes faced up to six months in prison. Her case went before U.S District Judge G. Mallon Faircloth. - 1/29/08

Clergy behaving badly?
Chicago Tribune  As a student at Chicago Theological Seminary, Le Anne Clausen believes jail time is worth a few credit hours. - 1/29/08

SOA Watch defendants rally prior to hearings
Mike Haskey, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 1/28/08

Our God does not bless war
R. W. Dellinger, The Tidings   Fr. Roy Bourgeois, who's been trying to close down the School of the Americas for nearly two decades, addresses students at Sacred Heart High. - 1/25/08

Ex fiscal antinarcóticos y general retirado fueron detenidos con supuesta banda de narcotraficantes
El Tiempo, Colombia   - 1/24/08

The Cost of Fighting Torture
Peter Rothberg, The Nation  On Monday, January 28th, Joanne Anderson, Ozone Bhaguan, Le Anne Clausen, Elizabeth Klancher, Art Landis, Ed Lewinson, Chris Lieberman, Diane Lopez Hughes, Tiel Rainelli, Gus Roddy and Stephen Schweitzer will face federal criminal trial for trespass - punishable up to six months in federal prison. - 1/23/08

Protester, facing jail, gets help at home
Patrick Lester, Of the Morning Call  Perkasie peace activist was among 11 arrested at Georgia Army base. - 1/18/08

A call to protest
Hilary Bentman, The Intelligencer  ...the 74-year-old Perkasie grandfather says he was proud of what he was doing — drawing attention to a U.S. government-run military school in Georgia that he says trains people who commit heinous acts in other countries. - 1/15/08

US: SOA/WHINSEC Closure Demanded
Prensa Latina  Hundreds of people demanded in Los Angeles the closing of the US Army School of Americas (SOA/WHINSEC), institution where several dictators of the hemisphere were formed, and criticized the war in Iraq. - 1/13/08

Casper Resident Faces Prison for Protest
Tom Morton, Star Tribune  Casper resident Joan Anderson discusses her arrest in November and upcoming trial in federal court on Jan. 28 for trespassing on a military base. - 1/7/08

  - 12/17/07

Thousands demand Army shutter school
Rob Carr, Associated Press   - 11/19/07

Military police arrest 11 protesters for trespassing at Benning
Brian Mc Dearmon, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/19/07

Thousands join SOA Watch protest
Chuck Williams, Columbus Ledger Enquirer  Presidential hopefuls Kucinich and McKinney joined the demonstration - 11/19/07

Police arrest 11 U.S. military protesters
UPI   - 11/19/07

Marcha contra Escuela de las Américas
Associated Press  Candidato demócrata se sumó a protesta - 11/19/07

Demandan cierre de Escuela de las Américas en Atlanta
Notimex  Durante el acto, al menos 11 manifestantes fueron arrestados por traspasar el portón de la institución ubicada en Georgia. - 11/19/07

Arias “Would Agree” to Send Police to Controversial School
Gillian Gillers, Tico Times  President Oscar Arias told The Tico Times recently that he agrees with the idea of sending police officers to train at a U.S. military school that has come under fire in recent years for its ties to human rights violations. - 11/19/07

Thousands protest U.S. Army training program
Matthew Bigg, Reuters   - 11/18/07

Kucinich's personal protest
Chuck Williams, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Presidential candidate said closing school would be doing 'God's work' - 11/17/07

McGovern to Speak at Georgia Protest
Bronislaus B. Kush, Telegram & Gazette  Critics claim Army school teaches abusive tactics - 11/17/07

School Of The Americas, Iran And Democracy
David Cook, The Chattanoogan   - 11/16/07

Military school protesters, fort supporters to rally this weekend
Greg Bluestein, Associated Press  Thousands of protesters will gather in front of Fort Benning this weekend, just as they have for the last 18 years, to demand the closing of an Army school that trains Latin American military officers. - 11/15/07

Thousands expected at Benning protest
Gina Cavallaro, Army Times   - 11/14/07

Latin America’s Shock Resistance
Naomi Klein, Znet  Meanwhile, the governments of Venezuela, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia have all announced that they will no longer send students to the School of the Americas (now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation)–the infamous police and military training center in Fort Benning, Georgia, where so many of the continent’s notorious killers learned the latest in “counterterrorism” techniques... - 11/14/07

Protesting terror: UWEC students will join vigil Friday calling for closure of former 'School of Americas' militant training facility
Nicole Strittmater, The Spectator   - 11/13/07

SOA protest, God Bless Fort Benning, to be held in same location
Chuck Williams, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  God Bless Fort Benning will be in downtown Columbus this year along with the SOA Watch protest - 11/13/07

Students to protest Ga. combat school
Megan Kelly, Daily Illini  Some graduates linked to torture - 11/12/07

Ready to go to prison for School of Americas protest
Stephen Schweitzer, Press & Sun Bulletin   - 11/9/07

A Tortured Past
Kendall Wright, ASU Web Devil  Former El Salvador professor delivers speech on his imprisonment, torture - 11/7/07

Colom wins Guatemalan presidency
Héctor Tobar, Los Angeles Times  Rural voters help the former industrial engineer defeat the 'firm hand' of former Gen. Otto Perez Molina in a presidential runoff. - 11/5/07

Pastor Willing to Cross Line
Anne Ford, Chicago Tribune  Rev. Don Coleman landed in jail after trespassing onto an Army base housing a controversial training facility. But his faith and church have sustained him, and he has inspired others to rally against the site. - 11/2/07

Sacred Heart students to protest School of the Americas
R. W. Dellinger, Tidings News   - 11/2/07

Two priests get prison for protest at Huachuca
Stephanie Innes, Arizona Daily Star  A federal judge in Tucson sentenced the priests — the Rev. Louis J. Vitale, 74, and the Rev. Steve Kelly, 58 — Wednesday after they pleaded no contest to the trespassing charges. - 10/18/07

Bolivian president plans to pull troops
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Nation would be fifth in Latin America to end relationship - 10/12/07

Evo anuncia que dejará de enviar militares bolivianos a la ex Escuela de las Americas
ABI, Bolpress  El presidente Evo Morales Ayma anunció este martes que el Gobierno boliviano paulatinamente dejará de enviar a militares bolivianos al Instituto de Defensa para la Cooperación de Seguridad Hemisférica, antes denominada Escuela de las Américas. - 10/12/07

Guatemala Election Marred by Violence
Willy E. Gutman, The Signal  A graduate of the infamous U.S. Army School of the Americas and a former director of military intelligence, Molina, who was on the CIA's payroll, was implicated in the assassination of a judge in 1994 . - 10/4/07

SOA Watch founder speaks for peace
Amy Weather, Opelika-Auburn News   - 9/26/07

Rev. Roy Bourgeois: The peace crusader on why he wants to shut down the infamous School of the Americas
Joe Piasecki, LA City Beat   - 9/9/07

US trained Colombian soldiers jailed for working with cartel, says human rights group
Toby Muse, The Associated Press  SOA Graduates Jailed for Involvement in Drug Cartel - 8/18/07

Militares colombianos habrían entrenado en EEUU
Toby Muse, The Associated Press  Militares Colombianos implicados en cartel de drogas recibieron entrenamiento en la Escuela de las Americas en Fort Benning, Georgia - 8/18/07

Bill Requires Ft. Benning School to Release Names
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Decision to withhold data came from Washington - 8/8/07

House Bill Would Open Secret List of Georgia Military School's Foreign Trainees
Ben Evans, Associated Press   - 8/8/07

School of the Americas Protest: Nun who trespassed released from prison
Judith Ward Gross, Florida Catholic   - 8/3/07

WHINSEC Remains Open: Congress Narrowly Fails to Halt Funding the Former School of the Americas
Eliana Monteforte, COHA  The Recent Fight Against the SOA - 7/6/07

U.S. Vote Could Close 'School of the Americas'
Aaron Glantz, OneWorld US  The U.S. House of Representatives is poised to take what advocates are calling a historic vote this week to close the largest U.S. military training ground for soldiers from Central and South America. - 6/21/07

As long as Army school remains open, abuse wounds won't heal
Rebecca Chapa, San Antonio Express-News  Congress is scheduled to vote this week on whether to defund the infamous U.S. Army institute once known as the School of the Americas. - 6/20/07

WHINSEC Soldiers Graduate
Chauncy Glover, WTVM  The 2007 class at WHINSEC, graduated another 45 soldiers from eight countries. - 6/1/07

Faith Calls Young Atlantan To Identify With Poor
Suzanne Haugh, The Georgia Bulletin  In November 1989 Michael Vosburg-Casey was a student attending a Jesuit high school in California when news broke out about the killing in El Salvador of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her teenage daughter. - 5/31/07

Time to End Military Aid to Uribe Government
Joe DeRaymond, Counterpunch  Colombia's civil war is the United States war in the Western Hemisphere. - 5/23/07

Arias se une al planteo anti-Escuela de las Americas de paises latinoamericanos
Altercom, ALC  Costa Rica anuncia fin de entrenamiento policial en la SOA/WHINSEC - 5/22/07

Costa Rica Quits U.S. Training at Ex-School of the Americas
AFP  Costa Rica to Cease Police Training at WHINSEC - 5/19/07

Costa Rica Cesará Envíos de Policías a Academia Estadounidense
Prensa Latina   - 5/19/07

Costa Rica to Stop Sending Police to Former School of the Americas
The Associated Press - San Jose, Costa Rica   - 5/18/07

Policías Ticos Dejarán de ir a Academia en EE. UU.
San José, Reuters   - 5/18/07

Costa Rica to stop sending police to US army school
Reuters  Costa Rica ceases to send troops to WHINSEC - 5/17/07

Death-Squad Scandal Circles Closer to Colombia’s President
Simon Romero, New York Times  President Álvaro Uribe, the Bush administration’s closest ally in Latin America, faces an intensifying scandal - 5/16/07

Colombia orders the arrest of 19 politicians
Chris Kraul, Los Angeles Times  The current and former officials are suspected of signing a 'devil's pact' with paramilitaries. - 5/15/07

Paramilitares Asesinan a Francisco - Comunidad de paz de San Jose de Apartado
Comunidad de Paz de San Jose de Apartado  Asesinan a integrante de comunidad de paz de San Jose de Apartado - 5/14/07

Colombia: Another Killing at Peace Community
Bill Weinberg, World War 4 Report   - 5/14/07

Minnesota “Nice” Meets Georgia “Nice”
Mary Ellen Halverson , Pulse of the Twin Cities  SOA Watch Activists Visit WHINSEC - 5/12/07

Trial date set for two priests accused of trespassing on fort
Bill Hess, Sierra Vista Herald  The Rev. Louis Vitale and the Rev. Stephen Kelly are charged with illegally entering the post on Nov. 19 - 5/10/07

Reflections on visiting inside WHINSEC
Don Irish, Pulse of the Twin Cities  We brought a different set of assumptions and values to WHINSEC. Each of us, and they, in our chosen roles, endeavor to be faithful and conscientious. Genuine peace-oriented persons don’t demonize opponents, hoping that the consequences of our and their respective endeavors will in time reveal the better avenues to peace and justice. - 5/9/07

Congressman Jim McGovern Discusses the School of the Americas
  - 5/7/07

Colombian Prosecutor Probing U.S. Firms in Washington Visit
Toby Muse, Associated Press   - 4/30/07

Close Controversial School
Cathy Webster, Chico Enterprise-Record   - 4/28/07

Students Protest, Fast for Justice
Joseph Boesen, The Marquette Tribune  Protestors held up banners about their three-day fast opposing the former SOA to traffic passing by along Wisconsin Avenue Wednesday afternoon in front of the Federal Building, 310 W. Wisconsin Ave. - 4/26/07

Colombian Senator Alleges Assassination Plot
Sergio de Leon, Associated Press   - 4/25/07

David Cook: A Letter To Wamp On School Of The Americas
David Cook, The Chattanoogan  Opinion - 4/24/07

Colombian Senator: Death Squads Met At Uribe's Ranch
Juan Forero, The Washington Post  Scandal Over Paramilitary Ties Widens - 4/18/07

Speaker Calls for End to US Training Camp
Raviv Murciano, The Harvard Crimson  In Emerson 210, Father Roy Bourgeois spoke yesterday of the need to close down a U.S. training facility in Latin America - 4/11/07

Accused Torture uspect arrested in Miami Beach
Alfonso Chardy, Miami Herald  A former Peruvian military officer accused of leading a massacre has been arrested by immigration agents in South Florida. - 4/3/07

Accused Torture Suspect Arrested in Miami Beach
Alfonso Chardy, Miami Herald  A former Peruvian military officer accused of leading a massacre has been arrested by immigration agents in South Florida. - 4/3/07

Colombia Army Chief Linked to Outlaw Militias
Paul Richter and Greg Miller, Los Angeles Times  The allegations come as Congress reviews aid to the U.S. ally. The CIA says the intelligence hasn't been fully vetted. - 3/25/07

Activists ask Bono to help shoot down video game
Khristopher Flack, The Boston Globe  Dozens of organizations are asking Bono to stop production of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, a violent video game in which players become hired mercenaries who invade Venezuela, where a tyrant has tampered with the country's oil supply. - 3/21/07

Presente! - SOA Watch Supporters Celebrate Rev. Don Coleman's Testimony
Sergio Barreto, Free Speech  Rev. Don Coleman (center) receives blessings from supporters. - 3/21/07

Chico Grandmother Reports to Rio Cosumnes Prison
News Blaze  A Chico grandmother will turn herself in here Wednesday at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Facility to spend 60 days behind bars for a simple trespassing charge for participating in a non-violent civil disobedience action at the School of the Americas - 3/21/07

Dirigentes de Movimiento de Observadores Piden a Honduras que retire sus soldados de "escuela de asesinos"
El Tiempo, Honduras  Exigen que la academia militar Las Am?ricas, con sede en Estados Unidos, sea cerrada por haber servido para entrenar a ejecutores de desapariciones forzadas - 3/20/07

Prior to Prison Term, QRC Advisor Speaks Out Against Military School
Travis Kaya, The Student Life News  Joshua Harris, a Claremont Graduate University student and graduate advisor for Pomona?s Queer Resource Center, began a two month prison term Wednesday, following months of court proceedings stemming from a November protest against the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), formerly known as the School of the Americas. - 3/20/07

U.N.: Colombia's Army Killed Civilians
Joshua Goodman, Associated Press  The U.N. found that Colombia's army - the largest recipient of $700 million in annual anti-narcotics and counterinsurgency aid from the United States - had participated in killing civilians in 21 of Colombia's 32 states. - 3/16/07

Chiquita admits to paying Colombia terrorists
Associated Press  Banana company agrees to $25 million fine for paying AUC for protection - 3/15/07

Pueblos del continente luchan por el cierre de la Escuela de las Am?ricas
Adital, Neike.com  En conferencia de prensa, representantes de uno de los m?s grandes movimientos sociales en Estados Unidos (EEUU) indicaron que se busca unir los esfuerzos estadounidenses y latinoamericanos para que se clausure definitivamente un centro en el que se han formado asesinos y torturadores, en el marco de pol?ticas contrainsurgentes. - 3/15/07

Grupo pide el cierre de la Escuela de las Am?ricas
La Prensa - Guatemala  El activista Roy Bourgeois asegur? que Am?rica Latina ya no necesita comandos ni armas. - 3/14/07

Entrenamiento de militares por EE. UU. y la ILEA: dos caras de la misma moneda
Nestor Martinez, Diario Co Latino - El Salvador  El Reverendo Roy Bourgeois, vive frente a Fort Benning, all? los Estados Unidos instal? el Instituto de Cooperaci?n para la Seguridad Hemisf?rica, WHINSEC, por sus siglas en ingl?s, para sustituir la desaparecida Escuela de las Am?ricas, que ten?a la sede en Panam?, y que es conocida como ?escuela de asesinos?... - 3/14/07

Los pueblos del continente luchan por el cierre de la Escuela de las Am?ricas
CERIGUA, Argenpress  En conferencia de prensa, representantes de uno de los m?s grandes movimientos sociales en Estados Unidos (EEUU) indicaron que se busca unir los esfuerzos estadounidenses y latinoamericanos para que se clausure definitivamente un centro en el que se han formado asesinos y torturadores, en el marco de pol?ticas contrainsurgentes. - 3/14/07

Impulsan campa?a para cierre de Escuela de las Am?ricas
AFP, Guatemala  Sullivan, junto con el salvadore?o Carlos Mauricio y el sacerdote cat?lico estadounidense Roy Bourgeois, explic? que antes de arribar a Guatemala, donde se reunieron con el ministro de la Defensa, Rolando Avila, visitaron Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay Argentina, Ecuador y Per?. - 3/14/07

Lanzan campa?a continental para obligar a EEUU a cerrar la nefasta Escuela Las Am?rica
Agencia AFP, Guatemala  La organizaci?n SOA Watch impulsa una campa?a en Latinoam?rica para buscar apoyo tendiente a lograr el cierre de la militar Escuela de las Am?ricas en Estados Unidos, considerada un centro para capacitar a militares responsables de violaciones de derechos humanos en la regi?n. - 3/13/07

Rufina Amaya, 64, Dies; Salvador Survivor
Douglas Martin, The New York Times  Rufina Amaya, who in 1981 saw Salvadoran troops slaughter her family and many others in her village, then, as the only witness, dedicated her life to telling about it, died Tuesday in San Miguel, El Salvador. She was 64. - 3/9/07

Bush's Brush with Latin America's Drug Lords
Frank Smyth, The Nation  George W. Bush has embarked on the longest trip of his presidency to Latin America this week, a junket to Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico that purports to advance social justice. His journey comes at a time when oil-rich Venezuela, under the radical populist President Hugo Ch?vez, has eclipsed the United States in bankrolling health and education programs to help the poor in Venezuela and other nations in the region. - 3/9/07

A Dark Underbelly of Mass Graves and Electoral Fraud
Isabel Hilton, The Guardian   Congress is questioning a Latin American policy that has left George Bush with a best friend who is a major embarrassment - 3/8/07

Scandal colors Bush visit to U.S. ally Colombia
Patrick Markey, Reuters  A scandal tying allies of Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to paramilitary gangs has U.S. Democrats questioning aid and trade deals days before President George W. Bush meets with his closest Latin American ally. - 3/5/07

Colombia Announces Probe Into Massacre
Toby Muse, Associated Press  Authorities are looking into whether the soldiers -- among them 11 officers and noncommissioned officers -- were involved in killing eight civilians, including three children, in a banana-growing region of northwestern Colombia near the Panamanian border. - 3/1/07

School of Americas Closure Bill Gains Momentum
Jonathan Springston, APN Atlanta  From February 18 to February 20, 2007, hundreds of SOAW activists from around the country gathered to conduct strategy meetings, hold a rally, and visit the Offices of Members of US Congress. - 2/26/07

Bishop defends controversial post
Samara Kalk Derby, The Capital Times  Diocese of Madison Bishop Robert Morlino's position as chairman of the Board of Visitors of the former School of the Americas is nothing more than a way for the controversial organization to help legitimize itself, say local critics of the military school. - 2/23/07

An Iraq Interrogator's Nightmare
Eric Fair, The Washington Post  I am desperate to get on with my life and erase my memories of my experiences in Iraq. But those memories and experiences do not belong to me. They belong to history. If we're doomed to repeat the history we forget, what will be the consequences of the history we never knew? - 2/9/07

Grandmothers for Peace Sentenced to Federal Prison
Bill Quigly  Cathy Webster, a grandmother living in Chico California, organized "A Thousand Grandmothers for Peace" to protest in November 2006 against the torture-training School of the Americas located at Ft. Benning Georgia. - 2/1/07

Activist Grandma gets 60 day Sentence
Larry Mitchell, Oroville Mercury Register  Cathy Webster, a peace activist from Chico, was sentenced Monday to 60 days in federal prison for trespassing on a military base during a protest against a school that trains Latin American soldiers. - 1/30/07

School of Americas Protesters Sentenced
Associated Press, The Washington Post  Sixteen protesters were given prison terms Monday ranging from one to six months for trespassing during an annual demonstration against a military school they blame for human rights abuses in Latin America - 1/30/07

Condenan a 16 Activistas de DDHH por Manifestar Frente a Instalaciones Militares en EEUU
Telesur, Venezuela  El grupo de activistas efectu? una manifestaci?n en noviembre para exigir el cierre de la "Escuela de las Am?ricas", que funciona como recinto de formaci?n clave para la pol?tica exterior estadounidense. - 1/30/07

Activist could turn 70 in jail
Renee K, Gadoua, The Post Standard  When Syracusan Julienne Oldfield trespassed at the Army base at Fort Benning, Ga., Nov. 19, she was following the example of Jesus Christ, she says. - 1/29/07

16 Condenados por Manifestaci?n contra Escuela Militar
Associated Press, El Nuevo Herald   - 1/29/07

Organizaci?n Busca Cierre de la antigua ?Escuela de Asesinos?
Jos? Somarriba Hern?ndez, La Prensa  Miembros de la organizaci?n Observadores de la Escuela de las Am?ricas (SOA Watch, por sus siglas en ingl?s), est?n de visita en Panam? en espera de reunirse con el presidente de la Rep?blica, Mart?n Torrijos, organizaciones sociales y de derechos humanos para plantearles la necesidad de su intervenci?n y poder cerrarla. - 1/25/07

The End of the School of the Americas?
Robin Lloyd, In These Times  The protests began in 1990 with some 10 people, and grew to their largest in 2006. Now, with a Democratic Congress and a changing political climate in Latin America, they have an opportunity to close the School of the Americas for good. - 1/24/07

A conscientious choice: Grandmother?s arrest is about taking a stand for the poor, oppressed
John Shaughnessy, The Criterion  At 64, Fillenwarth thought the shirt was the right one to wear as she joined other women in the group called ?1,000 Grandmothers??one part of the 22,000 protesters who had come to Fort Benning, Ga., to demonstrate peacefully against a United States Army school that they believe trains soldiers from Latin America to torture and kill. - 1/22/07

Colombian Government Is Ensnared in a Paramilitary Scandal
Simon Romero, New York Times  The government of President ?lvaro Uribe, the largest recipient of American aid outside the Middle East, has found itself ensnared in a widening scandal as revelations surface of a secret alliance between some of the president?s most prominent political supporters and paramilitary death squads. - 1/20/07

Ex-Guatemalan Dictator to run for Congress
Associated Press, Yahoo News  Rios Montt ruled during what was considered the bloodiest period of Guatemala's 1960-1996 civil war, in which 200,000, mostly Mayan Indians, were killed or disappeared. - 1/18/07

Voices Raised at the Seat of Justice
Paul Duggan, Washington Post  You might call Sheila Stumph a habitual offender. Her crime: civil disobedience. - 1/18/07

Patricia Isasa: Cr?nica de un Secuestro de la Represi?n
Roger Lindo, El Diario/La Prensa  Al momento de su secuestro, Patricia hab?a viajado a la provincia de Santa Fe como representante del gobierno estudiantil de su colegio. Antes de la represi?n, dice, la sociedad argentina gozaba de un grado muy elevado de democracia y estaba acostumbrada al debate abierto de los asuntos p?blicos. - 1/16/07

Smoke and Mirrors: SOA Graduate Speaks Out
Willy E. Gutman, The Signal  It took six months of secret negotiations to locate an alumnus of the U.S. Army School of the Americas willing to talk. It took nearly as long to finalize the rules of engagement. - 1/14/07

Anti-War Activists Rush to Hold Protests
Jason Dearen, Associated Press  Activists angered by President Bush's decision to send more troops to Iraq staged anti-war demonstrations in several major cities Thursday, protesting that the buildup will cause more bloodshed and give insurgents new American targets. - 1/12/07

Guantanamo stirs Protests
Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times  In Cuba, Europe and the U.S., activists decry detentions at the camp, where terror suspects first arrived 5 years ago. - 1/12/07

About 50 gather to protest Iraq war
Brian Mc Dearmon, Ledger-Enquirer  While President Bush greeted soldiers at Fort Benning and talked about his plan to send 21,500 more soldiers to Iraq, about 50 protesters gathered on Victory Drive, just north of the post's main entrance. - 1/12/07

Claremont Grad Student Stands Up for his Beliefs, May End Up in Prison
Tony Krickl, Claremont Courier  At last year?s protest, that same decision to cross the line sent 36 of 37 perpetrators into federal prison for up to 6 months. - 12/28/06

Prison likely for SOA protester
Patrick O'Neill, Independent Weekly  Graymon Ward, 20, has already felt the heat from his decision to "cross the line" and get arrested with 15 others at last month's annual protest against the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (formerly known as the U.S. Army School of the Americas, or SOA) at Fort Benning in Columbus, Ga. - 12/27/06

Webster terminates WHINSEC degree program after opposition by professors, nuns
Breanna Herschelman, The Journal  Webster has ended its agreement with the controversial training school for Latin American military officials, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, in order to "step over" a controversy brewing. - 12/18/06

Activist Retiree Faces Prison Sentence
Cordell Eddings, Indystar  Fillenwarth, 64, a mother of seven and grandmother of 17, faces up to six months in prison after trespassing onto Fort Benning in Georgia in November to protest the Army's Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, as well as alleged human rights abuses. - 12/11/06

Photo Slideshows & Multimedia Coverage of November Vigil
 Check out photo slideshows and video coverage of the SOA Watch Vigil to Close the SOA. Photos and movies by Linda Panetta, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer and others. - 12/10/06

A Grandmother's Sacrament in Solidarity with the Poor
Patrick O'Neill, National Catholic Reporter  Fillenwarth, who entered Maryknoll as a postulate in 1960 and stayed for two years, said that during the years that she was consumed with the work of raising her children, she didn?t keep up with world affairs. That ended, however, when news reached her of the Dec. 2, 1980, murders in El Salvador of four churchwomen, three of them from Maryknoll. - 12/8/06

Kirkwood Mom Risks Jail to Protest Death of Honduran Man
Tom Long, Suburban Journals  Busch-Nema was arrested Nov. 17 at Fort Benning and has been charged with criminal trespassing. She will stand trial in a Georgia court in January. - 12/7/06

22,000 say: "Close the School of the Americas"
WT Whitney, People's Weekly World  This was the largest anti-SOA demonstration ever at Fort Benning. Simultaneous protests took place in other US cities, eight Latin American countries, Canada and Ireland. - 12/6/06

La Temible Historia de ?Pete el Negro?
Jorge Escalante, La Nacion   El ex agente de la DINA y la CNI, en 1973 mat? por la espalda al ni?o Carlos Fari?a y quem? el cad?ver de la v?ctima m?s joven de la dictadura. En 1979 comand? la ?limpieza? de los cuerpos enterrados en cuesta Barriga para arrojarlos al mar. En 1981 mat? al mirista Lisandro Sandoval. Hoy trabaja junto al coronel (R) Cristi?n Labb?, actual alcalde de Providencia, comuna segura. - 11/26/06

Local residents join protest at military base
Staff, Fond du Lac Reporter (Wisconsin)  Agnesian sisters participate in massive funeral event - 11/26/06

Annual pilgrimage
Sherry Grindeland, Seattle Times  Sister Miriam Spencer, of Bellevue, returned this week from Georgia. It wasn't a pleasure trip. - 11/25/06

Distant military school has local detractors
Ed Lowe, Appleton Post-Crescent (Wisconsin)  Fox Valley residents join battle to close military facility - 11/23/06

Dueling Protests: Two Clergymen Charged with Trespassing on Post
Bill Hess, Sierra Vista Heral Review  For the first time since annual protests against interrogation training on Fort Huachuca were held near the post?s Main Gate, two people were arrested Sunday afternoon in an attempt to deliver a letter to Maj. Gen. Barbara Fast. - 11/22/06

Nun's activism led her to federal prison
Tad Vezner, Pioneer Press  The woman who topped off her lifelong dedication to human rights with months of prison time after protesting at a controversial U.S. military school died Tuesday at Bethany Convent in St. Paul. She was 78. - 11/22/06

Sister Rita was activist, writer -- and a jailbird
Doug Grow, Star Tribune   - 11/21/06

School's end not so sure
Chuck Williams, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   Georgia congressmen say institute not ready to fold; Massachusetts leader says school is 'bad rap' on military - 11/21/06

Minnesotans part of record SOA protest
Mary Turck, Twin Cities Daily Planet  Hundreds of Minnesotans traveled to Fort Benning, Georgia, this past weekend in the 17th annual protests against the School of the Americas (SOA). - 11/21/06

Piden Cierre de Escuela de las Am?ricas
Agencia EFE, El Diario  Miles de activistas se manifestaron ayer ante la sede de la antigua Escuela de las Am?ricas en Georgia para pedir el cierre del centro que entren? a ex dictadores latinoamericanos como Leopoldo Galtieri y Jos? Efra?n R?os. - 11/20/06

Rockland residents among thousands who clamor for closure of military school in Georgia
Suzan Clarke, Rockland Journal News (New York)  Len Tsou flew down to Georgia for a weekend trip, but it wasn't for fun. It was for protest. - 11/20/06

Here in protest: people of all types united for common cause
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  A group of protesters join hands in prayer at the foot of a locked gate preventing entrance to Fort Benning on Saturday morning. Protesters gathered at the main entrance to Fort Benning as part of the SOA Watch events this weekend calling for the closure for the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, located at Fort Benning. - 11/19/06

Thousands gather to demand closing of Latin training school
Elliott Minor, Associated Press  Thousands of protesters paraded, chanted and raised white crosses Sunday outside Fort Benning, the home of the Army's Airborne, Ranger and Infantry training, as they continued a 17-year effort to close a military school they blame for human rights abuses in Latin America. - 11/19/06

Contingent to protest at Fort Benning
Joseph Gerth, Louisville Courier-Journal  About 80 people from Louisville will join some 19,000 people from around the United States at Fort Benning, Ga., this weekend to protest against U.S. foreign policy and to call for closing the training facility once known as the School of the Americas. - 11/18/06

SOA Watch Protest and God Bless Ft. Benning Day Will Draw Thousands
Jade Hindmon, WTVM 9 Columbus  For the last 17 years thousands have come to the gates of Ft. Benning calling for the former School of Americus to close its doors. - 11/18/06

Army Training School Protest
WSB-TV, Channel 2 Atlanta  A record setting crowd of more than 20,000 people marched in front of Ft. Benning as a protest to the U.S. Army-run Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. - 11/18/06

Northwest Ohioans joining protest at U.S. Army facility
Staff, Toledo Blade  A group of about 30 people from northwest Ohio are joining an annual protest this weekend at Fort Benning, Ga., home of the U.S. Army?s School of the Americas (now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation). - 11/18/06

CHILE: Cutting Classes at the School of the Americas
Daniel Estrada, IPS News  Chilean activists are going to scream blue murder to get socialist President Michelle Bachelet's administration to stop sending military personnel to the School of the Americas in the United States, notorious for teaching torture techniques, among other specialist courses. - 11/17/06

Protest expected to draw 20,000
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Seven simultaneous protests to be held in Latin America - 11/17/06

Organizers hope for record attendance at annual protest against U.S. military
Elliott Minor, Associated Press  Excited by the political changes in Washington, organizers hope for a record 20,000 protesters at Fort Benning's heavily fortified main gate this weekend, continuing a 17-year effort to close a military school they blame for assassinations, torture and other human rights abuses in Latin America. - 11/16/06

Escuela de las Am?ricas: Un simple cambio de nombre
Arnaldo Perez Guerra, La Insignia  La Escuela de las Am?ricas fue fundada en 1946, en Panam?, bajo el nombre de Centro de Adiestramiento Latinoamericano del Ej?rcito de los Estados Unidos. En enero de 2001 fue rebautizada como Instituto de Cooperaci?n para la Seguridad Hemisf?rica. Sigue siendo una escuela de entrenamiento contrainsurgente para oficiales de Am?rica Latina. - 11/16/06

Argentine Torture Survivor Patricia Isasa Returns to Police Station Where She Was Imprisoned and Abused
Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman interviews Patricia Isasa  Patricia Isasa was 16 years old in 1976 when she was kidnapped by Argentine police and soldiers. She was tortured and held prisoner without trial for two and a half years. Before she joins thousands heading to Fort Benning, Georgia to protest what used to be called the School of the Americas, Isasa joins us in our firehouse studio to tell her story and of her lifelong campaign to bring her torturers to justice. - 11/16/06

Dismay Grows Over US Torture School
Patrick Mulvaney, The Nation  As peace activists from throughout the United States converge at the gates of Fort Benning, SOA protesters will simultaneously take to the streets in Santiago, Bogot?, San Salvador and several other Latin American cities. - 11/15/06

Lea Wood believes in acting on her beliefs
Mel Huff, Times Argus (Vermont)  Lea Wood is leaving on a trip Thursday, but not to celebrate Thanksgiving. The writer, retired history and English teacher is traveling to Ft. Benning, Ga., to demonstrate at the gates of the School of the Americas in what organizers predict will be "the biggest demonstration at a U.S. military base since the Vietnam war." - 11/15/06

Ghosts of Dictatorships Past: The School of the Americas and Memory in Latin America
Wes Enzinna, Toward Freedom  This November, something will be different: the ghosts of Latin America?s dictatorships past, as well as their living descendents, will also shout back, in unison with the voices of the marchers: "Presente!" - 11/14/06

March keeps 'Dream' moving
Tatiana Richards, Montgomery Advertiser (Alabama)  Living the Dream, a coalition dedicated to promoting the nonviolent ideals of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., began a weeklong pilgrimage Sunday from Selma to Columbus, Ga., where they will participate in an annual protest against military training at Fort Benning. - 11/14/06

Activists urge Chile to end dependency on U.S. military aid
Ashley Steinberg and Steve Anderson, Santiago Times  A small group of Chilean activists met Monday night at a bar in Bellavista to review a film about the U.S. military?s ?School of the Americas? and to organize a protest of Chile?s continued dependency on U.S. military largess. - 11/14/06

Atmosphere to differ from 2005 event
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  The recent demolition of the Southgate Apartments will have a dramatic effect on this weekend's 17th annual SOA Watch protest at the Benning Road entrance to Fort Benning. - 11/14/06

Students protest work at ?assassins? school
Jackie Manternach, Wartburg Trumpet (Iowa)  About 30 Wartburg students plan to attend a demonstration in Fort Benning, Ga., Nov. 17-19 to call for the closure of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), formerly known as the School of the Americas (SOA). - 11/14/06

School of the Americas Vigil attendees denied MUSG funding
Eric Lombardi, Marquette Tribune (Wisconsin)  Students from SOA trip came to a concerned students forum because MUSG denied their request for funding. College of Arts & Sciences senior Pat Kennelly, a member of JUSTICE, spoke about the need to improve the appeals process. - 11/14/06

The protester-priest of Fort Benning
Moni Basu, Atlanta Journal-Constitution  The Rev. Roy Bourgeois is set to lead perhaps as many as 20,000 protesters next weekend outside Fort Benning. 'It's about transforming U.S. foreign policy,' he says. The target: the successor to a school that he says trained some of Latin America's worst human rights abusers. - 11/12/06

Protest targets The School of the Americas
John Briggs, Burlington Free Press  Veteran's Day shoppers on the Church Street Marketplace streamed by the 40-strong group of protesters with scarcely a glance Saturday, but the lack of interest was no surprise to Marmete Hayes, 82. Americans in general, she said, know little about the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, known prior to 2001 as The School of the Americas. - 11/12/06

Area nuns protest vs. U.S. military school
Charita M. Goshay, Canton Repository (Ohio)  Next week, Sister Susan Corrigan of Canton and 13 members of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary will travel to Fort Benning, Ga., to participate in protests to demand the closing of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. - 11/11/06

U.S. Seeks Better Ties by Aiding Militaries
Barbara Slavin, USA TODAY  Concern about leftist victories in Latin America has prompted President Bush to quietly grant a waiver that allows the United States to resume training militaries from 11 Latin American and Caribbean countries. - 11/10/06

EE.UU. Entrenar? Soldados Latinoamericanos
Agencia EFE  Estados Unidos volver? a entrenar a militares mexicanos, costarricenses, ecuatorianos, brasile?os, peruanos, bolivianos, paraguayos, uruguayos y de otros pa?ses de Latinoam?rica y el Caribe, ante su preocupaci?n por "las victorias izquierdistas" en la regi?n, asegura hoy USA Today. - 11/10/06

Torture Memories
Shepherd Bliss, Atlantic Free Press  Before you use the word ?torture? again to describe some pain, please study U.S. ?aggressive interrogation tactics? currently being used in Iraq and taught to the Latin American military at the School of the Americas. Better yet, speak to some of the Chilean and other victims of such torture. - 11/8/06

Torture Victim Speaks of Ordeal
James Kindle, Arizona State University News  El Salvadoran professor Carlos Mauricio speaks about his 1980s kidnapping and torture ordeal by members of his former government in the La Paz room of the Memorial Union. - 11/8/06

Guatemalan court orders capture of 4 military officials wanted in disappearance of Spanish priests
The Associated Press  A Guatemalan court ordered the capture of four military officials wanted by Spain for alleged involvement in the disappearance of Spanish priests in Guatemala and a fire at the Spanish Embassy that killed 36 people during the country's civil war, a judge said Tuesday. - 11/8/06

Claman por Derechos Humanos Salvadore?os
Ruben Moreno, La Opinion  La ola se asesinatos ocurridos durante los ?ltimos meses en El Salvador y atribuidos a los Escuadrones de la Muerte ha hecho poner en pie a activistas de ese pa?s que residen en Los ?ngeles para reclamar al gobierno del presidente El?as Antonio Saca el "alto a la militarizaci?n y al terrorismo de Estado". - 11/7/06

School's Merit Criticized
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Hosted by the CSU Student Political Awareness Association, the public information forum drew dozens of students, faculty members and others from the community, much like a similar event four years ago when Bourgeois and then institute commandant Col. Richard Downey engaged in similar dialogue. - 11/3/06

Escuela de las Am?ricas sigue generando pol?mica
Elliott Minor, Associated Press  El comandante de la antigua Escuela de las Am?ricas afirma que la instituci?n es un importante componente de la guerra contra las drogas y ayuda a promover la paz y la seguridad en el mundo. - 11/3/06

Both Sides Air Views on Fort Benning School
Elliot Minor, Associated Press  The school, originally known as the School of the Americas, has drawn protesters for the past 16 years. They blame some of its graduates for human rights abuses, including assassinations and torture, in Latin America. - 11/2/06

Detienen a Soldado Salvadore?o Implicado en Asesinato de Jesuitas
Yurina Rico, La Opinion  Gonzalo Guevara Cerritos, un ex militar salvadore?o que fue condenado por participar en la matanza de seis sacerdotes jesuitas, as? como de una cocinera y su hija durante la guerra civil de El Salvador, fue detenido por la Oficina de Control de Inmigraci?n y Aduanas (ICE) de Estados Unidos en un motel cercano a la Universidad de California en Los ?ngeles (UCLA). - 10/27/06

Janitor's secret past: a death squad
Hector Becerra, Los Angeles Times  A former Salvadoran army officer -- and SOA graduate -- convicted of killing priests is arrested in L.A. as a human rights violator. - 10/26/06

Ex-Soldado Salvadore?o Implicado en Asesinato de Jesuitas Enfrenta Deportacion
Peter Prengaman, Associated Press  Un ex soldado del ej?rcito salvadore?o que fue hallado culpable de haber participado en la matanza de seis sacerdotes jesuitas en 1989, as? como de otras dos mujeres durante la guerra civil en ese pa?s centroamericano, fue arrestado en Estados Unidos y enfrenta la deportaci?n, informaron el mi?rcoles las autoridades. - 10/26/06

Ex-Salvadoran Soldier Convicted in Priest Massacre Found in U.S.
The Associated Press  A former army officer from El Salvador who was convicted of taking part in the 1989 massacre of six Jesuit priests and two other people during that country's civil war was arrested in the United States and faces deportation, authorities said Wednesday. - 10/25/06

Uruguay Extradita a Militares Implicados en Caso Autom?viles Orletti
Prensa Latina  La justicia uruguaya inform? hoy la decisi?n de dar curso a un pedido de extradici?n hecho por las autoridades de Argentina sobre dos militares requeridos en el ?mbito de la denominada causa Automotores Orletti. - 10/19/06

Time Is of the Essence in Extradition of War Criminal
?ngel P?ez, Inter Press Service News Agency  In a historic ruling, Peru's Supreme Court authorised on Sept. 23 the extradition request for Hurtado, who years ago confessed to being responsible for the Aug. 14, 1985 massacre of 74 children, women and old men in the Andean highlands village of Accomarca, in the southeastern region of Ayacucho. - 10/17/06

Delmar Schwaller honored for activism
Ed Lowe, Appleton Post-Crescent  Appleton alderman imprisoned for Army school protest - 10/15/06

Peacemaker of the Year Award goes to former Devils Lake woman
Staff, Devils Lake Journal  A Devils Lake woman has been named the 2006 recipient of the North Dakota Prairie Peacemaker Award. Gail Jerome Phares will receive the award this weekend during the 23rd annual Peace Conference to be held at Lake Region State College in Devils Lake. - 10/13/06

Allowing torture? Are you kidding?
Ed Kinane - Tri-State Media  The U.S. Army used torture in Vietnam. Those techniques were then taught at the U.S. Army's School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia, long before Bush became commander-in-chief. The difference now is that Bush actually demands a license to continue torture. - 10/12/06

Wisconsin Man Completes Fed Prison Time
The Associated Press, WFRV  John LaForge From Luck, Wis., spent 6 months behind bars for trespassing. - 10/10/06

Free Speech Zone: Government funded SOA educates human rights violators
Steven Pieragastini, The Observer (Case Western Reserve University)  The annual School of the Americas protest and vigil takes place November 17-19, 2006 in Ft. Benning, Georgia. - 10/10/06

Civil disobedience protester leaves Duluth federal prison
Business North.com  A Wisconsin man arrested for trespassing at a military training camp in Fort Benning, Georgia has been released after spending six months in federal prison. Mike Simonson reports from Superior. [KUWS, Wisc. Public Radio] - 10/8/06

Nun Finishes Journey from Georgia to Prison to Freedom
Matt Lakin, Knoxville News Sentinel  Sister Mary Dennis Lentsch back home after serving six months for trespassing. - 10/7/06

Pentagon Supports Resumed Military Aid to Latin America
Kristin Roberts, Reuters   - 10/1/06

Fear for Lost 'Dirty War' Witness
Daniel Schweimler, BBC News  Tens of thousands of people marched through the centre of the Argentine capital calling for more be done to find a missing "Dirty War" witness. - 9/28/06

CHILE: Disturbing Exhibit Combines Technology, Human Rights, Art
Daniel Estrada, IPS  "What we have here is a sad script that applies equally to (the Nazi concentration camp) Auschwitz, the U.S. School of the Americas, Operation Condor and, most likely, the interrogation techniques used today at places like the Guant?namo naval base or (the Iraqi prison) Abu Ghraib (both run by Washington), whose torture methods were exposed by the charges of prisoner-of-war abuse in 2004" - 9/28/06

With protests abound, what is the 'School of the Americas'?
Jonathan Foskett, The Heights  A few weeks from now, the annual demonstration against the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation" (WHINSEC) will take place outside its gates in Fort Benning, Ga. - 9/28/06

Democracy?s Disappeared: Argentina Searches for Dirty War Witness
Marie Trigona, ZNet  Police are currently searching for a missing 77-year-old witness whose gripping testimony of torture helped convict a former police officer in the first ?dirty war? trial since an amnesty law was overturned. - 9/26/06

La Tortura como Inhumanidad
La Hora  La expansi?n de poder y dominio que mantienen los Estados Unidos en varias bases militares del mundo, una de ellas en Ecuador, es algo ofensivo para un pa?s que quiere la paz y tranquilidad, libre de represiones. - 9/25/06

Canadian Mining Project in Ecuador Tainted by Human Rights Abuses
Cyril Mychalejko, UpsideDownWorld  According to human rights organizations and lawyers representing many residents of the region, the company's activities in the area are anything but socially responsible and even amount to complicity in human rights abuses with the Ecuadorian government. - 9/25/06

Brutal El Salvador Priest Killing Mystifies Police
Reuters  The Rev. Ricardo Romero's body was found next to his car 42 miles west of the capital of San Salvador, with his skull crushed. Police said initial investigations ruled out robbery or kidnapping as a motive. - 9/25/06

The Torture Debate: Are We Really So Fearful?
Op-Ed by Ariel Dorfman, The Washington Post  Can't the United States see that when we allow someone to be tortured by our agents, it is not only the victim and the perpetrator who are corrupted, not only the "intelligence" that is contaminated, but also everyone who looked away and said they did not know, everyone who consented tacitly to that outrage so they could sleep a little safer at night, all the citizens who did not march in the streets by the millions to demand the resignation of whoever suggested, even whispered, that torture is inevitable in our day and age, that we must embrace its darkness? - 9/24/06

Filiberto Ojeda R?os, el mundo y la independencia de Puerto Rico
Jos? El?as Torres, Claridad  ?No debemos olvidar que la creatividad de esos enfermos fue estimulada por la CIA, que era la que entrenaba a los torturadores de naciones como Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, y de todas aquellas en las cuales despuntaron embriones revolucionarios que pretend?an poner fin a semejante estado de atropellos y criminalidad. ?Qui?n no conoce el rol de un Dan Mitrione, agente al servicio de la CIA y maestro en las t?cnicas de tortura que diseminaba en sus cursos de represi?n e intimidaci?n a los pueblos? No olvidemos la famosa Escuela de las Am?ricas, como f?brica de torturadores para Am?rica Latina. - 9/22/06

'School of Assassins' One Step Away From Closure?
Willy E. Gutman, The Signal  The School of the Americas, aka Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, must be shut down for good. A long overdue and rigorously detailed post-mortem of this infamous "school of assassins" must follow. - 9/22/06

Diputado Chileno pide Vetar Ascenso de Coronel Vinculado a Abusos de Derechos Humanos
El Mostrador  Fidel Espinoza cuestion? a coronel del Ej?rcito Rodolfo Antonio Ortega Prado por su pasado en la Escuela de las Am?ricas y la CNI. - 9/22/06

War is Big Business
Op-Ed by Richard Ross, Kodiak Daily Mirror  The ?School of the Americas? was a U.S. military training school. It trained some of the very worst dictators and human rights violators in Latin America and the developing world. Graduates are being unmasked today in South and Central America for their crimes against humanity. - 9/22/06

The Price of Principle: Student Activist Reflects Time in Prison, Looks to Future
Alex Fumelli, The Hoya  Donte Smith, a suspended Georgetown student, participated in a rally against the School of the Americas in November. - 9/22/06

Protesters put themselves at risk
Sandy Cullen, Wisconsin State Journal  At age 79, Fred Brancel crawled under the sharp barbs of a wire fence at a controversial Army training camp and was arrested. Months later - just five days short of completing a three-month prison sentence - the former missionary awoke to find a razor blade stuck in his neck after offending a fellow inmate. - 9/21/06

Students Protest for Human Rights
Emily Uline-Olmstead, OWU Online  On November 17, 2006, over 30 Ohio Wesleyan students?students of my generation?will travel to Columbus, Georgia to participate in a peaceful protest at the gates of the controversial US Army School of Americas (SOA), now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. - 9/20/06

Acci?n Continental Vigilia contra el Militarismo: 18 y 19 de Noviembre 2006
Cristianos por la Paz, Indymedia   - 9/19/06

What is the U.S. Military Doing in Paraguay?
Benjamin Dangl, The Peoples Voice  The U.S. military is conducting secretive operations in Paraguay and reportedly building a new base there. Human rights groups and military analysts in the region believe trouble is brewing. However, the U.S. embassy in Paraguay denies the base exists and describes the military activity as routine. - 9/14/06

Comando Sur de Estados Unidos combate al populismo radical en Am?rica Latina
P. Jos? Mullighan S.J., Altercom  Ecuador y otros Estados son fichados por los militares estadounidenses - 9/13/06

?Nunca antes? Tortura y amnesia en EEUU
Naomi Klein, Sin Permiso  Era ciertamente descarado. A una hora y media de donde Bush estaba, funcion? la tristemente c?lebre Escuela de las Am?ricas, conducida por el ej?rcito estadounidense desde 1946 hasta 1984; una siniestra instituci?n educativa que, si hubiese debido tener un lema, ese habr?a sido ?nosotros torturamos?. - 9/12/06

Senador Navarro protesta por env?o de militares Chilenos a la Escuela de las Americas
El Mostrador, Chile  "Esta situaci?n no cuadra con una nueva doctrina del Ej?rcito, distinta de la l?gica del enemigo interno que promov?a la doctrina de seguridad nacional y que se ense?aba en ese centro militar?, afirm? el senador socialista. - 9/6/06

Una Historia Escrita con Sangre
LND, La Nacion-Chile  Sacerdote norteamericano denuncia que el organismo donde se formaron los torturadores latinoamericanos ?supuestamente disuelto el a?o 2000 por el Congreso norteamericano? sigue cumpliendo la misma funci?n con otro nombre. Este a?o ya han pasado 170 soldados chilenos por sus aulas. - 9/3/06

Fiscal Solicita Procesar a Nueve Uniformados por Violaciones de Derechos Humanos
Virginia Scardamaglia, Pagina 12  Por primera vez ser?an juzgados en Uruguay represores de la dictadura involucrados en asesinatos y desapariciones, si prospera el pedido de una fiscal presentado ayer. Los acusados tienen cuentas pendientes con la Justicia argentina que prefieren evitar. Elogios para el principio del fin de la impunidad en el pa?s vecino. - 8/31/06

Todos los Caminos Conducen a Georgia
Alvaro Ramis, Cronica Digital  Chile a?n sigue entrenando militares en Fort Bening, Georgia. Por este motivo, el padre Roy Bourgeois y una delegaci?n del movimiento School of Americas Watch ha comenzado una visita a Chile para impulsar una agenda que permita que el Gobierno ponga t?rmino al env?o de oficiales a la nueva ?Escuela de las Am?ricas?. - 8/31/06

Los Militares Chilenos Siguen Aprendiendo a Matar y Torturar en la Escuela de las Am?ricas
Ernesto Carmona, ARGENPRESS  122 militares chilenos cursan ?estudios? este a?o en la Escuela de las Am?ricas (School of the Americas, SOA), el establecimiento de EEUU que, desde su fundaci?n en Panam?, en 1946, ense?? a matar y a torturar a unos 64.000 uniformados de 18 pa?ses latinoamericanos. - 8/30/06

Uruguay instructs Interpol to arrest former military officers
La Nacion  Uruguay?s Justice Department has instructed INTERPOL to arrest three former Uruguayan military officers after receiving a request for their extradition from Argentina for their alleged involvement in the clandestine ?Automotores Orletti? detention center, which operated in Buenos Aires during the '70's when both countries were under military rule. - 8/29/06

Uruguay Ordena a Interpol la Captura de Tres Militares
La Nacion.cl  La delegaci?n uruguaya de Interpol inici? la b?squeda de los militares Maurente, quien en 1976 oper? en la Escuela de las Americas como "Military Intelligence 0-11" y actu? en el Servicio de Inteligencia de Defensa, y Soca, quien trabaj? en la Compa??a de Contrainformaciones. - 8/29/06

Cercando a la Escuela de Asesinos
Alvaro Ramis, La Nacion  El padre Bourgeois ha afirmado con mucha claridad que EEUU mantiene abierta la escuela porque necesita a los soldados latinoamericanos para proteger sus intereses, en nombre de la defensa de la democracia. - 8/29/06

Peruvian SOA Graduate Sentenced to 6 Years
Associated Press  Peru's jailed ex-intelligence chief Vladimiro Montesinos has been sentenced to six years in prison for using government money to fund former President Alberto Fujimori's 2000 re-election campaign. ADVERTISEMENT - 8/27/06

Prison won?t stop Appleton man's protest
Ed Lowe, Post-Crescent  Schwaller, 82, of Appleton, said Friday he plans to join dem-onstrators seeking the closure of the U.S. Army-run training center formerly known as the School of the Americas, for a ninth time at the annual protest running Nov. 17 to 19. - 8/26/06

U.S. Refutes in its Actions the Ideals it Professes
Tom Ehrich, Religion News Service  In the ensuing 12-year civil war, U.S. military advisers, assassins trained at the Pentagon's infamous School of the Americas, and massive U.S. financing enabled El Salvador's right-wing government to use anti-communism as a cover for killing more than 70,000 citizens. - 8/26/06

Catholic activists urge South American nations not to send students to U.S. military school
Barbara J. Fraser, Catholic News Service  A team from SOA Watch, led by Maryknoll Father Roy Bourgeois, was visiting Ecuador, Peru and Chile in late August to raise public awareness and meet with human rights activists and government officials. - 8/25/06

Pacifistas piden suspender entrenamiento militar en EE.UU.
Ecuador, La Hora  El Soaw pide a los gobiernos no enviar m?s militares a la ex Escuela, ahora denominada Instituto de Cooperaci?n para la Seguridad Hemisf?rica (Whinsec, en ingl?s), en el marco de una campa?a global para exigir su cierre. - 8/24/06

Latinoamericanos a?n entrenan en pol?mica ex Escuela de Am?ricas
Roc?o Otoya, El Diario  Militares latinoamericanos a?n entrenan en la ex Escuela de Las Am?ricas, considerada responsable de fomentar los cr?menes de lesa humanidad durante las dictaduras regionales, afirm? hoy un organismo civil de EE.UU. que plantea su cierre. - 8/23/06

Rechazan entrenamiento de peruanos en EEUU
CNR - Lima, Peru  La organizaci?n pacifista Observatorio de la Escuela de las Am?ricas (SOAW, por sus siglas en ingl?s) espera reunirse en los pr?ximos d?as con el ministro de Defensa, Allan Wagner, a fin de convencerlo de que desautorice el env?o de 66 militares peruanos a entrenarse en la Escuela de las Am?ricas con sede en el fuerte Benning de Georgia (Estados Unidos). - 8/21/06

Critican posici?n de la Iglesia por DDHH
CNR - Lima, Peru  "Ante tanta masacre y en un contexto de muertes y desaparecidos, el silencio de la prensa y de la iglesia es un pecado. Eso ocurr?a no solo en Per? sino tambi?n en Bolivia y Argentina. Por eso es importante la justicia y no la impunidad" - 8/21/06

Argentina?s Dictatorship: 30 Years Fighting for Justice
Marie Trigona, Znet Commentary  A federal court in Argentina sentenced former police chief Julio Simon to 25 years in jail for the forced disappearances and torture of dissidents during the 1976-1983 dictatorship. This is the first sentence against a former government agent for human rights violations since 2005 when the supreme court struck down amnesty laws protecting former officers who served during the era of military dictatorship. - 8/11/06

Peace Group Under FBI Surveillance
Linda Cooper and James Hodge, National Catholic Reporter  School of the Americas Watch, a faith-based peace organization that seeks to close a U.S. military school that has advocated the use of torture and assassination, finds itself under surveillance by the FBI?s counterterrorism unit. - 8/11/06

No M?s Militares de Ecuador en la Escuela de las Am?ricas en EE.UU.
BolPress  Sacerdote Roy Bourgeois y dos activistas buscan entrevistarse con autoridades ecuatorianas. Ya visitaron a Mandatarios de Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela y Bolivia. - 8/10/06

Who Killed Victor Jara? SOA Graduate Exposed in Chile
Joao da Silva, CommonDreams  Among the thousands of political dissidents detained and executed in Chile during the days following the Military coup of 1973 which overthrew the democratically elected socialist government of Salvador Allende (also known as the Unidad Popular), Victor Jara?s brutal death is probably one of the most emblematic. - 8/8/06

Who Killed Victor Jara? - Radio Broadcast on Uprising!
Interview with Joao da Silva, Uprising Radio   - 8/8/06

Awareness Boosted During Prison Stay
Jen McCoy, Portage Daily Register  Three months in prison and five days in segregated confinement increased Fred Brancel's awareness of self, society and friendship. - 7/31/06

How Much Longer?
Eduardo Galeano, Zmag  The tortures of Abu Ghraib, which triggered a certain universal sickness, are nothing new to us in Latin America. Our militaries learned their interrogation techniques from the School of the Americas, which may no longer exist in name but lives on in effect. - 7/29/06

Vigil to Raise Awareness of Treatment at Federal Facility
Bryon Okada, Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kathleen Rumpf of Syracuse, N.Y., is a woman of many causes. Never married, and with no children, Rumpf devotes her time to those causes. - 7/26/06

U.S. to Build Military Base in Honduras
Cyril Mychalejko, Upsidedown World  The Associated Press (AP) has reported that the U.S. plans to help Honduras build a military base in the northeast part of the country near the Nicaraguan border to help combat drug trafficking. - 7/19/06

International Campaign Launched Against U.S. "Torture School"
Gustavo Capdevila, IPS News  Peace activists from the non-governmental School of the Americas Watch (SOAW) will tour Chile, Peru and Ecuador in August to persuade the governments of those countries not to send any more military personnel to the training centre in the U.S. state of Georgia. - 7/18/06

Beheading, Hooding, and Waterboarding: CIA Torture in Vietnam, Latin America, and Iraq
Nick Gier , New West Unfiltered  By becoming like our enemies, we either alienate the people we want to liberate or drive them right into our enemy's hands. Rarely ever do evil means justify a good end, especially when the goal is a society of free persons whose value and dignity must always be preserved. - 7/15/06

Why Are the Feds Worried About Peaceful Americans While True Threats are on the Rise?
Op-Ed by Randy Serraglio, Tucson Weekly  In these days of nuclear threats, violent religious whackos and looming global upheavals, it would be nice to know that our federal government is spending billions of dollars rooting out the truly dangerous individuals in our midst and consigning them to the dustbins of imprisonment. - 7/13/06

SOA Watch
Gloria Williams, Zmag  Protesting the facility that trains soldiers from Latin America has become an annual pilgrimage for many since Father Roy Bourgeois moved into a tiny apartment outside the main gate and founded SOA Watch in 1990. Each year the number of people who come to the November vigil grows larger, a trend that apparently disturbs the Federal Bureau of Investigation. - 7/7/06

U.S. Congress Continues Funding Intervention in Latin America through the SOA and the ILEA-South
Christine Raine, ZNet  Ironically, a few days later the U.S. Congress voted to continue supporting military intervention in Latin America by rejecting an amendment put forth by Rep. McGovern which would have excluded funding for the infamous School of the Americas (SOA) as part of the annual Foreign Operations Appropriations bill. - 6/19/06

Brazilian far-right accused of deleting torture dossiers
Tom Phillips, The Guardian  Brazilian human rights activists are crying foul after hackers invaded a website and deleted a list of military officers accused of torture and executions during the 1964 dictatorship. - 6/19/06

Local Activist Draws National Recognition For Peace and Justice Work
Amy Jocius, Memphis Daily News  The pair was part of a number of peace demonstrations against organizations such as the School of the Americas in Columbus, Ga., at which the U.S. Army trains Latin-American military personnel who have been accused of participating in death squads and committing human rights violations. - 6/16/06

Trading Fear for Hope: SOA Watch in Latin America
Wes Enzinna, Left Turn  This March, almost thirty years later, Roy returned to Bolivia. During the long interim between his exile and return, Bourgeois founded and led to notoriety School of the Americas Watch (SOA Watch), spearheading the movement to shut down the school that Manuel Noriega, the infamous Panamanian populist and drug lord, accurately described as a ?training ground for death squads and repressive right-wing militaries? throughout Latin America. - 6/15/06

Targeting a "School for Strongmen"
Jean Friedman-Rudovsky (La Paz), Time Magazine.com  A U.S.-run training ground for Latin American military men is trying to withstand a growing protest movement - 6/13/06

Herger defends military school
Larry Mitchell, Chico Enterprise Record  While he has concerns about the training center formerly known as the School of the Americas, Rep. Wally Herger, R-Chico, said he believes it still deserves support. - 6/13/06

Nonviolence group protests
Karen McDonald, Peoria Journal Star (Illinois)  Advocates speak out against sentencing, other issues - 6/13/06

McGovern Ft. Benning amendment fails
Richard Nangle, Worcester Telegram & Gazette (Massachusetts)  Latin America is walking away from the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation over concerns about human rights abuses, and U.S. Rep. James P. McGovern, D-Worcester, wants America to follow suit. - 6/10/06

Negroponte Gave Wrong Information At SJA Graduation
Taylor Reed, Caledonian-Record (Vermont)  "We deplore the presence of a known terror boss in our community and we find it completely unacceptable that he be put on a pedestal in front of our youth," states a June 2 "action alert" from activist Palmer Legare in the name of the Vermont School of the Americas Watch. - 6/10/06

Priest takes anti-war message to higher level
Michael Manekin, Inside Bay Area  Activist urges audience to protest in many peaceful ways - 6/8/06

Should the School of the Americas be Shut Down?
Joshua Holland, AlterNet  And while people like Wesley Clark vigorously defend the program as the best way to share America's martial "values," studies have shown SOA/WHINSEC graduates to be more prone to human rights violations than their fellows that didn't train in the program. - 6/7/06

Mexicans should try alternatives
David Rossie, Press & Sun Bulletin (Binghamton, NY)  Work hard and with a little bit of luck you may get to attend the U.S. Army's School of the Americas, where you'll learn a lot of new ways to help your countrymen and women to see the light. They've changed the name of the school to Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, but don't worry, the drill's the same. - 5/31/06

Guatemalan war criminal dies a free man
Bill Weinberg, World War 4 Report  When Slobodan Milosevic died, he was in a prison cell at The Hague facing war crimes charges, and it made world headlines. The May 27 passing of Guatemala's equally genocidal dictator of the late '70s and early '80s, Romeo Lucas Garcia, a graduate of the SOA, was largely confined to the obituary pages and wire copy, and he died a free man, passing his final years in luxurious Venezuelan exile. - 5/30/06

Piden cierre de ?Escuela de torturadores?
Pablo Long, Noticias Aliadas (Perú)  Ya no m?s soldados argentinos, bolivianos, uruguayos, ni venezolanos ser?n entrenados en nefasto centro de instrucci?n estadunidense. - 5/25/06

The UN is right about torture
Editorial, El Diario / La Prensa  Our country?s relationship with torture, unfortunately, is not new. The sadly celebrated School of the Americas, now the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC) for decades had U.S. military personnel teach generations of Latin American colleagues the repugnant art of torture in the name of the fight against communism. - 5/22/06

How widely is the net cast?
Mary Sanchez, Knight Ridder Newspapers  The records of the surveillance were released through Freedom of Information requests filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU has requested records of 150 groups and individuals in 20 states. - 5/18/06

The infamous School of the Americas seems to be on its way out
William Steif, Guest Editorial, Virgin Islands Daily News  After 16 years of effort, it looks like Father Roy Bourgeois is making some real progress in getting rid of the School of the Americas. - 5/17/06

Hooking fish and catching smiles
Ed Culhane, Appleton Post-Crescent  This was the 28th year for this event, but for the first time the founder and organizer was absent. Del Schwaller, 80, a retired teacher and member of TU, is in prison, serving a six-month sentence for trespassing at the Western Hemisphere Institute of Security Cooperation during a peaceful protest. - 5/14/06

Through a Glass Darkly: The U.S. Holocaust in Central America by Thomas R. Melville
Review by Tom Carney, National Catholic Reporter  Book shows the conflict through the eyes of a good and anguished priest - 5/12/06

Counterterrorism Targets-- Are You One?
Roberto Lovato, New America Media  I open the PDF file and shudder. The digital copy of a recently declassified internal memo from the FBI?s Counterterrorism files has the name of someone I know. It says that Roy Bourgeois ?was the founder and leader of this protest since its inception in 1988.? - 5/12/06

Partisan Spat Over Amendments Briefly Stalls Defense Bill
Congressional Quarterly PM   - 5/11/06

Playing through the pain
Joe Piasecki, Pasadena Weekly (California)  Pasadena?s Hector Aristiz?bal survived torture to bring the plight of a nation center-stage - 5/6/06

FBI Counterterrorism Unit Spies on Peace Group School of the Americas Watch
Democracy Now!  Watch, listen to or read the transcript of SOA Watch Events Coordinator Eric LeCompte being interviewed by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now! - 5/5/06

FBI Puts SOA Watch under ?Counterterrorism? Surveillances
Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive  The FBI has been keeping tabs on SOA Watch, the human rights group that monitors the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia. - 5/4/06

Locating Argentine Memories
Joseph Huff-Hannon, In These Times  "Disappeared" but not forgotten in Argentina - 5/3/06

CGC makes annual trek to D.C. to lobby
Kevin Himeda, The Spectator (Seattle University)  In response to increasing momentum for House Bill 1217 passing through the House of Representatives, members of the Coalition for Global Concern traveled to Washington D.C. to join lobbying groups pushing to suspend the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas. - 5/3/06

True mission of SOA questioned
Michael Feickema, The Collegian (South Dakota State University)  On March 28, a representative of WHINSEC, formerly known as the School of the Americas or the SOA, a U.S. army school for training Latin American military officers near Fort Benning, Georgia, gave a lecture on "WHINSEC and Latin American Relations" at SDSU. He was greeted by members of the Brookings area chapter of Pax Christi, the official peace group of the Catholic Church, holding crosses with the names of a few of the tens of thousands of victims of some of the graduates of the School of the Americas. - 5/2/06

Of Juarez and the "Dirty War" in Mexico
Rafael Nuñez, Newspaper Tree (El Paso, Texas)  ?In my family we were 13 siblings. Leticia was the second-born. I was the third. She was 26 years old when they took her. She worked at the RCA maquiladora plant in Ju?rez.... - 5/1/06

Nonviolent rebellion against a storm of lies
John LaForge (Op-Ed), Pulse of the Twin Cities  The prospect of six months in federal prison camp for protesting torture seems a lot like accounts of being drafted or volunteering for the military. One hopes for light duty, but the authorities decide where, how and for how long you stay. - 4/28/06

United Methodist enters prison after civil disobedience arrest
Linda Bloom, United Methodist News Service  A United Methodist layman, arrested for civil disobedience last fall, is spending three months at Oxford Federal Penitentiary in Wisconsin. - 4/26/06

Human rights group plan to protest School of the Americas
The Hill (Washington, DC)  The Pentagon, already beleaguered by vocal new criticisms of its Iraq war management, will soon face a grassroots lobbying onslaught by human-rights groups protesting the School of the Americas (SOA), a military facility that trains Latin American fighters in potentially abusive techniques. - 4/23/06

Torture victim decries counterterrorism group
David Lipscomb, Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton, NY)  An El Salvadoran torture survivor is using his experience to try to bring justice to those who have suffered plights similar to his. - 4/23/06

Author tells horrific story through eyes of an Iowan
Book review by Tom Carney, Des Moines Register  It's not easy to read "Through a Glass Darkly." It tells the awful story of innocent people who were not allowed to be neutral in a brutal civil war that pitted succeeding Guatemalan governments, backed by the U.S., against a ragtag insurgency representing Mayan peasants and various other factions. - 4/23/06

Torture should never be U.S. policy
Op-Ed by Fr. Louis Vitale, San Francisco Chronicle  For the second time in the past four years, I find myself in a federal prison as a result of my protest against these inhumane policies. My country's involvement in torture was at the heart of my decision to leave my post as pastor of St. Boniface Catholic Church in San Francisco's Tenderloin district in order to speak out against these crimes. - 4/21/06

Challenging the SOA: Willits woman joins Catholic priests campaign against torture
Kate Black, Special to the Willits News  Recent media exposure about the involvement and role of the U.S. military at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay has set the human rights and leadership credibility of the United States at an all-time low. In light of the current debate on the issue of torture, and inspired by a talk a few months ago by the Rev. Fr. Roy Bourgeois at Willits United Methodist Church, in November 2005 I traveled to Ft. Benning near Columbus, Georgia, to find out more. - 4/20/06

Ambrose student serving 60 days in federal prison
Wayne Ma, Quad-City Times (Iowa)  Davenport man ?crossed the line? at military protest - 4/19/06

U.S. arming of Iraqi police skates close to legal line
Cam Simpson and Liz Sly, Chicago Tribune  Leahy crafted the restrictions after disclosures in the 1990s of abuses by U.S.-supported forces in Latin America. The disclosures included the public release of training manuals that advocated abusive techniques and were employed to train Latin American officials in their home countries and at the former U.S. Army School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Ga. - 4/15/06

Local Women to Do Prison Time for Protest
Judith Scherr, Berkeley Daily Planet  The gathering at St. Joseph the Worker Church Tuesday morning was a send-off of sorts for Sarah Harper and Cheryl Sommers. The two women had called friends and the media to the church where they intended to speak out in public for the last time before they went to jail for three months. - 4/14/06

79 Year Old Monona Grandfather Imprisoned for Protest
WKOW 27 (Madison, Wisconsin)  Fred Brancel will spend 90 days at Oxford, near his Wisconsin home. He says he has no regrets. - 4/12/06

Sneakerless sister serves time
Lola Alapo, Knoxville News Sentinel  Roman Catholic nun, 69, heads to prison for arrest at Fort Benning protest - 4/12/06

Immigration marches spread statewide
Patrick O'Neill, The Independent (North Carolina)  'We are here, and we are human, and we have rights.' - 4/12/06

Duluth man goes to federal prison over U.S. torture
Danielle Kaeding, KUWS, Business North (Minnesota)  A man hailing from Duluth will serve a six month prison sentence starting Tuesday for protesting the use of torture by the U.S. military. - 4/11/06

Defensores derechos humanos empiezan a cumplir penas de c?rcel
EFE, Terra Actualidad (Spain)  Veintinueve activistas de derechos humanos de EEUU, uno de ellos de 81 a?os, empezaron hoy a cumplir penas de entre uno y seis meses de c?rcel por irrumpir en una base militar exigiendo el cierre de la ex Escuela de las Am?ricas. - 4/11/06

Oak Ridge nun reports to federal prison
Erica Estep, WATE 6 (Knoxville, Tennessee)  Supporters turned out to offer their blessings Tuesday to a 69-year-old nun who is headed to federal prison. - 4/11/06

SOA Protesters Report to Prison
Richard Burkard, WTVM 9 (Columbus, Georgia)  Nearly 30 people who marched outside Fort Benning last November are reporting to prison. - 4/11/06

SOA Enrollment Drops
UpsideDownWorld  The Defense Ministers of Argentina and Uruguay declared March 28 that they would no longer send armed forces personnel to the US-based "School of the Americas." - 4/11/06

Woolever headed to federal prison
News 10 Now Staff (Syracuse, New York)  A Syracuse man is headed to federal prison this week, but he's not too upset about it. Frank Woolever will leave Tuesday for a federal prison in Pennsylvania. - 4/10/06

Appleton activist accepts sentence
Ed Lowe, Appleton Post-Crescent  Schwaller, 81, sought to call attention to human rights abuse - 4/7/06

Argentina and Uruguay shun US military academy
Duncan Campbell, The Guardian  Two Latin American countries are to stop sending troops for training to a controversial military academy in the US. - 4/6/06

Torture's Roots Run to Washington
Erik Cooke, CommonDreams  As troubling as these accounts of U.S. government sanctioned brutality are, they are not surprising to the people of Latin America. Since 1946, the United States has put its official seal of approval on torture by Latin American militaries at the Army?s School of the Americas (SOA). - 4/5/06

Quieren cerrar la Escuela de las Am?ricas
N?stor Restivo, Clarín (Argentina)  El instituto militar de EE.UU. que formó a muchos ex-dictadores latinoamericanos - 4/3/06

Two Books Explore the Modern History of Torture
Henry Norr, Berkeley Daily Planet  CIA operatives translated these scientific insights into a set of procedures elaborated in a 1963 CIA manual, which in turn served as the basis for textbooks used later in CIA and U.S. military programs ? including the infamous School of the Americas ? where friendly locals from around the world were taught the techniques of counterinsurgency. - 3/31/06

?No Más! No More!
Patrick Mulvaney, The Nation  In the past week, the defense ministers of both Uruguay and Argentina have declared that their governments plan to cut ties with the US Army's School of the Americas. - 3/31/06

Ex-priest headed to prison for protest
John Chadwick, North Jersey Herald News & Record  But the Hasbrouck Heights resident will put his quiet life on hold when he begins serving a 90-day federal prison sentence next month for a crime that he describes as an act of patriotism. - 3/31/06

?Pedimos el cierre de la Escuela de las Am?ricas"
Entrevista con Roy Bourgeois por Werner Pertot, Página 12 (Argentina)  Es uno de los fundadores de la organizaci?n de derechos humanos estadounidense (SOAW) que recorre el mundo pidiendo la desactivaci?n de ?esa escuela de asesinos y torturadores? donde fueron entrenados los represores. - 3/31/06

Cruzada de ONG de EU para que AL no envíe militares a la Escuela de las Américas
Stella Calloni, La Jornada (Mexico)  Solecito Por allí pasaron los dictadores del subcontinente, acusa School of Americas Watch - 3/31/06

Olga Talamante: Surviving torture
Bill Berkowitz, WorkingForChange  On March 27, 1976, sixteen months after being arrested, tortured and imprisoned in an Argentina jail, Olga Talamante was released. Today, she is concerned that the public doesn't understand the horror. - 3/30/06

Activistas estadounidenses piden cierre de escuela militar (con audio)
Agencia Púlsar (Argentina)  Una delegaci?n de luchadores estadounidenses por los derechos humanos, encabezada por el sacerdote Roy Bourgeois, del Observatorio de la Escuela de las Am?ricas, lleg? a Argentina para difundir su pelea por el cierre de esa escuela militar. - 3/30/06

Uruguay no enviar? m?s militares a la terror?fica School of Americas
Roger Rodriguez, La República (Uruguay)  El gobierno uruguayo habr?a comunicado su decisi?n al Departamento de Estado norteamericano. Organizaciones norteamericanas pidieron a los gobiernos latinoamericanos no enviar m?s militares a la Escuela de las Am?ricas. - 3/30/06

Nilda Garr? se reuni? con el jefe de la Armada
Abierta TV (Argentina)  Al respecto, la ministra consideró que "la Escuela de las Américas ha hecho mucho mal y aún sigue intentando impulsar dentro de las Fuerzas Armadas las hipótesis de la lucha contra el narcotráfico, y lucha contra el terrorismo". - 3/27/06

Argentina tomo la misma medida que Uruguay
Los Tiempos (Argentina)  Para los desmemoriados hay que recordar que esta linda escuelita se encontr? al principio en Panam? donde entrenaron a los golpistas del cono sur; hoy se encuentra en Georgia. - 3/27/06

Desde EE.UU. piden celeridad en la causa por la represi?n
El Litorial (Santa Fe, Argentina)  Integrantes de un grupo pacifista norteamericano visitaron Santa Fe y solicitaron a la Justicia Federal que se acelere el juicio oral. Otra nota, firmada por congresistas estadounidenses, fue dirigida al embajador Lino Guti?rrez. - 3/27/06

Vermont peace activist to stay 3 months at FCI
Robert Miller, News-Times (Connecticut)  Peace activist Robin Lloyd has been sentenced to a three-month term at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury. - 3/26/06

Alleged Former Paramilitary Named Military Commander
Sean Donohue, NarcoSphere  A general and SOA graduate who is believed to have once been a member of a right-wing terrorist group now heads Colombia's armed forces. - 3/22/06

Nun from Oak Ridge going to federal prison
Melisaa DiPane, WATE Channel 6 (Tennessee)  "I knew when I did this in November, I was losing control of my life, my plans," Sister Mary Dennis says. - 3/22/06

Norteamericanos por desmilitarizaci?n y clausura de Escuela de las Am?ricas
La Republica (Uruguay)  Cuatro organizaciones en Estados Unidos, la SOA Watch, Noviolencia Internacional, Marin Interfaith Task Force de las Am?ricas, y Global Exchange promueven en Uruguay la desmilitarizaci?n en Am?rica Latina y propician el cierre definitivo de la "terror?fica" Escuela de las Am?ricas. - 3/21/06

Activistas exigen desde Bolivia cierre de Escuela de las Am?ricas
HoyBolivia  Un grupo de activistas de derechos humanos se encuentra en Bolivia para promover el cierre del Instituto de Cooperaci?n para la Seguridad Hemisf?rica, que depende del Ej?rcito de los Estados Unidos, antes conocido como la Escuela de las Am?ricas. - 3/17/06

Latin America's Leftist Shift: Hopes and Challenges
Benjamin Dangl, Toward Freedom  Much of this nightmare was funded by the US government and some of the architects of the repression were trained by US teachers in such places as the School of the Americas in Georgia. - 3/16/06

40 years searching for peace in the Valley
Tony Nauroth, Express-Times (New Jersey)  The Lehigh Pocono Committee of Concern marks a milestone. Over the decades, the issues may have changed, but the group's mission hasn't. - 3/13/06

Chico church member prepares for prison term
Larry Mitchell, Chico Enterprise-Record  Parker made the call and learned she'd need to report to a minimum-security prison in the Bay Area on April 11. She'll serve 57 days for trespassing during a demonstration last fall at the School of the Americas in Georgia, a controversial training site for Latin American military personnel. - 3/11/06

'I hope my witness helps ...'
Yonat Shimron, Raleigh News & Observer  North Carolina peace activist Gail Phares wants to inspire others as she prepares for prison - 3/10/06

Radical to some is religious calling to others
Tom Shea, Springfield Republican (Massachusetts)  It was before Mass, two friends talking. Judy Ruland said something about free trade not being fair trade. Her friend said: "I never knew you were such a radical." - 3/2/06

Area native about to serve a prison term for his protest at controversial School of the Americas
Jen McCoy, Portage Daily Register (Wisconsin)  Lifelong social activist Fred Brancel was introduced as a trespasser and a lawbreaker at the Portage Public Library on Thursday. - 3/2/06

Student sentenced to time in prison for protest
Lauren Berta, The Depaulia (DePaul University)  ?I have no regrets for doing it,? DePaul junior Buddy Bell says of the protest he attended which led to his arrest, a sentence of 3 months in federal prison, and a $500 fine. - 2/26/06

From retirement, woman emerges as tireless activist
Nathaniel Hoffman, Contra Costa Times (California)  In the decade since she retired and lost her husband to cancer, Gwen Watson has had more and more opportunities for, as she puts it, "speaking truth to power." - 2/26/06

Padre Roy Bourgeois busca apoyo a Ch?vez en Washington, DC
Maibort Petit, Analitica.com (Venezuela)  El padre Roy Bourgeois, uno de los fundadores de la asociaci?n SOA Watch, esta invitando a una conferencia en Washington, DC, para expresar la solidaridad al pueblo de Venezuela. - 2/24/06

Army chief resigns amid abuse claims
Dan Molinski, Associated Press  Colombia's army chief was forced to quit after a magazine report alleged that soldiers had been abused. The new chief is an SOA graduate. - 2/22/06

The Devil Is in the Lack of Details: The Defense Department's Media Contracts
Diane Farsetta, PR Watch  Another contract -- again "missing firm data" -- was for "a senior analyst to analyze the perceptions, activities, and events surrounding the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation and assist in developing public affairs plans for other Army personnel issues." The Army paid nearly $300,000 for this analyst, between 2004 and 2005. - 2/21/06

?Dirty War' Allegations Cast Shadow on Nationalist Candidate
?ngel P?ez, Inter Press Service News Agency  After unexpectedly shooting to the top of the polls in Peru, anti-establishment presidential candidate Ollanta Humala has seen his popularity drop due to questions about his possible involvement in the "dirty war" against dissidents. - 2/20/06

The Big Gorilla in the Shadows of Bolivia
Newton Garver, CounterPunch  The Challenges and Opportunities Confronting Evo Morales - 2/20/06

Crossing Lines
Margaret Downing, Houston Press  A Houston teenager learns how convictions can lead to convictions - 2/16/06

Four activists sentenced for protests
Staff, Inside Bay Area  Four Bay Area activists have been sentenced to jail time for protesting at a U.S. Army facility in Georgia. - 2/14/06

Bell?s devotion to justice rings true in court
Ann Piasecki, Catholic Explorer (Chicago)  Buddy Bell?s devotion to justice rings true in court - 2/10/06

The Line Has Crossed Us All: "Aiding and Abetting" Conviction Brings Six-Month Prison Sentence in SOA Trials
Clare Hanrahan, CommomDreams  This year, prosecutors charged one activist with ?Aiding and Abetting.? According to the U.S. Criminal Code, ?Whoever aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces or procures the commission of an offense, is punishable as a principal.? - 2/10/06

Bush Budget Would Cut Military Aid to Bolivia by 96 Percent
Joel Brinkley, New York Times  Less than a month after an assertively anti-American president took office in Bolivia, the Bush administration is planning to cut military aid to the country by 96 percent. - 2/9/06

Protesters await word on prison
Karen Abbott, Rocky Mountain News  Two Colorado women are awaiting letters from the federal government, telling them where they must serve prison terms for trespassing at a Georgia U.S. Army base they believe is a school for torture. - 2/7/06

A peaceful transformation
Ashley Thomas, Columbia Missourian  Struggle for survival for Jamie Walters leads to fight for others - 2/6/06

Prisoner Gaunt to keep her job
David Montgomery, Scarlet & Black (Grinnell College)  College extends library assistant's leave of absence till August. - 2/5/06

Wood Dale man?s protest draws 3 months in prison
Justin Kmitch, Daily Herald (Chicago)  A 23-year-old Wood Dale man has been sentenced to three months in federal prison and fined $500 for his role in a November protest at a Columbus, Ga., military base. - 2/3/06

Speaking out for justice
Jeff Kurowski, The Compass (Green Bay, Wisconsin)  Two men from the Diocese of Green Bay were among 32 defendants who stood trial earlier this week for peacefully walking onto the Fort Benning military base located outside Columbus, Ga. - 2/3/06

Student to be jailed
Marco Cerna, Georgetown Voice (Georgetown University)  The Georgetown student arrested last semester during an anti-military protest has been sentenced to three months in federal prison. - 2/2/06

A harsh price
Editorial, Raleigh News & Observer (NC)  Those who engage in civil disobedience expect to suffer the consequences. For the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., actually going to jail was part of the protest, a symbol of oppression. Yet for Gail Phares of Raleigh, a former nun who has engaged in social activism all her life, a jail term seems a severe punishment for the protest in which she participated in November. - 2/2/06

Appleton activist headed to prison
Ed Lowe, Appleton Post-Crescent (Wisconsin)  An Appleton man will spend two months in prison for trespassing during a protest of a U.S. military training facility accused of covertly fueling violence against civilians throughout Latin America. - 2/1/06

Man jailed for trespassing during protest
Kurt Bresswein, Express-Times (Easton, PA)  A local political activist was sentenced Monday to three months in federal prison for trespassing last November at a Fort Benning, Ga., military base, according to a group opposed to U.S. military policy. - 2/1/06

Former nun will serve three months in prison
Yonat Shimron, News & Observer (North Carolina)  Gail Phares, a former nun and social activist from Raleigh, received a three-month prison term Tuesday for crossing into a closed military base in an act of civil disobedience. - 2/1/06

Burlington activist fined, given jail time for Fort Benning arrest
Staff, Vermont Guardian  A federal judge Tuesday sentenced Burlington resident Robin Lloyd, to three months in federal prison and a $500 fine after she was found guilty of trespassing onto Fort Benning military base in November. - 2/1/06

79-year-old protester gets 3-month sentence
Staff, Captial Times (Wisconsin)  Fred Brancel, 79, was sentenced Monday to three months in a federal penitentiary following his arrest Nov. 20 at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, according to the organization SOA Watch. - 2/1/06

Victims win torture case
Teresa Borden, Atlanta Jounal Constitution  Federal court in Atlanta validates Salvadorans' fight - 2/1/06

Denmark man to be imprisoned for protest
Jean Peerenboom, Green Bay Press-Gazette  Scott Dempsky of Denmark was sentenced Monday to three months in prison and a $500 fine for crossing the picket line during a School of Americas protest in Columbus, Ga., in November. He was charged with trespassing. - 2/1/06

U.S. government has criminalized dissent
Joe DeRaymond, Special to the Morning Call (Pennsylvania)  At Fort Benning in Columbus, Ga., there still exists the School of the Americas, now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC), where Latin America militaries have been trained for decades. Torture has been taught at this school. Dictators such as Hugo Banzer of Bolivia and Manuel Noriega of Panama attended. The assassins of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador and Juan Gerardi of Guatemala attended. - 2/1/06

SOA protesters fined, imprisoned
Pat Gillespie, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Despite defense pleas, 19-year-old student gets prison - 1/31/06

Man stands trial for trespassing on military base
Staff, News 10 Now (Syracuse, NY)  Frank Woolever could spend 6 months in federal prison for trespassing. It was part of an annual protest at Fort Benning in Georgia this past November. - 1/30/06

Bucking the system
Allison Kennedy, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Jail term has not diminished protester's resolve - 1/28/06

Priest advocates justice: Fr. Roy Bourgeois educates guests about SOA and other issues.
Staff, Loyolan (Loyola University, Los Angeles)  Not many priests can say they have served time in jail. But as students learned at Thursday's presentation, Fr. Roy Bourgeois is no ordinary priest. - 1/27/06

Demonstrators against SOA feel called by faith
Mary Knapke, Catholic Telegraph  Heller has responded to that call by joining the movement that seeks the closure of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) at Fort Benning near Columbus, Ga. The WHINSEC is also commonly referred to by its predecessor?s name, the United States Army School of the Americas (SOA). - 1/27/06

Denmark man arrested at protest
Jean Peerenboom, Green Bay Press Gazette  Rally to support Scott Dempsky set for Sunday - 1/21/06

U.S. Policy on Mercenaries in Iraq Reminiscent of '80s
Conor Hanlon, The Hoya (Georgetown University)  Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, or so the saying goes. Unfortunately it seems that even those who did learn from history are hell-bent on doing the same thing, most likely because they learned something different. - 1/20/06

Radical Alternatives
Susana Adame, The Echo (Eastern Michigan University)  Color-blind society isn't answer to MLK's 'Dream' - 1/20/06

A nun, 33 others face trial over protest at Army fort
Associated Press  A 69-year-old Roman Catholic nun from Tennessee and 33 other peace activists will be tried in federal court on charges of civil disobedience stemming from a protest at an Army base in Georgia. - 1/20/06

Prison for student protestor
Marco Cerna, Georgetown Voice (Georgetown University)  A Georgetown student faces up to six months in federal prison for trespassing on a military base during a November protest in Georgia. - 1/20/06

Peace activists face trial in Columbus
Associated Press, Atlanta Journal-Constitution  If found guilty, nun, 69, could get prison term - 1/20/06

Nun faces federal trial, prison over protest
Staff,Oak Ridger (Tennessee)  Elizabeth Ann Lentsch, a Catholic nun known as Sister Mary Dennis Lentsch, 69, is among 34 human rights advocates facing federal trial and a possible six-month prison sentence for civil disobedience. - 1/19/06

Local activist says he's ready to face jail
Ed Lowe, Appleton Post-Crescent (Wisconsin)  Delmar Schwaller, 81, hopes defiance will close 'School of the Assassins' - 1/18/06

Michelle Bachelet victor in Chilean election
Brian McAfee, Media Monitors  Bachelet's historic reality is directly tied to U.S. hegemonic impulses. On September 11 of 1973 in Chile, popularly elected president Salvador Allende was overthrown in a bloody coupe carried out by General Augusto Pinochet and his military, of which 10 of the 30 of the Chilean officers charged for crimes against humanity were graduates of the U.S. School of the Americas. - 1/17/06

John Lewis recalls a lifetime of fighting for civil rights
Jean Hopfensperger, Star Tribune (Minneapolis)  John Lewis says the need to fight for civil rights is as strong as ever but the methods and passions of the '60s have changed. - 1/16/06

Local activist prepares for Jan. 30 trial
Asheville Global Report  ?Prison for three or six months is not such a terrible ordeal to face if my action will publicize the fact that the US has been running the largest training school for terrorism in the world for the last 50+ years,? says Brevard resident Linda Mashburn, a nurse and human rights activist. - 1/16/06

200 Georgia Progressives Hold Historic Summit
Matthew Cardinale, Atlanta Progressive News  "When you come together here to connect our experiences, what we?ve learned, things happen," Reverend Roy Bourgeois, 67, founder of School of the Americas Watch, told Atlanta Progressive News. Bourgeois spoke in the morning plenary session Saturday. - 1/15/06

Please Remember Music
Carole Ferrari, The Dominion (Canada)  Song plays a central role at the School of the Americas Protest. Music has been a key part of the protest's success. - 1/10/06

$54.6M Award to Salvadoran Torture Victims
Carl Jones, Daily Business Review  A federal appeals court has reversed its own decision and affirmed a $54.6 million judgment awarded to three immigrants from El Salvador who claimed that members of that country's military kidnapped and tortured them. - 1/9/06

A Cross in the Road
Joanne Cowan, Common Ground Magazine  On November 20, 2005, my growing opposition to the Bush administration?s use of torture led me to the gates of Ft. Benning, Georgia, home of the SOA, the Pentagon?s notorious School of the Americas (better known as the ?School of Assassins?). - 1/9/06

$54M torture verdict reinstated
Alfonso Chardy, Miami Herald  An appellate court has reinstated $54.6 million to three alleged victims of torture in El Salvador -- including SOA Watch activists Carlos Mauricio and Neris Gonzalez -- after initially revoking the award. - 1/7/06

The American empire and big business
Deanna Spingola, Renew America  Through decades of war, the United States trained Guatemalan troops at the infamous School of the Americas and backed military regimes that were systematically torturing and killing civilians under the guise of battling communism and maintaining a suitable atmosphere for international commerce. - 1/6/06

FILM: School of the Americas Protest
Rebecca MacNeice, Truthout  View an excellent short film of the Vigil shot by Rebecca MacNeice of Truthout. The film especially focuses on those "crossing the line." - 12/20/05

Des Moines Woman, 80, Protests for Peace
Sarah Clark, Des Moines Register  A little background: Rita Hohenshell of Des Moines was 70 years old when she decided it was time to try a new activity. She could have taken up cross-stitch or watercolors. But Hohenshell wanted to do something more meaningful, such as spend time in federal prison in the name of peace. Over the past decade, she has turned up anywhere there's a war protest. At 80, she's still going strong. - 12/20/05

'Never Before!' Our Amnesiac Torture Debate
Naomi Klein, The Nation  It was the "Mission Accomplished" of George W. Bush's second term, and an announcement of that magnitude called for a suitably dramatic location. But what was the right backdrop for the infamous "We do not torture" declaration? With characteristic audacity, the Bush team settled on downtown Panama City. - 12/9/05

Memory of women killed in El Salvador lives on
Patrick O'Neill, National Catholic Reporter  At the conclusion of a mock funeral procession at the Nov. 20 School of the Americas Watch demonstration, Maryknoll Sr. Kathleen Kelly leaned against a wooden police barricade to talk about the death, 25 years ago, of her friend Sr. Maura Clarke, a Maryknoll missionary who was among four U.S. churchwomen who were raped and murdered Dec. 2, 1980, in El Salvador. - 12/9/05

SOA rally expands in issues and numbers
Patrick O'Neill, National Catholic Reporter  Before heading out to the annual SOA Watch protest Nov. 20, a group of Loretto sisters squeezed together into Room 243 of the Motel 6 for a ?Prayer for Peace.? - 12/9/05

'Do as we say'
Dennis Jett, Op-Ed, Miami Herald  Nearly 20,000 people demonstrated last month at Fort Benning, Ga., against the School of the Americas, a Department of Defense institution that trains military personnel from Latin America. - 12/9/05

Bitter Memories of a 'Dirty War'
Michael Fox, The Nation  Nearly thirty years later, Patricia Isasa stares out at the hundreds of activists gathered on November 19 at the Civic Center Ballroom in Columbus, Georgia, recalling her experiences as a torture victim. - 12/9/05

Revisiting the Scene of the ?Crime?: Going Back to Fort Benning
Alice Gerard, Buffalo Alt Press  Earlier this month, I went to my fourth SOA Watch vigil at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia. This time, unlike the past two years, I knew that I had no intentions of ?crossing the line? onto the grounds of Fort Benning. - 12/8/05

Facing prison, activist, 79, has no regrets
Rob Zaleski, Captial Times (Madison, WI)  OK, truth be known, being handcuffed and shackled for two hours and spending a night in the Muscogee County Jail in Columbus, Ga. - as he did on Nov. 20, after being arrested at the facility formerly known as the School of the Americas at Fort Benning - wasn't a whole lot of fun. - 12/7/05

Protesters fast and pray for Morlino
Doug Erickson, Wisconsin State Journal  Lifelong Catholic Barbara Parsons, who just returned from her third protest trip to the institute, said she was filled with deep sorrow and would be praying for Bishop Morlino to renounce the School of the Americas. - 12/5/05

GU joins other colleges in Georgia
Brady Smith, Gonzaga Bulletin (Spokane, Washington)  Gonzaga students joined a rally in Georgia to protest the SOA. - 12/2/05

Questioning the Official Story at Fort Benning
Alice E. Gerard, AltPress Online  Some of those death squad members had been trained in torture and assassination by the U.S. military, both in their own countries and at military installations in the United States. One of the most well-known military training facilities is the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas. - 12/2/05

Villanova students travel far in search for truth
Oscar Abello, The Villanovan (Pennsylvania)  Annual protest in deep south sheds light on a dark secret of America - 12/2/05

Taking on torture: Vermonter arrested while protesting U.S. military school
Shay Totten, Vermont Guardian  For years, Burlington filmmaker and activist Robin Lloyd has traveled throughout Latin America, observing firsthand the death and destruction left behind by U.S.-bred military policies promoting counterinsurgencies. - 12/2/05

Nun?s talk to put focus on Latin rights abuses
Mary Sanchez, Kansas City Star  Ortiz is among the most vocal critics of a U.S. Army school in Georgia for its role in training Latin American soldiers later accused of human-rights abuses. She helped found the Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International, based in Washington. - 12/2/05

Vigil aimed at Morlino
Pat Schneider, Capital Times (Madison, WI)  Marian Fredal says she's not certain yet what will be the upshot of Bishop Robert Morlino's involvement with an infamous military training center in Georgia. But she was at the Madison Diocese's headquarters Thursday to voice her concerns and join a dozen of the faithful in what was to be a 25-hour vigil. - 12/2/05

Former De Pere man protests training facility
Mike Hoeft, Green Bay Press Gazette  Former De Pere resident Riley Merline said he's concerned a Georgia facility that trains Latin American soldiers and police could work against America's real allies. - 12/2/05

School of the Americas Defines U.S. Foreign Policy
Steve Anderson, Rabble.ca  Late in November, 19,000 citizens from across the Americas gathered at Fort Benning, Georgia, to pressure the U.S. government to shut down the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Corporation (WHINSEC), formerly known as the School of the Americas (SOA). As has been the case in past years, participants both mourned those murdered by SOA graduates, and focussed on the positive alternatives to militarism and violence. - 11/30/05

Local man arrested at military site protest
Aaron Nathans, Capital Times (Madison, WI)  A Madison man was arrested during protests at the facility formerly known as the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Ga. - 11/29/05

Protestors fight federal "school"
Richard Roth, The Independent (Hudson Valley, NY)  It's not exactly the kind of place you'd choose to go on vacation, but several Hillsdale-area residents visited Fort Benning, a U.S. Army base at Columbus, Georgia last weekend; and one of them spent a night in jail. - 11/29/05

Nun protests combat-training center
Rebekah Gordon interviews Sr. Pat Hoffman, Inside Bay Area  Sister Pat Hoffman, 74, of the Order of the Notre Dame de Namur in Belmont, participated in a mass demonstration and vigil on Nov. 20 outside the School of the Americas (SOA) at Fort Benning, Ga. Sister Hoffman recently spoke with staff writer Rebekah Gordon about her experiences there. - 11/28/05

Activists Protest History of Infamy at the School of the Americas
Stuart Schussler, Upside Down World  The 15,000 activists who congregated on November 18-20 at the School of the Americas (SOA) reminded the US president, and the rest of the world, of the U.S. government?s role in training and harboring terrorists throughout Latin America. - 11/27/05

Lewis students among Fort Benning demonstrators
Kathrynne Skonicki, Catholic Explorer (Illinois)  Michael Grzyb, a sophomore at Lewis University in Romeoville, was among the 19,000 demonstrators holding crosses bearing the names of people killed in Latin America and carrying mock coffins draped in black cloth to demand the closing of the U.S. military facility at Fort Benning, Ga., that trains Latin American soldiers?Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. - 11/27/05

A unique soul
David Briggs, Cleveland Plain Dealer  Death can't stop Sr. Dorothy Kazel's influence in El Salvador or in Cleveland, where she is regarded as a saint - 11/26/05

Shame on you if you don't know Oscar Romero's story
Mary Sanchez, Kansas City Star  People memorize dialogues from ``Seinfeld,'' absorb every flutter in the life of heiress Paris Hilton, and spend hours devising fantasy league sports teams. But the name Oscar Romero doesn't ring a bell. - 11/25/05

Students return from protest
Mark Boshnack, Oneonta Daily Star (New York)  Members of a Hartwick College club recently returned from protests against a U.S. military school in Georgia. - 11/25/05

Dominican sisters, local residents join protest
Renee Lapham Collins, Daily Telegram (Adrian, Michigan)  Thousands took part in the 16th annual protest of the School of the Americas. - 11/25/05

Tear down WHINSEC
Joseph A. Blair, Letter to the Editor, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  On the subject of the SOA, a.k.a. WHINSEC, protest movement, some would say it's better to let a sleeping dog lie. I, on the other hand, have bitten my lips far too long and can no longer refrain from writing on this once, personally, all consuming subject. - 11/25/05

Confronting the Professors of Terror
Mike Fox, CounterPunch  Torture Survivors Speak for Themselves - 11/24/05

NU activists follow call to action to Georgia protest
Corrie Driebusch, Daily Northwestern  A woman gave empty-handed Weinberg freshman Mark Crain a white, handmade wooden cross to hold. That was when he finally felt he belonged. On Friday, he and 13 other Northwestern students left campus and drove 16 hours to Columbus, Ga. They left to join 20,000 protesting the School of the Americas, a military training camp based there. - 11/22/05

Protesters urge closure of U.S. Army training school in Georgia
Catholic News Service  Holding crosses bearing the names of people killed in Latin America and carrying mock coffins draped in black cloth, thousands of demonstrators asked for the closing of the U.S. military facility at Fort Benning that trains Latin American soldiers. - 11/22/05

Thousands gather against military training facility
Lai-Yan Tang, The Heights (Boston College)  For whatever reason they came, more than 60 members of the Boston College community joined 19,000 people this weekend in Ft. Benning, Ga., to demand the closure of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas, a U.S. military school that trains Latin Americans in combat techniques. - 11/22/05

Protesting military facility leads to Boulderite's arrest
Tillie Fong, Rocky Mountain News  A Boulder woman was among 36 people arrested Sunday in a protest against the School of Americas, a training facility for Latin American soldiers at Fort Benning in Georgia. - 11/22/05

Former alderman arrested at protest
Ed Lowe, Appleton Post-Crescent (Wisconsin)  An Appleton man was returning home Monday after spending Sunday night behind bars as one of about 40 people arrested for trespassing during a protest at a U.S.-run military school. - 11/22/05

Students, activists protest in Georgia
Arpita Ghosh, The Phoenix (Loyola University, Chicago)  Vigilant protestors, including 65 Loyola students and faculty members, processed outside the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, still referred to as the School of the Americas, in Fort Benning, Ga., the school that trained the Salvadorians who killed the Jesuits. - 11/22/05

Protester arrested at Fort Benning
Shane Epping, Missourian  Jamie Walters, 41, of Columbia, was arrested Sunday in Columbus, Ga., after he crossed a 10-foot barbed-wire fence surrounding Fort Benning to protest the U.S. Army?s Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas. - 11/22/05

41 arrested protesting Army school in Georgia
Associated Press, USA Today  Zawada was among at least 41 protesters arrested during an annual protest calling for the closing of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Corporation, formerly known as the Army's School of the Americas, organizers said Sunday. - 11/21/05

Cleveland woman held in Georgia protest, vigil
Michael O'Malley, Cleveland Plain Dealer  A Cleveland woman was arrested Sunday during a national protest against a military training school at Fort Benning, Ga., when she and 40 other protesters crawled under fences and onto the Army base. - 11/21/05

Students advocate human rights
Chuck Williams and Angelique Soenarie, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  The students from St. Ignatius High School in San Francisco traveled a long way to protest Sunday. The group, which included six students and four adults, expressed concerns about human rights violations committed by graduates of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, based at Fort Benning. - 11/21/05

"We Ain't Going Away"
Chuck Williams and Angelique Soenarie,Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  There was no doubt Sunday they were still there. For the 16th consecutive year, the protesters demanded the closing of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas. - 11/21/05

Students risk arrest in military base protest
Brandon Morley, Indiana Daily  'Crossing the Line' main event at demonstration; draws more than 15,000 - 11/21/05

Katrina victims reunited at protest
Lai-Yan Tang, The Heights (Boston College)  This was Vanessa Alfano's fourth trip to Ft. Benning, Ga. but this time, she didn't go with her usual crowd - she came with Boston College. Alfano, WCAS '06, attended the last three protests with the Loyola University of New Orleans. A Hurricane Katrina evacuee studying at BC, Alfano jumped at the opportunity to maintain something similar about her college experience - her annual trip to the School of the Americas (SOA)/Western Hemisphere Institute for Security and Cooperation (WHINSEC) protest and the Ignatian Family Teach-In. - 11/21/05

Three Iowa protesters arrested at Georgia Army base
Des Moines Register  Three Iowans were arrested Sunday at Fort Benning, Ga., during a protest demanding closure of the controversial School of the Americas and a change in U.S. foreign policy. - 11/21/05

Rights groups accuse army of killing leader
Associated Press, Daily Journal  Human rights groups accused the army of killing a community leader at a remote town in northwest Colombia that has long tried to isolate itself from the country?s civil war by barring all armed groups from entering. The military said it was investigating the case, but that preliminary findings indicated the man died during a gunfight with leftist rebels. - 11/21/05

Concern about Iraq war and torture fuels record attendance
Elliott Minor, Associated Press  Citing growing concerns about the war in Iraq and reports of torture by U.S. soldiers, organizers predicted a record turnout of 19,000 - 2,000 more than last year. - 11/20/05

Torture survivor speaks out
Amy Calder, Morning Sentinel (Maine)  Carlos Mauricio recounted his experiences Saturday at a symposium on torture and human rights held at Colby College. About 100 international human rights leaders, students, scholars, doctors, and members of Amnesty International and the Mid-Maine Global Forum attended the symposium, sponsored by the Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights. - 11/20/05

Record number of protesters
Harry Franklin, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  16,000 gather at post, maintain peaceful vigil - 11/20/05

Annual Protest Draws Ire of Those Supporting Troops
Michelle O'Donnell, New York Times  Even so, the estimated 15,000 protesters were eager to keep alive the annual demonstration, which began in 1990 when a Roman Catholic priest of the Maryknoll order, the Rev. Roy Bourgeois, and a few of his friends staged a hunger strike outside the school to protest the murders in 1989 of six Jesuit priests and two workers in El Salvador, murders that involved 19 soldiers who had graduated from the academy. - 11/20/05

Four locals join protest of school accused of training assassins
Suzan Clarke, Journal News (Rockland, NY)  Four Rockland residents will join thousands of people expected at Fort Benning, Ga., today to rally for the closing of a U.S. Army school they allege has taught terror and helped destabilize democratically elected governments in Latin America. - 11/19/05

Valley residents leave to protest military training school
The Monitor (McAllen, TX)  Ten Rio Grande Valley residents set off en route to Fort Benning, Ga., on Friday to take part in a demonstration against the School of the Americas, a training program the U.S. military runs for Latin American soldiers. - 11/19/05

Anti-war sentiment adds fuel to protest
Chuck Williams, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   Conscientious objector sets stage for annual gathering - 11/18/05

Students to risk arrest at protest
Brandon Morley, Indiana Daily  Students from the Collins Living-Learning Center and Global Village at Foster Quad are planning to drive to Ft. Benning, Ga., this weekend, risking the possibility of arrest to protest a military-run school located on the 289-square-mile Army base. - 11/18/05

Peace activists press Morlino
Aaron Nathans, Capital Times (Madison, WI)  Urge bishop to promote reform of infamous Ga. military center - 11/18/05

The Untouchable Narco-State
Frank Smyth, Texas Observer  Guatemala's military defies the DEA - 11/18/05

A torture survivor?s memories
Francesca Camillo, San Antonio Current  Maurico and his fellow torture survivors and community activists Francisco Flores and Orlando Pacheko plan to protest later this month at Fort Benning, Georgia, home of the School of the Americas, which, in 2001 was renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. - 11/17/05

Protesters take fight to Fort Benning, Ga.
Nicole Lozare, Pensacola News Journal  A group of peace advocates from Pensacola plans to undertake a 263-mile trek to Fort Benning, Ga., this weekend to protest the controversial School of the Americas. About a dozen members of Veterans for Peace and other local peace organizations will join thousands from around the world in their efforts Friday through Sunday to shut down the school housed at the Army installation near Columbus, Ga. - 11/17/05

Students, staff remember Jesuit martyrs
Lai-Yan Tang, The Heights (Boston College)  Songs, prayers, and reflections were offered in memory of 14 Jesuits, nuns, and others murdered in El Salvador - 11/17/05

Hartwick student group to join protest
Justin Alston, Daily Online (New York)  A Hartwick College club will join thousands of people protesting against the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Ga., from Friday to Sunday. - 11/17/05

Protesters call again for closing of Latin military school
Elliott Minor, Associated Press  Carlos Mauricio, a torture survivor from El Salvador, will be among the thousands who gather at Fort Benning's main gate this weekend to call for the closing of a military school they blame for human rights abuses in Latin America. - 11/17/05

Dissidents Rally Against SOA
Gibran Maciel, Daily Nexus Online (UC Santa Barbara)  Local reggae band Rebelution and about 100 students and converged on Storke Plaza yesterday to protest what they call the U.S.?s ?School of Assassins.? - 11/17/05

Soldier refuses military role, still seeks conscientious objector status
Chuck Williams, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Army Spc. Katherine Jashinski, fighting back tears as she explained why she is a conscientious objector, set the tone for this week's SOA Watch protest just outside the gates of Fort Benning. - 11/17/05

Protesters call again for closing of Latin military school
Elliott Minor, Associated Press  Carlos Mauricio, a torture survivor from El Salvador, will be among the thousands who gather at Fort Benning's main gate this weekend to call for the closing of a military school they blame for human rights abuses in Latin America. - 11/17/05

Protesters ready for annual gathering at Fort Benning main gate
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  SOA Watch organizers are confident this weekend's 16th annual protest at the gates of Fort Benning may well be the last...."We're close to shutting the school down," the movement's Outreach and Events coordinator Eric LeCompte said of the Fort Benning-based organization long known as the School of the Americas. - 11/16/05

SOA Protests to Focus on Torture
Patrick Mulvaney, The Nation  This coming weekend in Georgia, the annual protest against the School of the Americas--which has served as one of the clearest manifestations of US torture practices since Pentagon documents revealed the existence of courses advocating abusive tactics in 1996--is expected to draw a record number of demonstrators. - 11/15/05

Victim of torture cites army school
Elizabeth Allen, San Antonio Express-News  The Army School of the Americas may have changed its name and added human rights course work, but to Carlos Mauricio it's the same place he blames for the men who blindfolded him, hung him by his hands and beat him until his ribs cracked. - 11/14/05

Local Students To Fly Against U.S. Hand in Overseas Militaries
Kaitlin Pike, Daily Nexus (UC Santa Barbara)  In preparation for larger protests this weekend, several UCSB students will table and rally this week against the U.S. government-funded Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSE), formerly and more widely known as the School of the Americas (SOA). - 11/14/05

Activist's prison time doesn't deter his drive to close school
Ken Thurman, Albany Times-Union (New York)  Three years removed from a three-month federal prison term, Rich Ring is as committed to closing a controversial school as the day he "crossed the line." - 11/13/05

She hasn't retired from speaking her mind
Mary Swift, King County Journal (Washington)  When thousands of protesters gather at Fort Benning, Ga., next weekend to demand closure of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (formerly, the School of the Americas), Sister Miriam Spencer will be among them. - 11/13/05

Panel Dissects the SOA and its Protests
Jamie Hansen, Oberlin Review  History Professor Greg Hammond traced the origins of the SOA to the early 19th century, when the United States first developed interest in Latin America. He explained that the SOA officially began in 1946 as a part of the United States government?s attempt to strengthen its solidarity with Latin America and unite the American continents.... - 11/12/05

Bad education: U.S. training of Guatemalan military leaders is just one example
Palmer Legare, Vermont Guardian  In response to overwhelming evidence that the SOA has trained Latin American military personnel in civilian-targeted terrorism, representatives of the school have come up with numerous creative excuses and denials. The involvement of SOA graduates in the most brutal period of Guatemala?s counterinsurgency war demonstrated that there were more than a few "bad apples." - 11/11/05

No M?s, No More
Mikey Carrington, Maroon News (Colgate University)  For too long, however, the legacy of the SOA has been measured in brutal atrocities committed against innocent civilians. In countless acts of violence across several Latin American nations, SOA graduates have utilized their American-training to target political leaders, labor organizers and even members of the clergy. - 11/11/05

Survivor of dirty war recounts struggle for justice, promotes activism
Canda Harbaugh, The Spectator  A survivor of Argentina?s dirty war spoke about her struggle to bring justice to her torturers 25 years later, as well as drew parallels between the former Argentine government and the U.S. government. - 11/10/05

Madison bishop joins board of disputed military school
Jen McCoy, Daily Cardinal  Catholic clergy and local activists are questioning Madison Bishop Robert Morlino?s decision to accept a position on the advisory board at a controversial military school. - 11/10/05

Locals prepare for protest at Ga. military school
Jean M. Schildz, St. Louis Review  Three busloads of St. Louis-area participants will be among those taking part in the Nov. 18-20 demonstration at the Fort Benning, Ga., military school, which was renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation in 2001. - 11/10/05

Maryknollers remember churchwomen slain in El Salvador
Katherine Skonicki, Tidings Online  Every year Maryknoll Sister Lelia "Lil" Mattingly pays special tribute to the four U.S. churchwomen slain Dec. 2, 1980, in El Salvador. Last year, before she was handcuffed and arrested at a protest at the former School of the Americas, Sister Lil planted a wooden cross in tribute to the four women on the grounds of the school in Fort Benning, Ga., that is now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. - 11/4/05

Cool hand Lil
Ray O'Hanlon, Irish Echo  A nun's step from cloister to jail cell - 11/2/05

Dolores Huerta to Speak Against School of the Americas
Mary Barrett, Berkeley Daily Planet  Dolores Huerta is coming to Berkeley this Friday to advocate against the School of the Americas. - 11/1/05

Nun Jailed Over Protest Says She Has No Regrets
Peter Smith, Louisville Courier-Journal  Sister Lil Mattingly, a Louisville native and Roman Catholic nun, says she has no regrets about taking part in a protest at a military school last year, even though it landed her in federal prison for six months. - 10/31/05

WHINSEC still is a U.S. terrorist camp
Elizabeth Nadeau, Minnesota Daily, Letter to the Editor  Being a spin doctor for a well-funded government project is apparently an excuse for the smoke-and-mirrors defense of a military base that has both proven and alleged connections to violations of human rights, democracy and sovereignty that have occurred in the past century in the Western Hemisphere. - 10/28/05

Human rights activists keep their eye on U.S. Army base
Kathrynne Skonicki, Catholic Explorer  Maryknoll Sister Lelia Mattingly was released from the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Conn., just a month ago for her public protest against the former School of the Americas.... Yet, she is already gearing up for the next annual non-violent vigil Nov. 18-20 at the gates of the United States Army base. - 10/27/05

The American science of interrogation
Rebecca Lemov, Los Angeles Times Op-Ed  Debility, dependency and dread -- for decades, U.S. researchers and policymakers ramped up the techniques of "coercive" questioning. - 10/22/05

Bishop named to review board of Army school
Joe Feuerherd, National Catholic Reporter  Madison, Wis., Bishop Robert Morlino?s decision to join the advisory board of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation is a ?scandal? and a ?betrayal to martyrs? such as Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, says a Maryknoll priest who is a leading critic of the military training facility based in Fort Benning, Ga. - 10/21/05

No place for a bishop
Editorial, National Catholic Reporter  Madison, Wis., Bishop Robert Morlino?s acceptance of the Pentagon?s invitation to join the advisory board of the infamous School of the Americas (SOA) successor military training facility is, at best, ill-considered. At worst, it provides an imprimatur to an institution many church leaders rightly condemn. - 10/21/05

Group informs of controversy with films, poems
Jacqui L. Frye, The Parthenon (Marshall University)  Images of the bones of men, women and children, interspersed with footage of the thousands of protesters who converge yearly at Fort Benning, Ga., played across the screen in the Smith Hall auditorium last night. - 10/21/05

The bishop's opportunity
Editorial, Capital Times (Madison)  In all of his dealings with the school, Morlino should recall the words of Sister Gwen Hennessey, a Franciscan nun from Dubuque, who was arrested at age 88 and jailed for six months in federal prison for trespassing on the school's grounds as part of a November 2000 protest calling for its closing. "If we don't say anything, if we don't speak, if we don't try to change any of this," Sister Gwen said, "then we are just complicit in the whole deal - the violation of human rights." - 10/14/05

Free Zone: Effective action
Yumna Al-Ademi, Yemen Times  In order to assess the injustices in our world today, it is essential to analyze the underlying systems involved and look at how these systems integrate with each other to strengthen the cause of injustice. I found out about such a system a few days ago when I attended a session about the School of the Americans (SOA), also known as the School of the Assassins. - 10/13/05

New transitional house will help women leaving prison to succeed
Michele Linck, Sioux City Journal  Hennessey is certain her own prison experience will help her... She and her sister Dorothy Hennessey, now 93, and also a Franciscan nun, were among 13 women arrested in 2000 during in a nonviolent protest at the U.S. Army Infantry Center in Fort Benning, Ga. - 10/13/05

Rights protester speaks on campus
Joan Drammeh, West Georgian (State University of West Georgia)  The Rev. Roy Bourgeois spoke against the U.S. Army's School of the Americas (S.O.A.) Monday night to a crowd of several hundred at the Z-6. As the founder of the School of Americas Watch, Bourgeois believes the school to be the muscle for U.S. policy in Latin America. - 10/12/05

Terror base on the homefront
Editorial, Minnesota Daily  The United States must shut down the old School of the Americas. - 10/12/05

Activist Criticizes Military Training School
Jessica DiNapoli, Cornell Daily Sun  Aaron Shuman ? activist, journalist, prisoner of conscience ? spoke on the boundaries between political activism and journalism, as well as how American policy regarding events in this hemisphere set precedents for global U.S. actions last night at Ithaca College. - 10/7/05

Venezuela Denounces Bush Family Ties with Terrorists
Prensa Latina  The Venezuelan vice president further recalled that Washington trained more than 35,000 soldiers of the continent in the School of the Americas, where they were taught torture practices, many of them applied in Venezuela some years ago. - 10/1/05

Killing of Puerto Rican Nationalist Adds 'State Terror' to Terrorism's Crimes
Roberto Lovato, Pacific News Service  According to Human Rights Watch and other rights groups, hundreds of others responsible for untold crimes against humanity -- most of them military and paramilitary leaders from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America -- are living comfortably on farms, beaches and rural hideouts as U.S. residents....Though they have killed enough people to fill several World Trade Centers, none of these men, many of whom were trained at the School of the Americas and other U.S. military installations...none has been designated a "terrorist" by this government. - 9/29/05

She wants it to stop
Bella English, Boston Globe  Spurred by her husband's death, Jennifer Harbury puts the US on trial for its role in torture abroad - 9/24/05

Prison guards protest poisoned profits; what about the inmates?
Aaron Shuman, San Francisco Bay View  It?s unclear how much the mostly African-American and Latino inmates working at FPI (also known as UNICOR) know of the controversy. ?This is a toxic sentence,? says Gopal Dayaneni of Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition. Former SOA Watch prisoner of conscience Aaron Shuman reports. - 9/21/05

La bronca, con el gobierno de Bush, no con el "pueblo hermano" de EU: Hugo Ch?vez
David Brooks, La Jornada (Mexico)  Esta noche, en una iglesia de Manhattan, el gobernante venezolano encabez? un foro con el reverendo Jesse Jackson, el padre Roy Bourgeois y el diputado federal del Bronx Jos? Serrano, donde el tema fue Pobreza y justicia en nuestro mundo globalizado. - 9/18/05

Maryknoll sister freed from prison
Rita J. King, North County News (New York)  Six-month term for civil disobedience ends - 9/15/05

Bourgeois receives peace award
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Priest's mind remained on his family in path of Hurricane Katrina - 9/8/05

Father loves soldier-son, but hates war
Scott Herhold, San Jose Mercury News  Deeply imbued with Jesuit thinking, the 56-year-old Lauro is a regular at peace vigils, a disciple of Gandhi. He takes kids to protest at the U.S. military's School of Americas in Georgia... - 9/4/05

Case mishandled
Editorial, Lexington Herald-Leader  Sevre-Duszynska, long an anti-war campaigner, was arrested during a November 2001 demonstration in Georgia against the former School of the Americas... - 9/1/05

Jennifer K. Harbury Knows American Torture Starts at the Top, and It Has for Decades
Buzzflash Interview  In her latest book, Truth, Torture and the American Way, Jennifer Harbury takes the reader on a journey as to how we arrived at Abu Ghraib. The book documents our path from Vietnam to Latin America to Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo -- a chilling chronicle that gives the lie to the "few bad apples" assesment. - 8/30/05

Colombia?s Rural Counterinsurgency Propaganda
Eric Fichtl, Colombia Journal Online  The Colombian Army has become well-versed in the vocabulary of psychological operations, or psy-ops?partially as a result of the training it has received from the U.S. Special Forces detachments in Colombia and at the U.S. Army?s School of the Americas. - 8/28/05

Teacher fired after protest wins appeal
Associated Press  A teacher who was fired after spending three months in jail after taking part in a protest in Georgia against the School of the Americas wasn't insubordinate, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled. - 8/27/05

America's Army Fights Back: The PR Plan for the Pentagon's "Demonstration Village"
Diane Farsetta, PR Watch  Sometimes even the slickest public relations effort doesn't improve a person's or an institution's image. - 8/24/05

Paraguay in the cross hairs: Signs point to U.S. military base
Benjamin Dangl, Vermont Guardian  The U.S. military is conducting secretive operations in Paraguay and reportedly building a new base there. Human rights groups and military analysts in the region believe trouble is brewing. However, the U.S. embassy in Paraguay denies the base exists and describes the military activity as routine. - 8/19/05

What is the U.S. Military Doing in Paraguay?
Ben Dangl, ZNet  The U.S. military is conducting secretive operations in Paraguay and reportedly building a new base there. Human rights groups and military analysts in the region believe trouble is brewing. - 8/3/05

US Failed To Screen Foreign Trainees, GAO Says - Human rights concerns cited
Boston Globe, Reuters  The United States failed to screen security force trainees in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand for human rights violations before it sent those countries millions of dollars in aid, Congress' investigative arm says. - 7/31/05

CAFTA's Promise of Security Gives Central Americans the Chills
Roberto Lovato, Pacific News Service  Due to a long history of U.S.-led economic policies being linked with repressive security measures in Latin America, many Central Americans view the passage of a new free trade agreement with dread. Now young gang members, the writer says, are pegged as the new terrorists. - 7/29/05

Pols call to shut paramilitary school
India Autry, Newsday  A 12-year legislative campaign to end support for the U.S. Army School of the Americas has gained backing from New York-area members of Congress. - 7/21/05

No Moral Credibility On Venezuela
Bessy Reyna, Hartford Courant  Rice acts as if the nefarious School of the Americas had never existed. Now with a new name - the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation - and located at Fort Benning, Ga., instead of in the jungles of Panama, it is the school where Latin American members of the military learned about torture and how to best repress political dissidents. - 7/15/05

?Mission Creep? in Latin America?U.S. Southern Command's New Security Strategy
Tom Barry  U.S. security strategy in the Western Hemisphere has had, except in rare occasions, little or nothing to do with protecting national security and the U.S. homeland. Since the early 19th century, the pursuit of U.S. national security in Latin America and the Caribbean has largely been grounded in the pursuit of U.S. interests. - 7/1/05

Q&A: Colombia 'peace communities' say enough is enough
Reuters AlertNet  After four decades of conflict that has forced up to 3 million Colombians from their homes, some villagers have decided to take a stand and try to break the cycle of violence and displacement. So-called peace communities have sprung up across the country, declaring themselves neutral and banning arms from their borders. - 6/30/05

Old Wine in a New Glass
Editorial, Periodico 26 (Cuba)  But Latin America's experience with military and police schools began in l946 and couldn't be more disastrous. At that time of support for the National Security Doctrine of containing communism, the School of the Americas was created. It was a US Army institution to train Latin American military. - 6/19/05

In Colombia, Indigenous Peace Initiatives Under Attack
Bill Weinberg, Pacific News Service  The U.S. troops, largely advisors from Army Special Forces, are ostensibly barred from combat missions, but they intimately direct Colombian army operations. The parallels with Iraq are increasingly obvious for those who care to look. - 6/17/05

Institute grads warned of threats
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Commander avoids talk of prison, speaks to graduates on terrorism - 6/11/05

Three SOA protesters released from prison
Dan Renick, Pekin Daily Times  Three woman who were incarcerated for trespassing on federal grounds at Ft. Benning, Ga., as an act of civil disobedience were met by family and friends as they were released from Federal Correctional Institution-Pekin Friday morning. - 6/10/05

Victory in Court for Two SOA Watch Activists
 The government dropped charges in federal court this morning against Judith Williams and Betsy Lamb for an action they took during SOA Watch?s February Lobby Day. - 5/20/05

Police in, population out after Colombian massacre
Hugh Bronstein, Reuters AlertNet  Except for the stubborn few who refuse to leave and the police recently assigned to protect them, this town is abandoned. The 100 families of the "peace community" of San Jose de Apartado, which eight years ago declared itself neutral in Colombia's guerrilla war, are down to about five. - 5/10/05

Protesters arrested on campus
Kyle L. Robinson, The Maneater (Columbia, Missouri)  On Monday morning, one Columbia resident had plans to change the lawn in front of Crowder Hall into a mock burial ground. But when former SOA Watch prisoner of conscience Steve Jacobs touched his shovel to the ground, MU police immediately arrested him. - 5/3/05

The Reactionary Restriction of Justice in Colombia
James J. Brittain, Colombia Journal Online  In a reactionary manner, the army?s 17th Brigade responded to its humiliation not by entering the jungle to target the FARC-EP in a retaliatory campaign, but rather by attacking Colombia?s original peace community San Jos? de Apartad?. - 5/2/05

Military Triumph, Political Failure
Daniel Garcia-Pena, El Espectador (Colombia)  For many strategic reasons that they might have had for attacking Toribio within the ?logic? of the war, the FARC are committing the very same error that Uribe has committed: thinking that the logic of the conflict is military and not political. And what they may be winning on the field of battle, they are destroying on the field of legitimacy. - 4/30/05

Leftist Victories In Latin America Create New Opportunities for SOA Opponents
Dan Bacher, ZNet  The increasing number of leftist, populist led governments winning elections in Latin America means a new opportunity for Fr. Roy Bourgeois and other opponents of the School of the Americas (SOA) to close the institution down. - 4/29/05

Cuban, Venezuelan Leaders Woo Latin American Nations to Trade Pact Minus U.S. Leadership
Anita Snow, Associated Press  Hoping to create a model for developing nations across the Western Hemisphere, the leftist presidents of Cuba and Venezuela strengthened their economic ties and promoted an alternative trade pact not led by the United States. - 4/29/05

Teach-in Questions U.S. Methods in Terror War
Albert Wang, Daily Californian  Panelists Detail Claims of Torture at Hands of Government Forces - 4/29/05

Colombian 'Peace Community' in Name Only
Nicole Karsin, San Francisco Chronicle  Civilians are caught in middle of a conflict that's not theirs - 4/28/05

Prisoner of Conscience
Radeyah Hack, Stony Brook Statesman  Curious students and staff members gathered in the Interfaith Room last Tuesday to listen to Shirley Way, a proud prisoner of conscience, tell her story. - 4/28/05

Pries determined to see U.S. Army school closed
Kelly McBride, Stevens Point Journal  After 15 years of fighting for the closure of the former U.S. Army School of the Americas, the Rev. Roy Bourgeois is as determined as ever his goal will be realized. - 4/28/05

U.S. Considers Toughening Stance Toward Venezuela
Juan Forero, New York Times  As President Hugo Ch?vez of Venezuela veers toward greater confrontation with Washington, the Bush administration is weighing a tougher approach, including funneling more money to foundations and business and political groups opposed to his leftist government, American officials say. - 4/26/05

Rice begins Latin America visit
BBC News  US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has arrived in Brazil at the start of a five-day tour of Latin America aimed at reviving US relations in the region. - 4/26/05

Peru ex-spy chief to sue for $20m
BBC News  Former Peruvian spy chief, Vladimiro Montesinos, is seeking $20m (?10m) in damages for libel from Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon. - 4/26/05

Another Attack on Worker-Run Zanon Occupied Factory in Argentina
Indymedia   The workers of Zanon factory, in Argentina, and other social organizations mobilized in front of the central courthouse on April 21 to defend their factory against mounting attacks. At a moment when the courts and government must make a ?political and legal decision? concerning the ceramics factory that has been producing under worker control since 2001 ? legal attacks, death threats and physical attacks against the workers have increased. - 4/26/05

Uprising in Ecuador: Guti?rrez, Gone! All of them, Out!
Indymedia   Lucio Guti?rrez, who was elected President of Ecuador with the support of the social movements and the indigenous CONAIE (Confederation of Indigenous Nations of Ecuador) but subsequently turned his back on them, has been forced out by the Ecuadorian people after a week of massive protests. Guti?rrez abandoned campaign promises of broad social reform in order to kiss up to the IMF, back 'free trade' agreements with the US, allow increased US military presence, and generally sell out the Ecuadorian people to neoliberalism. - 4/22/05

They May be Murderers, but They?re Our Murderers
Abhinav Aima, CommonDreams.org  Counter-insurgency death squads repeating history in Iraq - 4/22/05

Ex-Ecuador President Gets Asylum in Brazil
Monte Hayes, Associated Press  Brazil has granted asylum to former Ecuador President Lucio Gutierrez, who was in the Brazilian Embassy on Thursday after being removed from office by Congress amid street protests calling for his ouster for abuse of power and misrule. - 4/21/05

Q&A: Ecuador upheaval
BBC News  Popular disillusionment with Ecuador's government has come to the fore after large street protests toppled President Lucio Gutierrez. What has happened? - 4/21/05

Old Lefties Don't Die
Andrew Varnon, Valley Advocate (Massachusetts)  If they're like 79-year-old Tom MacLean of Greenfield, they just go to prison for protesting the School of the Americas. - 4/21/05

Ecuadorian Leader Refuses to Quit Despite Massive Riots
BBC News  Ecuadorian President Lucio Gutierrez has refused to step down, as anti-government demonstrations spread outside the capital, Quito. - 4/20/05

Argentinian Jailed for Throwing Prisoners from Plane
Giles Tremlett, Guardian (UK)  An Argentinian former naval officer who threw prisoners, drugged and naked, to their death from planes was convicted of crimes against humanity and jailed for a total of 640 years by a Spanish court yesterday for his part in the "dirty war" against dissidents conducted by the Argentinian military regime in the 1970s. - 4/20/05

Ecuador Lawmakers Vote to Remove Gutierrez
Monte Hayes, Associated Press  Lawmakers in Ecuador voted Wednesday to remove embattled President Lucio Gutierrez from office after a week of escalating street protests demanding his ouster, and they swore in Vice President Alfredo Palacio to replace him. - 4/20/05

The Anti-Empire Report, No. 20
William Blum, ZNet  The US has of course also arrested numerous American dissidents at anti-war, anti-globalization, anti-School of the Americas, and other demonstrations, many sentenced up to months in prison with concurrent physical and psychological abuse. - 4/20/05

A Letdown for Mi Madre
H?ctor Tobar, Los Angeles Times  Until Tuesday, my mother had some fleeting hope that the next pope would be Latin American, and thus a stealth radical like her. She wanted someone who would dress himself in church tradition, embrace its seemingly conservative and staid rituals and symbols and yet speak and act in the interests of the poor and hungry masses. - 4/20/05

Poverty in Latin America Faces Pope
John Rice, Associated Press  Pope Benedict XVI need not compete for the love many here feel for John Paul, but he might have to surpass his predecessor in coping with problems that are often unique to the church in Latin America. - 4/20/05

'Dirty war' officer found guilty
BBC News  An Argentine ex-naval officer has been convicted in Spain of crimes against humanity and given 640 years in prison. - 4/19/05

Toribio Attacked
Hector Mondragon, ZNet  An attempt to militarize the territory at the heart of Colombia?s popular movement is underway - 4/19/05

Ecuador President Dissolves Supreme Court
Monte Hayes, Associated Press  President Lucio Gutierrez declared a state of emergency in the capital city of this Andean Mountain country and dissolved a Supreme Court he and his allies had appointed last winter, saying the unpopular judges were the cause of three days of pot-banging street protests in Quito. - 4/16/05

More Than 15,000 In The Streets of Quite, Ecuador Despite State Of Emergency
Indymedia and various sources  Lucio Gutierrez, president of Ecuador, has declared a state of emergency, firing the topmost parts of government. Thousands are in the streets demanding his resignation. - 4/16/05

Rights outcry over Chile deadline
Michael Voss, BBC News  Human rights lawyers in Chile are worried that a large number of investigations into murder and torture allegedly committed by former members of the armed forces may have to close. - 4/14/05

Negroponte Hearing Interrupted by Activists
 Listen to this :30 clip of longtime SOA Watch activist Andrés Conteras interrupting the Negroponte hearings, saying "you have supported death squads" and imploring him to establish a "truth commission to show that the United States supports torture." - 4/14/05

Activist spawned from club creation
Andy Laughlin, Sacramento State Hornet (California)  Leisa Faulkner-Barnes picked up a flier 21⁄2 years ago about a new peace activists? group on campus. Since then she has traveled to foreign nations and has even spent several months in a federal prison as part of her personal mission to share her message with the rest of the world. - 4/13/05

Cables Show Central Negroponte Role in 80's Covert War Against Nicaragua
Scott Shane, New York Times  Hundreds of newly released cables that John D. Negroponte sent to Washington while serving as ambassador to Honduras in the 1980's show that he played a more central and assertive role than previously known in managing the United States' covert war against Nicaragua's leftist government, which he called "our special project." - 4/13/05

Legal Mexican Migrant Workers Protest
Morgan Lee, Associated Press  More than a dozen legal Mexican and Central American migrant workers recruited by U.S. companies filed a complaint Wednesday alleging they were abused and denied rights guaranteed by the North American Free Trade Agreement. - 4/13/05

San Jos? de Apartad?: Peace Massacred
Javier Giraldo, SJ, ZNet  After eight years of documenting atrocities committed against this heroic community and denouncing them to the authorities, I still had trouble understanding just what had happened. When I thought back over the more than 500 crimes we had denounced over the years, it seemed this was but one more case within a plan of persecution and extermination to which San Jos? has been subjected since the peace community was formed in 1996. - 4/12/05

Colombia Paramilitary Peace Process Sags
Kim Housego, Associated Press  Colombian lawmakers hid ? then headed for the exits ? to avoid voting on a contentious provision of a bill that would have helped shield paramilitary leaders from extradition on drug charges. The measure was ultimately rejected. - 4/12/05

Colombia fighters reject amnesty
Jeremy McDermott, BBC News  Colombia's right-wing paramilitaries say they'll withdraw from peace talks and return to war unless the government changes proposed amnesty legislation. - 4/11/05

Regis students take a lesson from history
Erica Noonan, Boston Globe  A new play reconstructs story of nuns in El Salvador - 4/10/05

Torture suspect is arrested in Chile
Alfonso Chardy and Robert L. Steinback, Miami Herald  A Miami-Dade resident was arrested in Chile on suspicion of participating in the torture of political prisoners under dictator Augusto Pinochet. - 4/9/05

Students should stand against School of Americas 'education'
Joseph Walsh, Loyola University Maroon  Today, a new pioneer graces this great nation, a pioneer who stands in solidarity with brothers and sisters in Central and South America as they try to throw off the yoke this country has placed on them. They are those men and women who, because of a commitment to peace and justice, cross the line at Ft. Benning, Ga. every year onto the campus of the former School of the Americas. - 4/8/05

US offers to ease Ecuador crisis
BBC News  The US has offered to mediate in Ecuador's growing political crisis as a deadlock continues over government efforts to overhaul the Supreme Court. - 4/8/05

Colombia 'will not try US troops'
BBC News  A group of US soldiers arrested for alleged cocaine smuggling cannot be allowed to stand trial in Colombia, Washington's envoy to Bogota has said. - 4/7/05

Brazil Arrests Suspect in Nun's Death
Associated Press  Police on Thursday arrested an associate of the rancher charged in the killing of an American nun who died defending poor settlers in the Amazon rain forest. - 4/7/05

Couple finds "son" in Sierra Leone
Virginia De Leon, Seattle Post-Intelligencer  Thousands of miles away from his homeland, the young man who survived the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone came to the Palouse and discovered his childhood. A story about former prisoner of conscience Rich Weckerle, his wife Dana and a new member of their family. - 4/5/05

DOD: U.S. 'hands tied' in South America
Pamela Hess, Washington Times  As the Bush administration tries to craft a new foreign policy toward what they call "an increasingly belligerent Venezuela," Pentagon and military officials say they cannot blunt that nation's regional influence unless a law meant to protect U.S. personnel from prosecution in the International Criminal Court is changed. - 4/4/05

Mary Swenson -- Presente!
Star Tribune, (Minneapolis-St. Paul)  Long-time SOA Watch activist Mary Swenson passed away on March 31 in Minneapolis. - 4/4/05

War Crimes Tribunal Asks Colombia for Info
Associated Press  The International Criminal Court has asked Colombia for information on alleged atrocities committed by armed groups to determine whether the tribunal should investigate further. - 3/31/05

Brazil Panel Finds Plot Behind Nun's Death
Michael Astor, Associated Press  Members of a Brazilian Senate commission said Wednesday they had found evidence of a broad conspiracy behind the killing of American nun Dorothy Stang. - 3/30/05

Venezuela: Supreme Court Opens Way To Jail Coup Leaders
Stuart Munckton, Green Left Weekly  On March 11 the constitutional chamber of Venezuela's Supreme Court annulled the infamous decision made by the court on August 14, 2002, that set free the four military officers who led the April 2002 coup against left-wing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The new ruling opens the way for the four, no longer in the military, to be charged for their role in the coup by the country's attorney general. - 3/29/05

Nun suspect farmer held in Brazil
BBC News  A Brazilian farmer suspected of ordering the killing of US-born missionary Dorothy Stang has surrendered to police. - 3/28/05

The legacy of Archbishop Romero
Joe Mozingo, Miami Herald  Twenty-five years after the assassination of a Salvadoran prelate, his ideal of fighting repression and social injustice survives - 3/25/05

U.S. to Lift Ban on Military Aid to Guatemala
Ginger Thompson, New York Times  Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld announced Thursday that the United States would lift its ban on military aid to Guatemala, whose government has embarked on a major effort to change a military accused of kidnappings and massacres during more than 30 years of civil war. - 3/25/05

Four Days in Search of the Bodies of those Massacred in the Peace Community of San Jos? de Apartad?
Jes?s Abad Colorado, El Tiempo (Bogot?, Colombia)  The renowned photographer Jes?s Abad Colorado accompanied the members of the San Jos? de Apartad? community. This is his story. - 3/25/05

Cuatro d?as en busca de los cad?veres de la masacre en comunidad de paz de San Jos? de Apartad?
Jes?s Abad Colorado, El Tiempo (Bogot?, Colombia)  El reconocido fot?grafo Jes?s Abad Colorado acompa?? a los habitantes de la localidad de San Jos? de Apartad?, y esta es su historia. - 3/25/05

Oscar Romero, Presente!
John Dear, CommonDreams.org  Oscar Romero was killed -- by SOA graduates -- twenty-five years ago today, but he lives on in El Salvador, Latin America and even in the United States, wherever people give their lives in the nonviolent struggle for justice and peace. - 3/24/05

Fr. Roy: Leading figure in anti-torture movement visits Willits
Camas Frank, The Willits News  Does the United States support the training of torture and death squads in Third World countries? That was the subject of a talk given by the Rev. Fr. Roy Bourgeois in Willits in March. - 3/24/05

Salvadorans Commemorate Romero's Death
Diego Mendez, Associated Press  Activists from around the world gathered in this Central American country Thursday to remember Bishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, a human rights proponent who was gunned down 25 years ago. - 3/24/05

Pinochet murder case blocked
BBC News  Augusto Pinochet cannot be prosecuted over the killing of his predecessor as Chile's army chief, the country's Supreme Court has ruled. - 3/24/05

Requiem for Romero
Maurice Walsh, BBC News  Twenty-five years ago today, Archbishop Oscar Romero was shot dead while saying Mass in a small chapel at a cancer hospice in San Salvador, El Salvador. - 3/24/05

U.S. Rewards Guatemala With Military Aid
John J. Lumpkin, Associated Press  U.S. Rewards Guatemala for Its Progress in Overhauling Military With $3.2 Million in Aid - 3/24/05

Guatemala murder jail terms cut
BBC News  Guatemala's appeals court has reduced by 10 years the sentences of two former army officers convicted for the 1998 murder of Catholic Bishop Juan Gerardi. - 3/23/05

The Slight Imperfections of the Uribe Era
Laura del Castillo Matamoros, Narco News  The Colombian Government?s Concepts of ?Justice? and ?Peace? in Light of the Massacre at San Jos? de Apartad? - 3/23/05

Guatemalan Court Reduces Sentence in Killing of Catholic Bishop
Catherine Elton, Voice of America News  An appeals court has reduced the jail time for two military officers previously convicted of the high profile, 1998 murder of Bishop Juan Gerardi, who headed the Catholic Church's human rights office in Guatemala. - 3/23/05

Too Cruel for School
Jeff Fleischer, Mother Jones  The infamous School of the Americas is still in business, albeit with a new name. And you can still get thrown in jail for protesting there. - 3/23/05

Working for a better world
Karen Rubin, San Gabriel Valley Tribune  Former SOA Watch prisoner of conscience Mike Wisniewski's abiding sympathy for the politically oppressed and the disenfranchised has led him on a journey with stops in a federal prison, several peace rallies and a Skid Row soup kitchen. - 3/22/05

Negroponte's Time In Honduras at Issue
Michael Dobbs, Washington Post  Focus Renewed on Intelligence Pick's Knowledge of Death Squads in 1980s - 3/21/05

School has new name, but old problems linger
Douglas Turner, Buffalo News (New York)  Their deadly alumni keep popping up all over Latin America. Last month, the Mexican government said graduates of an American military college are among heavily armed gangsters involved in hundreds of drug-related murders along our southern border. - 3/21/05

Jailed for Dissent "In These Times"
Chris Gaunt, Progressive Librarian  Former SOA Watch prisoner of conscience Chris Gaunt addresses her prison sentence and the war in Iraq in this talk given last year. - 3/21/05

Local protest blasts Iraq war
Cathy Kightlinger, Indianapolis Star  More than 200 at Monument Circle demonstrate for peace 2 years after invasion, including former SOA Watch "prisoners of conscience" Charity Ryerson and Jeremy John. - 3/21/05

Not All Prisoners Can Go Home To Mansions
William Collins, The Day (Connecticut)  A former state Representative writes about former SOA Watch prisoner of conscience Marie Salupo and some others who shared her prison home. - 3/20/05

Chronicle of a Crisis Foretold: El Salvador on the Brink of Economic Collapse?
Alex Modotti, ZNet.org  El Salvador ended 2004 with a series of grim economic records, including a significant rise in the cost of living that is straining the already tight pocketbooks of working and middle class Salvadorans. The statistics around inflation in the cost of basic food staples and transportation were so significant that they made headline news in January. However, for all but El Salvador?s wealthiest, these statistics only corroborate the economic squeeze they?ve already been struggling to live with for the past few years. - 3/19/05

Demonstration shows solidarity with workers, Sisters, UD students, local Catholics join one of last Taco Bell protests
Lenore Christopher, Cincinnati Catholic Telegraph  A Dayton demonstration against Taco Bell, in concert with farm workers from south Florida, was one of the last protests against the restaurant chain and its parent company, Yum! Brands, following an agreement between the company and farm workers. - 3/18/05

Pinochet Held 125 Accounts in U.S. Banks, Report Says
Eric Dash, New York Times  A Senate committee report to be released today suggested that the ties between the former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet and American financial institutions were deeper and more extensive than previously disclosed. - 3/16/05

Deligio: 'Human rights are not negotiable'
Jason Carson Wilson, The Daily Times  Sometimes, the best education is not found in the classroom. "My education continues and my graduation is put on hold," said Elizabeth Nadeau, a University of Minnesota anthropology major who said she would have graduated in May. - 3/16/05

Guatemalans to step up protests
BBC News  The protesters fear the deal will harm small farmers and businesses - 3/16/05

OAS official links drugs, terrorism
Mick Walsh, Ledger-Enquirer  Liugi R. Einaudi, who presented the annual Simon Bolivar Democracy and Human Rights lecture Monday at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, suggested that the pipeline that carries illegal drugs from Latin America to the United States flows both ways and that the same conveyor may funnel terrorists as well. - 3/15/05

Prison-Bound Activists Receive Send-Off, Activist Says Movement Will Not Be Intimidated
Mary Ann Ahern, NBC5 Chicago  Supporters of two Chicago activists sentenced to prison for disobeying a judge's order while protesting at a Georgia Army base came out to give the pair a send-off. - 3/15/05

Catholic Nun Begins Sentence for School of Americas Protest
Kathleen Murphy, Religion News Service  Before going behind bars Tuesday (March 15), Sister Lelia "Lil" Mattingly said she expected jail would be cold and dreary compared to life in a convent. But the nun sentenced in connection with a protest in Georgia said her imprisonment follows Jesus' way, "to speak the truth to power and pay the consequences." - 3/15/05

Priest promises to continue to fight Army school
Frank Hartzell, Ft. Bragg Advocate-News  Father Roy Bourgeois told a Fort Bragg crowd on Friday night that going to prison for his beliefs was hard, but it was easy compared with explaining his prison sentence to his mother. - 3/10/05

Colombia: Massacre at Peace Community
Virginia McGlone, World War 4 Report  Peasant Pacifist Leader and Family Killed by Army at San Jose de Apartado - 3/9/05

Killing peace in Colombia
Daniel Bland, Toronto Star  Luis Eduardo Guerra, 35, his wife and son and five others were murdered by Colombian soldiers on Feb. 21. He had been bringing down some cocoa on horseback from his farm in the hills above San Jos? when they got him. - 3/7/05

Audio Link: Fr Roy Bourgeois and Leisa Faulkner Barnes Speak
Recorded by Dan Roberts, www.outfarpress.com  Click on the link to hear a talk given by SOA Watch founder Fr. Roy Bourgeois and former prisoner of conscience Leisa Faulkner Barnes in Mendocino County, California earlier this month. - 3/7/05

Tension Over Massacre Mounts
Constanza Vieira, Inter Press Service News Agency  The tension between the Colombian government and the small San Jos? de Apartad? Peace Community, in that country's northwestern banana-producing region, continues to mount. - 3/7/05

University of Dayton Students Arrested During Demonstration Prepare For Prison
WHIOTV, Channel 7  Two University of Dayton students who were arrested during a demonstration at the former School of Americas prepare to report to federal prison on Monday. - 3/7/05

Speakers shed light on school for 'militiamen'
Rebecca Adler, Sacramento State Hornet (CA)  Democratic congressional candidate Julie Padilla joined the Rev. Roy Bourgeois, founder of School of the Americas Watch, and Leisa Faulkner Barnes, a Sacramento State graduate student, in informing students about a school now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. - 3/7/05

Mexican authorities move to quell violence in border town
Tracey Eaton and Alfredo Corchado, Dallas Morning News  Hundreds of federal police agents fanned out across this violence-scarred border town Monday to try to bring some peace to the streets, but that did little to calm the nerves of frightened residents who have seen more than 20 drug-related murders this year alone. - 3/7/05

Mexico arrests 2 alleged drug hitmen, 1 near border
Associated Press  Mexican police announced Friday they have arrested two alleged members of the country's most feared gang of drug hitmen, the "Zetas". - 3/5/05

Colombia Killings Imperil U.S. Aid
Associated Press, Washington Post  A Colombian army unit blamed for the massacre of eight civilians denied responsibility for the killings Friday, even as the United States called for a swift investigation. The slayings have raised doubts about the military's commitment to human rights and jeopardized part of Washington's huge military aid package to this embattled nation. - 3/5/05

Ecuador: Oil exploitation and environment rape
Carlos Herrera, AxisofLogic.com  A Bolivarian activist writes of the ecological disaster caused in Ecuador by Texaco and of the battles that lie ahead as the oil transnationals close in once again on the indigenous peoples of Amazonia. - 3/5/05

US Bars Nicaragua Heroine as 'Terrorist'
Duncan Campbell, The Guardian (London)  Writers and Academics Voice Anger as State Department Refuses Visa to let Sandinista Revolutionary Take Up Post as Harvard Professor - 3/4/05

Colombia Massacre Raises Rights Issues
Andrew Selsky, Associated Press, The Guardian (UK)  A Colombian army unit blamed for a massacre denied killing the eight civilians, even as the United States called for a swift investigation Friday. The slayings raise doubts about the military's commitment to human rights and jeopardize part of Washington's huge military aid package to this embattled nation. - 3/4/05

UN calls for full probe of massacre in Colombia
Associated Press  A United Nations official has demanded a full investigation of the massacre of eight civilians amid accusations Colombian soldiers carried out the brutal killings, in which the victims were hacked to pieces with machetes. - 3/4/05

Firms Tap Latin Americans for Iraq
Danna Hartman,
 A history of recent wars makes the region attractive to private companies recruiting for security forces. - 3/3/05

Negroponte's Sins...On Film
David Corn, The Nation  In mid-February, The New York Times ran a news story headlined "Intelligence Nominee Comes Under Renewed Scrutiny on Human Rights." That was, alas, not quite true. - 3/2/05

Struggling with Our Own Inhumanity: The price of torture
Uwe Jacobs, San Francisco Chronicle  Torture is currently enjoying its 15 minutes of fame, courtesy of the war on terrorism. But, as we are all unfortunately learning, torture American-style is refusing to make a graceful exit from the public stage. - 3/2/05

Activism leads 79-year-old Greenfield man to prison
Rickie Davis, Greenfield Recorder  Tom MacLean had been at Fort Benning twice before his most recent arrest. In 1944, he did basic training at the Georgia Army base. He returned 54 years later in 1998 and was arrested while protesting the Army's School of the Americas combat-training camp for Latin American soldiers. - 3/2/05

Colombia Denies Army Massacred Children
Press Association News, The Scotsman (UK)  Colombia?s defence minister has denied accusations that army troops massacred eight peasants, including four children, in a remote village in northwest Colombia a week ago, saying no soldiers were in the area at the time. - 3/2/05

Former Salvadoran generals get legal win
Marc Freeman, Sun Sentinel (Florida)  Appeals court overturns award of $54.6 million - 3/2/05

Ex alcaldesa Gloria Cuartas acusa al Ej?rcito de m?ltiple crimen en La Resbalosa y Mulatos
El Mundo (Colombia)  M?s versiones por masacre en Apartad? - 3/1/05

Colombian army accused of murder after U.S. praise
Jason Webb, Reuters  A Catholic priest and a former mayor accused Colombian troops of killing eight villagers, including a six-year-old girl and two-year-old boy, for helping Marxist rebels, just as the United States said its key South American ally has improved its human rights record. - 3/1/05

Torture Ruling Against Generals Dropped
Associated Press  A federal appeals court reversed a $54.6 million verdict against two retired Salvadoran generals accused of torture during the civil war in their home country two decades ago. - 3/1/05

Left-wing Uruguay leader sworn in
BBC News  Uruguay has inaugurated its first left-wing president, Tabare Vazquez, in front of several of Latin America's most prominent leftist leaders. - 3/1/05

Haitian Police Open Fire on Nonviolent March for Democracy
Bill Quigley, CommonDreams  One year ago today, the elected government of Haiti, led by President Jean Betrand Aristide, was forced out of office and replaced by unlected people more satisfactory to business interests and the US, France and Canada. Bill Quigley, a lawyer with the SOA Watch Legal Collective, writes from Haiti. - 3/1/05

How Latin America Turned to the Left
Rupert Cornwell, The Independent (UK)  Uruguay Swears in its First Left-Wing President Today, Joined by the New Wave of Leaders in the Region - and Fidel Castro; the Event Symbolizes Waning US Influence - 3/1/05

Colombia: Remembering as Resistance
Margaret Knapke, The Nonviolent Activist  I enter the Popay?n office of the Association for the Families of the Detained and Disappeared, and my eyes move irresistibly to the single, brilliant magenta wall. Eighteen pairs of eyes look back, holding me fast. - 3/1/05

UN refugee agency deplores murder of displaced Colombian families
UN News Centre  The United Nations refugee agency today strongly condemned the brutal murders of eight people, including three children, in northwestern Colombia, the latest in a string of attacks against people who had been displaced by the decades-long conflict between left-wing guerrillas, right-wing paramilitaries and Government forces. - 3/1/05

Jolie Christine Rickman - ¡Presente!
Aimee Rickman and Colleen Kattau  Peace and social justice feminist musician, activist,and humanitarian watchdog Jolie Christine Rickman of Brooklyn, New York passed away January 19, 2005 at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City, eleven months following her diagnosis of ovarian cancer. She was 34 years old. - 3/1/05

Habitantes de San Jos? de Apartad? buscan a cinco desaparecidos
Néstor López, El Tiempo (Colombia)  Se cree que tambi?n hayan sido muertas, junto con otras ocho que fueron asesinadas en la vereda Mulatos, ubicada a 6 horas de distacia. - 2/28/05

Bill Corrigan, stalwart in effort to end violence
Derrick Henry, Atlanta Journal-Constitution  Bill Corrigan stood for peace and justice, and at 75 was willing to go to jail for his convictions. - 2/28/05

A garrote mataron a Luis Eduardo Guerra, l?der de la Comunidad de Paz de San Jos? de Apartad?
El Tiempo (Colombia)  Eran las 9:30 de la ma?ana del 19 de febrero cuando unos campesinos le avisaron que hombres vestidos de camuflado ven?an en su b?squeda. - 2/27/05

Brazil Environmentalist Shot in Rain Forest
Rodrigo Gaier, Reuters  A Brazilian environmentalist was killed in an Atlantic rain forest on Tuesday night, only 10 days after a U.S. nun and activist against illegal logging was murdered in the Amazon jungle. - 2/24/05

Ex-troops aiding drug traffickers
Jerry Seper, The Washington Times  Former Mexican soldiers, police and federal agents, originally trained as an elite force of anti-drug commandos, are working as mercenaries for Mexican narcotics traffickers, bringing a new wave of drug-related killings into the United States, authorities said. - 2/24/05

CGC members travel to D.C., challenge WHISC
Megan Peter, The Spectator (Seattle University)  The Coalition for Global Concern (CGC) is very active in the realm of social justice not only on campus but off campus as well. Most recently numerous members of the club have traveled to Washington D.C. to lobby a bill. - 2/24/05

Latin America Fails to Deliver on Basic Needs
Juan Forero, New York Times  Piped water, like the runoff from the glaciers above this city, runs tantalizingly close to Remedios Cuyu?a's home. But with no way to pay the $450 hookup fee charged by the French-run waterworks, she washes her clothes and bathes her three children in frigid well water beside a fetid creek. So in January, when legions of angry residents rose up against the company, she eagerly joined in. - 2/22/05

Mexican Assassins A Growing Threat
Associated Press  At least three drug-related slayings in North Texas are being blamed on a team of rogue Mexican commandos accused of orchestrating dozens of murders along the U.S.-Mexico border, raising fears that the drug war is moving north. - 2/22/05

Dallas men's deaths stir cartel inquiry
Alfredo Corchado and Angela Kocherga, Dallas Morning News  Authorities looking into whether killings are linked to rogue soldiers - 2/22/05

My View: Negroponte ignored human rights
Max Paul Friedman, Tallahasee Democrat  President Bush praised John Negroponte, his new nominee to the powerful post of director of national intelligence, for bringing a "unique set of skills" to the job. Since Negroponte's skills include evading congressional oversight and covering up human rights abuses, the Senate, in its confirmation hearings, may wish to inquire further about his record. - 2/21/05

Guatemalan bishop's murder case re-opened
Catholic World News  After more than two years since a conviction in the case was handed down, the highest court in Guatemala, the Constitutional Court, has ordered a court of appeals to settle outstanding issues related to a 2002 ruling on the murder of Auxiliary Bishop Juan Jose Gerardi of Guatemala City, which took place in April, 1998. - 2/21/05

U.S. officials say Zetas have killed in Texas
Wire Services, El Universal  Investigators say the feared band of ex-military elite forces are operating in Texas and other parts of the United States. - 2/20/05

Mexican Zetas extending violence into Dallas
Alfredo Corchado, Dallas Morning News  A team of rogue Mexican commandos blamed for dozens of killings along the U.S.-Mexico border has carried out at least three drug-related slayings in Dallas, a sign that the group is extending its deadly operations into U.S. cities, two American law enforcement officials say. - 2/20/05

About the Zetas
Alfredo Corchado, Dallas Morning News  The Zetas, a group of former elite Mexican army commandos, have worked for the notorious Gulf cartel since the late 1990s, providing firepower, security, coercion and the force needed for settling scores with rival drug-trafficking organizations, law enforcement officials say. - 2/19/05

More than an image problem
Editorial, National Catholic Reporter  During the familiar annual processing ritual for School of the Americas protesters this year, new information surfaced about a comprehensive plan devised by the U.S. Army to deflect criticism of the school, now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. - 2/18/05

SOA protesters headed for prison
Patrick O'Neill, National Catholic Reporter  Sister, students among 14 charged with trespass at Army school - 2/18/05

PR campaign calls for monitoring news, priest's travels
Patrick O'Neill, National Catholic Reporter  Testimony introduced during the federal trespass trial of peace activist Aaron Shuman documents an intricate U.S. Army plan to fight off criticism of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation and its predecessor, the School of the Americas. - 2/18/05

Negroponte Draws Criticism South of Border
Lisa J. Adams, Associated Press  Central American politicians and human rights activists issued stinging criticism Thursday of John Negroponte, nominated to become America's first intelligence director, citing the career diplomat's active backing for the Contra rebels and support for a government involved in human rights abuses. - 2/18/05

Brazil Orders Amazon Reserve After Killing
Michael Astor, Associated Press  Brazil's president ordered the creation of a huge Amazon environmental protection area in a lawless region coveted by soy farmers and ranchers less than a week after an American nun was gunned down trying to protect the jungle from deforestation. - 2/18/05

Bush Picks Negroponte as New Intelligence Chief
Tabassum Zakaria, Reuters  President George W Bush has nominated John Negroponte as the first US director of national intelligence. - 2/17/05

Negroponte's Dark Past
David Corn, The Nation  How many times can I write the same piece about John Negroponte? Like dirty money, tainted reputations can be laundered, as the Administration fervently hopes in the case of John Negroponte. - 2/17/05

Activists Hope Nun's Slaying in Amazon Is Catalyst for Change
Henry Chu, Los Angeles Times  As mourners laid her bullet-riddled body to rest Tuesday, environmentalists and colleagues of slain missionary Dorothy Stang seesawed between fragile optimism and angry skepticism over a question they had hoped never to consider. - 2/16/05

Drug fighters switch sides, aid traffickers
Susana Hayward, Knight Ridder News  Mexico's war on drug gangs pits the army and police against former elite anti-drug commandos who now work for drug bosses. - 2/15/05

Activist nun shot dead in Amazon rainforest
Michael Astor, The Guardian  Cabinet ministers and police officers arrived in the eastern Amazon region of Brazil yesterday to investigate the fatal shooting of a missionary nun compared to the 1988 murder of the rainforest activist Chico Mendes. - 2/14/05

Maryknoll sister going to jail
Gary Stern, The Journal News  Maryknoll Sister Lil Mattingly is as soft-spoken as you might expect a nun who works among the poor to be. But she also has fierce political convictions and will soon go to jail to demonstrate them. - 2/13/05

U.S. Nun Killed In Brazil
Associated Press  An American nun who spent decades fighting efforts by loggers and large landowners to expropriate lands and clear large areas of the Amazon rainforest was shot to death Saturday in northern Brazil, authorities said. - 2/12/05

Zetas create obstacle for fighting drug war
Susana Hayward, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram  The men were members of the Zetas, former Mexican elite commandos -- trained to combat drug traffickers -- who have switched sides. As the government dispatches federal police and soldiers to cities along the U.S. border in an effort to staunch a war between rival drug gangs, it faces a major challenge with the Zetas. - 2/12/05

Roy Bourgeois's mission to close the SOA
Chris White, National Catholic Reporter  A review of James Hodge and Linda Cooper's new book, Disturbing the Peace: The Story of Father Roy Bourgeois and the Movement to Close the School of the Americas - 2/11/05

Spring break trip to El Salvador suits teen
Beth Douglass Silcox, Star correspondent  Brebeuf student wants to build relationships in what could be start of annual service project. - 2/10/05

Protest leads to jail time for Arnold woman
Jill L. Randall, Jefferson County Journal  Meagan Doty, a 22-year-old Arnold woman, is facing a federal prison sentence after protesting against a government-run school that she says specializes in torture and human rights violations. - 2/9/05

New move over Pinochet immunity
Clinton Porteous, BBC News  A Chilean judge has requested former President General Augusto Pinochet be stripped of legal immunity to enable a new human rights abuse investigation. - 2/9/05

Peace activist approaches mission with optimism
Patrick O'Neill, Chapel Hill News (NC)  When Lois Ann Hobbs, 83, heard the Rev. Roy Bourgeois speak at UNC on Saturday, she was moved by the message of the former Latin American missionary who has built a movement to close the U.S. Army?s Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formally known as the School of the Americas. - 2/9/05

We cannot condone torture
Aaron Shuman, Editorial - Inside Bay Area  The New Year's Eve release of a Department of Justice memo redefining "torture" is as close to an admission of guilt as we are likely to get from the government, as well as a dishonest attempt to dodge responsibility to its victims, and Alberto Gonzales' tap-dancing around the issue and confirmation as attorney general is further proof of that. - 2/9/05

Alumnus jailed for protest at Army base
Andrea Ford, The Villanovan  Trespassing on a U.S. Army base landed a University alumnus in federal prison last week. - 2/5/05

Punishing the Wrong People
Patrick Mulvaney, The Nation  A federal magistrate in Georgia sentenced eleven people to prison for up to six months last week for crossing the line onto a military base in an act of nonviolent civil disobedience last fall....The sentences are not unlike those doled out to past SOA protesters, but they are, viewed from a broader perspective, strikingly harsh and excessive, especially in a year in which the use of torture has generated headlines. - 2/2/05

Combating Oppression Inside and Outside
Betita Martinez, Z Magazine  SOA Watch has long included a wide range of people in terms of age, gender, geography and to some degree sexual orientation, with much less variety in race, class, religion and physical ability (ableness). - 2/1/05

Local peace activist sentenced to 6 more months
Matt Gryta, Buffalo News (NY)  Alice Gerard, a longtime Buffalo peace activist, has been sentenced to another six months in federal prison for protests at the Army's Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation at Fort Benning, Ga., legal officials confirmed Monday. - 2/1/05

An Evaluation
Darren Parker, Z Magazine  In evaluating the weekend, here are some of the comments made by Darren Parker, who led the workshop with The Color of Fear. - 2/1/05

Fond du Lac nun who was imprisoned going to Colombia with peace delegation
The Fond du Lac Reporter  An unusual ex-prisoner from Fond du Lac will travel to Colombia as part of a peace mission. - 1/31/05

Ashfield activist gets 3 months
Betsy Calvert,The Republican  An Ashfield resident, J. Thomas MacLean, was sentenced Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Columbus, Ga., to three months in a federal prison medical facility. - 1/30/05

Two get 120-day sentences
Jim Houston, Ledger Enquirer  Two protesters who represented themselves and demanded trials on the federal trespass charges brought during the November School of Americas Watch demonstration were sentenced to 120-day prison terms Wednesday by U.S. Magistrate G. Mallon Faircloth. - 1/27/05

Juveniles given chance for reprieve
Jim Houston, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Boys get opportunity to do community service in Ohio to avoid convictions - 1/26/05

Activists sentenced for military school protest
Associated Press  A chaplain and a 79-year-old retiree were among five activists sentenced to three months of federal incarceration for trespassing during a protest at the former School of the Americas. - 1/25/05

Activists face trial today
Jim Houston, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Fourteen face trespassing charges from protests - 1/24/05

Guns, God and Grain
Ari Berman, The Daily Outrage  Colin Powell and the US government hoped US aid and military assistance in the wake of the tsunami disaster would improve America's plummeting image in the Muslim world. - 1/20/05

Going to Jail to Make a Point
Patrick O'Neill, The Independent (Durham, NC)  Why's a nice guy like Dan Schwankl probably going to be spending three to six months this year locked away in federal prison? - 1/19/05

Love for Our People: David Gilbert's No Surrender
Chris Crass  A book review by Chris Crass - 1/12/05

Facing Charges, Not Discomforts
Mary Jordan, The Washington Post  ANTIGUA, Guatemala -- Efrain Rios Montt, the former dictator who presided over one of the bloodiest eras in Guatemalan history, has been under house arrest in the capital since early last year. - 1/9/05

The 'Salvador Option'
Michael Hirsh and John Barry, Newsweek  The Pentagon may put Special-Forces-led assassination or kidnapping teams in Iraq. What to do about the deepening quagmire of Iraq? The Pentagon's latest approach is being called "the Salvador option" - 1/8/05

A 'gentle prophet' who lived the Beatitudes
ARTHUR JONES, National Catholic Reporter  She was a gentle, smiling woman. Same pew every morning at Mass in St. Thomas More Pro-Cathedral in Tallahassee, Fla. Modest, and calming. - 1/7/05

Controversial Army School Deserves Second Look
David Mann The Kentucky Standard  Speaking with a Maryknoll Sister earlier this week I caught wind of an old debate that was entirely new to me. - 1/7/05

Record Numbers Demand US Closure of "School of the Assassins"
Stuart Neatby, The Dominion (Canada)  For me, November 20th began with an early morning plenary at a business convention centre in Columbus, Georgia. By 9 AM, the ballroom of the Centre was filled with about a thousand people. - 1/4/05

Record Crowd Demands Closure of "School of Assassins"
Stuart Neatby,The Dominion  For me, November 20th began with an early morning plenary at a business convention centre in Columbus, Georgia. By 9 AM, the ballroom of the Centre was filled with about a thousand people. - 1/4/05

A message of peace and hope
Jamie Manfuso, Sarasota Herald-Tribune (Florida)  SOA Watchers Faith Fippinger and Eric LeCompte address hundreds as they usher in the new year with prayers for tsunami victims, world peace - 1/2/05

?No Mas! No More! We must stop the Dirty Wars!
Elizabeth "Betita" Martinez, Z Magazine  Chicana historian and activist Elizabeth "Betita" Martinez writes about her experience at the 2004 vigil and Direct Action to close the SOA/ WHINSEC. - 1/1/05

Bringing the struggle home: Some thoughts for white activists
Tyrone Boucher   - 1/1/05

Remembering Randy Swift
Press and Sun Bulletin (Binghamton, NY)  Longtime SOA Watch activist Randy Swift will be remembered for his deep committment to social justice and his sense of humor. - 12/26/04

SOA Watch gets award
Angelique Soenarie, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Honored for annual protest - 12/15/04

The Miseducation of Latin America
Aaron Mandel, American Prospect  The School of the Americas has a new name, but its mission hasn't changed. An interview with author Lesley Gill. - 12/15/04

Our Man in San Salvador
Nick Shou, Orange County Weekly  Notorious general?s U.S. ties ran through an ex-Orange County cop - 12/15/04

Drawing on experiences
Paige Lauren Deiner, Delaware Coast Press   - 12/15/04

Chilean Torture Victims Demand Compensation, Prosecution
Kevin G. Hall, Knight-Ridder  Many Chileans tortured during the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet are rejecting a government offer of symbolic payments more than 30 years later, demanding substantial compensation instead and legal action against torturers. - 12/13/04

Pinochet Indicted on Human Rights Charges
Eduardo Gallardo, Associated Press  Former Chilean leader under house arrest. - 12/13/04

Victim of Latin American Torture Claims Abu Ghraib Abuse was Official US Policy
Andrew McLeod, The Sunday Herald (Scotland)  FOR many Latin American victims of torture, the infamous pictures of abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison brought back not only chilling recollections of their own experiences, but also confirmed what they have long maintained: that their torturers were following interrogation guidelines set by the US Army School of the Americas (SOA). - 12/12/04

SOA events draw more protesters than ever
Patrick O'Neill, National Catholic Reporter  Labor caucus, nonviolence training, and speaker mourns son killed in Iraq - 12/10/04

Fully Catholic, American
Editorial, National Catholic Reporter  Given the cultural tenor of church and society today, it is unlikely that the annual gatherings to protest the School of the Americas will receive much official recognition in either sphere. But this is a thoroughly Catholic and American activity, an action growing out of the best instincts of both communities. - 12/10/04

Sisters protest at fort year after year
Patrick O'Neill, National Catholic Reporter  Scores of middle-aged and elderly nuns travel to Fort Benning each fall to join the SOA Watch demonstration. Some have been imprisoned for civil disobedience. Many of these women religious joined the convent in the 1950s and early ?60s out of devotion to God. Some say they never imagined their early vocations to teaching or health care work would eventually transform into today?s protests against the U.S. government. - 12/10/04

General's SOA connection uncovered
Linda Cooper and James Hodge, National Catholic Reporter  Salvadoran implicated in 1989 massacre was graduate, documents show - 12/10/04

'Speak to the inhumanity of empire,' bishop says
Patrick O'Neill, National Catholic Reporter  It?s because of his sense of solidarity with the poor and other outcasts that Bishop Gabino Zavala said he came last month to be one of the speakers at the annual SOA Watch gathering that draws thousands of Catholics to a two-day protest outside Fort Benning?s gates in opposition to the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, a U.S. Army training school for Latin American soldiers. - 12/10/04

Tom MacLean: Fighting For Justice For 50 Years
Clayton Salem, West County News (MA)  The story of how Tom MacLean came to be incarcerated, and why he refused to post bail, is both long and short. It is the story of a boy from a small town in Kentucky, it is the story of a deliberate life change, and it is the story of outrage at the School of the Americas. - 12/9/04

Ethics and the Shadow of Torture
David Anderson, Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, PBS  President Bush's nomination of his White House counsel Alberto R. Gonzales to succeed John Ashcroft as attorney general will almost certainly -- at least briefly -- once again raise the shadow of torture and whether or not the United States not only practices it but also condones it at the highest level of the government. - 12/3/04

Latin American Christians for Peace
Tom P. Driver  On October 30 this year in Bogot?, Colombia, there took place a rally of more than 2000 persons from about twenty countries gathered under the banner of a new Continental Movement of Christians for Peace with Justice and Dignity. - 12/2/04

Protesting for peace
Theresa Hogue, Corvallis Gazette-Times (Oregon  Corvallis activist keeps annual vigil at School of the Americas - 11/29/04

Democracy's Real Enemy
David Bastone, Sojourners  We at Sojourners do not consider torture quaint, any more than we accept murder as a necessary response to terror. That is why we are actively involved in the campaign to close the School of the Americas. - 11/28/04

After prison term, peace activist still dedicated to cause
Walt Wiley, Sacramento Bee  A year ago, Leisa Barnes was headed for a 90-day sentence in the federal women's prison in Dublin. Now the peace activist is just back from Georgia, where she was nearly arrested again. - 11/26/04

Man objects to Catholic protesters
Colette Jenkins, Akron Beacon Journal  Ex-instructor supports military school in Georgia - 11/26/04

Hayward protesters take anti-war message to Georgia
Michelle Myers, Alameda Times Star (California)  Retired pastor, Democratic leader join 'amazing' demonstration at military school for Latin Americans - 11/25/04

Peace activist turns himself in
Mark Stodghill, Duluth News Tribune (Minnesota)  Michael Walli, a peace activist who was in prison for protesting at the former School of the Americas and wanted on a federal warrant for trespassing at the ELF transmitter site near Clam Lake, Wis., turned himself in to the U.S. Marshal's Office in Duluth on Wednesday. - 11/25/04

Siete d?as para considerar
Jos? Steinsleger, La Jornada (Mexico)   - 11/24/04

Seven days for consideration
Jos? Steinsleger, La Jornada (Mexico)  In this article, the Mexican newspaper La Jornada places the Vigil to Close the SOA/ WHINSEC in a broad context of anti-militarist actions that took place throughout the Americas the week of November 16, 2004. - 11/24/04

Protester speaks about jail time
Melanie Bennett, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  College student says experience was very positive - 11/23/04

To the courtroom
Melanie Bennett, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Judge Faircloth sets bonds; federal trials set for January - 11/23/04

At least 20 arrested at protest of U.S. school for Latin American soldiers
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation  At least 20 people were arrested Sunday while protesting a U.S.-run military school for Latin Americans, some of whose graduates they claim later committed civil rights abuses that included murder. - 11/23/04

Thousands Protest SOA
Patrick Mulvaney, The Nation  More than 16,000 people converged on Fort Benning this past weekend to protest the School of the Americas, a US-run training camp for Latin American soldiers. Officially renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation in 2001, the SOA was founded by the US Army in Panama in 1946 and moved to its current location at Fort Benning, near Columbus, Georgia, in 1984. - 11/23/04

U.S. Congressman Marries Ex-Dictator's Daughter
Frank Jack Daniel, Reuters  A U.S congressman married the daughter of Guatemala's most notorious former dictator on Saturday in a controversial wedding that took place in a high-walled compound ringed with razor wire. - 11/23/04

Protest draws crowd at Fort Benning
Mary MacDonald, Atlanta Journal-Constitution  Four hours into one of the largest protests recorded at the gates of Fort Benning, the 82-year-old Roman Catholic nun took a break. Mary Courtman had traveled from Tacoma, Wash., to participate in the demonstration against the base's former School of the Americas. - 11/22/04

Thousands protest "wrongs of politics"
Nicole Mullins, Indiana Tribune Star  Sisters of Providence, St. Mary's students take stand against former School of the Americas. - 11/22/04

A2 protesters rally against School of the Americas
Rachel Kruer, Michigan Daily  Protesters congregated in front of the Ann Arbor Federal Building Saturday to show solidarity with protests nationwide calling for the closing of the School of the Americas. - 11/22/04

16,000 seek closing of military school
Chicago Tribune News Services, Chicago Tribune  At least 20 people were arrested Sunday while protesting a U.S.-run military school for Latin Americans, some of whose graduates they claim later committed civil rights abuses and murder. - 11/22/04

Chorus of dissent
Richard Hyatt, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Fences can't restrain medley of voices, growing parameters of annual protest - 11/22/04

Cheers' star Wendt watches and learns
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Norrrrrm! Despite having one of the most recognizable faces in television history, George Wendt was pretty much just another face in the crowd at Sunday's SOA Watch demonstration at the gates of Fort Benning. - 11/22/04

TV's president marches again
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Martin Sheen among thousands of protesters - 11/22/04

Drawing and crossing the line
Chuck Williams and Ben Holden, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Consequences, conviction weighed in decisions to risk arrest or show restraint - 11/22/04

Peace protest meets soldier support
Julie B. Hairston, Atlanta Journal-Constitution  On one side of town, buses, vans, campers and cars streamed down Victory Drive to the entrance of Fort Benning bringing protesters for peace to their annual highly choreographed objection to paramilitary training of Central and South American officials at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation ? formerly known as the School of the Americas. - 11/21/04

America in action
Richard Hyatt, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  10,000-plus gather outside Fort Benning. For the 15th time, SOA Watch rallied Saturday on a city street outside of Fort Benning. Once more, they were protesting a school that in their view educates Latin American soldiers guilty of killing innocent priests, nuns and civilians. - 11/21/04

Sarandon shows up at protest
Angelique Soenarie, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  This year Susan Sarandon did not show her support in a letter. Instead, she stood just a few feet from the Fort Benning Road gates Saturday to show her support in the SOA Watch protest. - 11/21/04

Institute tour gets mixed reviews
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Some visitors felt concerns were not fully answered - 11/21/04

Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen Attend SOA Protests
KFOR, Oklahoma City  Susan Sarandon is there, so is Martin Sheen. But this isn't some Hollywood get together. The actors are among those gathering outside Fort Benning, Georgia, to protest a military school there. - 11/21/04

Additional fence and barbed wire fail to stop Latin school protest
Elliott Minor, Associated Press  At least 20 demonstrators were arrested Sunday, on charges ranging from trespassing to wearing a mask, as a record 16,000 people protested against a Fort Benning school for Latin soldiers. - 11/21/04

Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen attend SOA protests
Associated Press  Actress Susan Sarandon has written letters in support of a military school protest held every November at Fort Benning. This year, Sarandon stood just a few feet from the base's gate and joined the protesters, including the Catholic nun who inspired Sarandon's role in the movie "Dead Man Walking." - 11/21/04

It's Saturday morning in Columbus and already the irking has begun
Tim Chitwood, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/21/04

Food big part of protest days
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/21/04

Detienen a 20 manifestantes contra Escuela de las Am?ricas en EEUU
Associated Press  Por lo menos 20 personas fueron detenidas el domingo, cuando protestaban contra una escuela militar administrada por Estados Unidos para las fuerzas latinoamericanas. - 11/21/04

Western Hemisphere Institute Draws Rally
Ellen Miller, Cornell Daily Sun  This weekend, activists from all over the world will descend upon Fort Benning, Ga., demanding that the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation close its doors permanently. Among the estimated ten to 15,000 participants will be members of Cornell's Committee on U.S./Latin American Relations. - 11/20/04

Ft. Benning Fields Protest Rally
Elliott Minor, Associated Press   - 11/20/04

'It's about community'
Chuck Williams, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Playful games offer a metaphor with deep meaning for participants - 11/20/04

UNC group protests military training school
India Autry, The Daily Tar Heel  A campus organization hopes for a surge of protest against a long-time, U.S.-run military training school linked to hundreds of thousands of Latin American deaths, group leaders said. - 11/20/04

Thousands of Protesters gather at Fort Benning
Scott Hunter, WALB, Albany, GA  Saturday, thousands of protesters made an annual pilgrimage to Fort Benning. For nearly a decade, they have gathered at the gates of military base to call for the closure of the School of Americas. - 11/20/04

Protesters Arrested at Sacramento's Federal Building
KXTV, News10 California  Eleven protesters were arrested at the federal building in downtown Sacramento on Friday during a demonstration against alleged U.S. efforts to train repressive police in Central America. - 11/20/04

Economic impact plus, minus
Tony Adams, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Frugal protesters spend some money, but city foots a big security bill - 11/19/04

Puppetistas combine art, fervor
Larry Gierer, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  'Democracy' expected to be largest of hand-crafted characters - 11/19/04

Western Hemisphere Institute Draws Rally
Ellen Miller, Cornell Daily Sun   - 11/19/04

Sisters of Providence join thousands of protesters at school in Georgia
Staff, Terre Haute Tribune Star  Several Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods, friends of the congregation and students from St. Mary-of-the-Woods College will be among thousands of nonviolent protesters participating in the annual vigil Saturday and Sunday to close the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Ga. - 11/19/04

Divided by more than fences
Richard Hyatt, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Protesters, police disagree on merits of chain-link barrier on Fort Benning Road - 11/18/04

Tarps cover fencing, sign
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Tarp to keep arrests out of sights of media - 11/18/04

Assassination Is an Issue in Trade Talks
Juan Forero, New York Times   - 11/18/04

Salvadoran says U.S. school tied to torture
Joan Treadway, New Orleans Times-Picayune  Teacher protests Army's Latin military course - 11/18/04

Rumsfeld Broaches Touchy Issue of Latin American Militaries
Charles Aldinger, Reuters  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who has urged Latin American states to do more to fight terrorism, on Wednesday raised the touchy issue of using the military to combat terrorism and organized crime. - 11/17/04

Keep a gas mask handy
Tim Chitwood, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  If gas masks prevent nausea and shortness of breath, maybe police should save some for when Lee Greenwood sings "God Bless the USA" at the "God Bless Fort Benning" rally Saturday at the Civic Center. Hear that song for about the millionth time, and you get so choked up you can't breathe. - 11/17/04

On Anniversary of El Salvador Jesuits' Slaying, Momentum for Justice
Mary Jo McConahay, Pacific News Service  Today, despite the passage of time, calls for accountability for crimes committed in the Salvadoran conflict are re-emerging outside the country, including in the United States. - 11/16/04

City prepares for protesters
Mick Walsh, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Security fence erected to contain massive crowd - 11/14/04

Down the road with his spirit
Dan Carpenter, Indianapolis Star  Generations of the Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School family will remember where they were when they got word of the loss of SOA Watch activist Rev. J. Paul O'Brien. - 11/14/04

Martyrs for the Truth
Contact Radio  At the height of the Civil War in El Salvador in 1989, six Jesuit priests and two others were killed in cold blood by Salvadoran government troops. It's widely believed the Jesuits were killed because they had spoken out against the war and the oppression of the poor in the country. On this week's edition of CONTACT, three Jesuits who worked alongside the victims at the UCA mark the anniversary of the killings and talk about their legacy. Click here to listen. - 11/14/04

Court ban on police checks energizes SOA protesters, but not the new fences
Elliott Minor, Associated Press  Organizers of an annual protest expected to draw 10,000 demonstrators to Fort Benning next weekend are energized by a recent federal court ruling that bans police searches and metal-detector checks of the protesters. However, they're not too excited about the 8-foot-high chain-link fences recently erected near the fort's main gates. - 11/13/04

SOA Watch Billboards Nixed
Belinda Acosta, Austin Chronicle  When the School of the Americas Watch?Austin decided to spread its message, one of its first choices was outdoor billboard advertising, but when the group tried to buy billboard space, their message was considered "too political." - 11/12/04

Crossing the line
Eloy Garcia, MLM, Maryknoll Magazine  Lay missioner Eloy Garcia explains the injustice that put him behind bars for protesting while assassins go free - 11/12/04

Torture survivor speaks on rights violations, School of the Americas
Monica Warren, Arizona Daily Wildcat  A survivor of government-inflicted torture in El Salvador visited the UA yesterday to speak out against the use of violence against civilians by militaries around the world. A survivor of government-inflicted torture in El Salvador visited the UA yesterday to speak out against the use of violence against civilians by militaries around the world. - 11/10/04

Prison Witness: Called to Bold action for Peace
Judith Kelly, Lutheran Woman Today  Former SOA prisoner Judith Kelly writes of faith, prison and liberation. - 11/10/04

If you go
Paula Davis, Kalamazoo Gazette   - 11/7/04

Two Springs seniors plan to attend protest
Staff, Fond du Lac Reporter   - 11/7/04

Military protesters to be fenced in
Associated Press, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Protesters who gather each year to call for the closing of a military school at Fort Benning will be surrounded by temporary fences this year, local police decided. - 11/6/04

Roots of Abu Ghraib in CIA techniques
James Hodge and Linda Cooper, National Catholic Reporter  50 years of refining, teaching torture found in interrogation manuals - 11/5/04

Difficult questions won't go away
Editorial, National Catholic Reporter   - 11/5/04

Honduran president sorry for 1980s death squads
Reuters  Honduran President Ricardo Maduro has broken a long official silence and apologized for the deaths and forced disappearance of hundreds of left-wing opponents at the hands of the U.S.-trained military during the 1980s. - 11/5/04

The Peace Warrior
Don Terry, Chicago Tribune  If jailbirds were listed in an avian guide, Kathy Kelly would rate a special entry for "Dove." - 11/1/04

Lessons in Cruelty
Peter Kornbluh, Washington Post  The National Security Archives' Peter Kornbluh reviews Lesley Gill's new book The School of the Americas in the Washington Post's Book World. - 10/31/04

Judicial review required
Bruce Fein, Washington Times  The city of Columbus, Ga., wildly inflated the post-September 11 terrorism threat to curtail peaceful protest in Bourgeois vs. Peters (Oct. 15, 2004). - 10/26/04

Colombian military kills militia leader
Associated Press, Seattle Post-Intelligencer  A former U.S.-trained Colombian army officer who later joined an outlawed paramilitary group was killed in a clash with army troops Tuesday, the army said. - 10/26/04

Death squad suspect deported from Miami to Honduras
Ruth Morris, South Florida Sun-Sentinel  Immigration authorities on Thursday deported a former Honduran intelligence chief and alleged death squad leader linked to the torture, kidnapping and murder of nearly 200 leftist activists. - 10/22/04

Students learn how to protest safely
Noelle Landers, Collegiate Times (Virginia Tech)  Amnesty International and SOA Watch held a workshop for students yesterday in order to teach safe protesting tactics. According to Amnesty, the patriot act has handicapped protest methods of the past. - 10/20/04

Alleged torturer tracked down in US faces court
Duncan Campbell, The Guardian (London)  Latin American victims and relatives defy passing decades and national boundaries - 10/19/04

Activist argues for gentler foreign policy
Meaghan Haugh, Penn State Collegian  Former SOA Watch prisoner of conscience Kathy Kelly discussed the need for the United States to change its military training tactics at Penn State this week. - 10/19/04

Court makes wise call in decision on liberty
Editorial, The Republican (Massachusetts)  This editorial applauds the wise and sound decision by the Eleventh Circuit Court, and hopes that it heralds a long-overdue turning point in the post-Sept. 11, 2001, debate. - 10/19/04

Soldiering the Empire
Lesley Gill, NACLA   - 10/19/04

Judge's decision victory for liberty
Editorial, Carlisle Sentinel (Pennsylvania)  If the curtailing of liberties is done on such an unsubstantiated whim, the danger is that it will become easier and easier to shrink the choices and freedoms of all Americans - supposedly for their own good. - 10/18/04

Free Speech Radio News: Court Stops Searches of Demonstrators at Georgia Protest
 FSRN reporter Darby Hickey interviews Fr. Roy Bourgeois, Georgia ACLU lawyer Gerry Weber and SOA Watch communications coordinator Christy Pardew. Listen here. - 10/18/04

Court rejects searches at SOA Watch
Pat Gillespie, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Ruling will allow protesters to gather outside Fort Benning without passing metal detectors - 10/17/04

The Peace Warrior
Don Terry, Chicago Tribune  Kathy Kelly's anti-war crusade has taken her to hot spots around the world--from midwest missile silos to Baghdad bomb shelters. - 10/17/04

Court: Terror War Can't Curtail Liberties
C.G. Wallace, Associated Press  Fears of a terrorist attack are not sufficient reason for authorities to search people at the SOA/ WHINSEC protest, a federal appeals court has ruled, saying Sept. 11 "cannot be the day liberty perished." - 10/16/04

Court rules terrorism fears not enough reason to search protesters
Associated Press  American civil liberties did not die on September eleventh. - 10/16/04

Columbus rebuked over mass searches
Bill Rankin, Atlanta Journal-Constitution   - 10/16/04

War, scandals fuel passions of protestors
Elliott Minor, Mobile Register  he war in Iraq and prisoner abuse scandals have intensified the concerns of protestors who gather outside a Georgia Army post each year seeking to close a school they blame for violence and human rights violations in Latin America. - 10/16/04

Colombian military tails union dissident
Declan McVeigh, The Tribune (London)  An SOA graduate now serving as a military attache at the Colombian Embassy in Britain recently tailed a trade unionist speaking in the UK. - 10/15/04

Archbishop Romero's Murder Still Unpunished 25 Years On
Diego Cevallos, Inter Press Service   - 10/14/04

Priest Crusader for Justice
Kateri Wozny, Pulse of the Twin Cities   - 10/13/04

Retired Presbyterian minister released from prison
Evan Silverstein, Worldwide Faith News  Don Beisswenger trespassed on Army base during November protest - 10/13/04

An Amber alert for democracy
John Lambert, MetroWest Daily News (Boston Metro)   - 10/9/04

Packed jail awaits Stewart today
Shawn McCarthy, The Globe and Mail (Toronto)   - 10/8/04

Charges Dropped for 227 Arrested During Protest Of Convention
By Sabrina Tavernise, New York Times  The Manhattan district attorney's office said yesterday that it would not prosecute cases against 227 protesters arrested during the SOA Watch - War Resisters League march at Ground Zero. - 10/7/04

U.S. Militarizing Latin America
Jim Lobe, Common Dreams  Less than 15 years after the end of the Cold War, the United States government is increasingly militarizing its relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean, according to a new report released here this week. - 10/6/04

Protesting priest speaks on 'School of Assassins'
Lisa Guo, Vanderbilt Hustler   - 10/6/04

Ex-inmate: Don't expect a spa
Patricia Hurtado, Newsday  Former SOA Watch prisoner of conscience Clare Hanrahan weighs in on Alderson Federal Prison and Martha Stewart. - 10/4/04

Welcome back to a man of God who paid a high price
Dwight Lewis, The Tennessean  Nashville's Downtown Presbyterian Church should be overflowing this afternoon when a liturgy of celebration is held for Don Beisswenger and friends. - 10/4/04

Talk opens eyes about military school's training
Rachel Alaimo-Monson, Daily Lobo (UNM)  Judy Bierbaum, a two-time prisoner of conscience, and Felix Caballero, a former military police officer, addressed the SOA and social justice at the University of New Mexico this week. - 10/4/04

Ex-professor has no regrets after prison term
Jay Hamburg, The Tennessean  At 73, retired Vanderbilt Divinity School professor Don Beisswenger became an ex-convict. - 10/2/04

Jailed activists still fight for peace
Courtney Greve, Daily Southtown (Chicago)  Spending six months in federal prison didn't discourage a Catholic nun, Sr. Moira Kenny, and South Side native Mary Dean from their commitments to peaceful protest. - 9/30/04

Arrested Developments
Isabel Macdonald, The Dominion (Canada)  New York hosts Republicans... and the largest US demonstration in decades. - 9/30/04

Alderson may look like a college campus -- but it's still a prison
Patricia Hurtado, Newsday   - 9/30/04

Target: Dissent
Anya Kamenetz, Village Voice  When cops play peacekeeper, free speech too often becomes the enemy - 9/28/04

Work awaits nun after jail
Karla Ward, Lexington Herald-Leader  Owsley Church now her home base, Sister Marge Eilerman, a former SOA Watch prisoner of conscience, will protest again. - 9/19/04

Anti-Corporate, Anti-Capitalist Demonstrators Protest Bush Renomination
Brendan Coyne, altpress   - 9/14/04

Brebeuf mourns beloved official
Andy Gammill, Indianapolis Star  SOA Watch activist Father Paul O'Brien passed away in Indianapolis last weekend. - 9/14/04

Nuns & Baptists Die-In, Balloons Fall From Heaven: Two visions of "compassion"
Jason Boog, The Revealer  Writer Jason Boog contrasts compassion encountered inside the Republican National Convention with compassion encountered on the streets and in the jails of New York City. - 9/13/04

Behind bars, nun embarks on spiritual journey
Ron Harris, St. Louis Post-Dispatch  Cynthia Brinkman, 68, a nun with the Sisters of Notre Dame in St. Louis, is currently incarcerated for her act of nonviolent civil disobedience at Ft. Benning in November of 2003. - 9/11/04

School of the Americas
Fred Morris, ZNet  A minister tortured in Brazil in 1974 by security forces trained at the School of the Americas speaks out against torture and the "School of Assassins." - 9/11/04

Holding ourselves accountable
Editorial, National Catholic Reporter  National Catholic Reporter editorial on the trial of the architect of Romero's assassination - 9/10/04

Restraining dissent is harmful
Lynne Williams, Bangor Daily News   - 9/10/04

Holding ourselves accountable
Editorial, National Catholic Reporter  National Catholic Reporter editorial on the trial of the architect of Romero's assassination - 9/10/04

Killings of labor leaders by army underscores human rights concerns
Associated Press  Three labor leaders killed in what an army commander claimed was a gunbattle were instead murdered by soldiers, Colombian prosecutors said in a case highlighting U.S. concerns over Colombia's human rights record. - 9/7/04

Human rights group loses federal court ruling
Renee K. Gadoua, Syracuse Post-Standard  Voices in the Wilderness has been fighting fine for violating anti-Iraq sanctions. - 9/6/04

A Setback for the City of Tolerance
Joyce Purnick, New York Times  Since when does progressive, free-speech-loving New York City lock people up for days without letting them see a judge? Since when does New York City practice preventive detention? - 9/6/04

Man Is Found Liable in Killing of Salvadoran Archbishop
The Associated Press   - 9/4/04

Release protesters, judge says
Flynn McRoberts and Stevenson Swanson, Chicago Tribune  Fine imposed on the New York City Police Department for non-compliance with ruling - 9/3/04

Anger over tactics
Graham Rayman, Linday Faber, Dan Janison, Daryl Khan, Stephanie Saul, Karen Freifeld, Wil Cruz, Sean Gardiner and Marshand Boone, Newsday  Protesters, lawyers decry methods used to round up demonstrators and hold them; mayor says it's not supposed to be 'Club Med' - 9/2/04

Protestors end convention in small numbers
Roy Bragg, San Antpnio Express-News   - 9/2/04

New York City police have upper hand against protesters
Zachary Coile, San Francisco Chronicle  Demonstrators often don't get far before facing arrest - 9/1/04

Civil Disobedience Turns to Rebellion in Face of Police Repression
Benjamin Dangl, Amanda Luker, Brendan Coyne and Andrew Kennis, NewStandard  Planned and Spontaneous Protests Swarmed by Cops Well Into the Night - 9/1/04

Democracy Now! Radio Program
 DN!'s Amy Goodman interviews SOA Watch staffer Eric LeCompte the day after more than 1,000 demonstrators are arrested in New York City. - 9/1/04

How to Build a Movement That Can Really Win
Jackie Downing, Threshold Magazine (student and youth published movement magazine of the Student Environmental Action Coalition)  Just as racism divides our society, it divides our movements. The same canbe said for oppression based on differences like class, gender, sexuality, religion and ability. The point isn’t that we are bad people or bad activists for inheriting various unearned privileges from an oppressive system. Rather, the point is that if we want our movements to reflect the world we hope to create, we have to work to dismantle the systems that privilege some and oppress others, every time we encounter them. - 9/1/04

A31 Unscripted
Rachel Neumann, AlterNet  In their creativity, spontaneity, and the lack of clear structure and organization, the protests on Tuesday were a marked contrast from the scene within the Convention. - 8/31/04

Justice Comes for the Archbishop
Rigoberta Menchú Tum, New York Times   - 8/31/04

Justice stalks accused killer
Andrew Buncombe, The New Zealand Herald   - 8/28/04

Fresno suit hearing recalls Salvadoran cleric's slaying in '80
Tyche Hendriks, San Francisco Chronicle   - 8/25/04

El Salvador Slaying Case to Open in Fresno
Mark Arax, Los Angeles Times  A relative of Archbishop Oscar Romero sues over his 1980 death. But the suspect is missing. - 8/24/04

The archbishop, the death squad and the 24-year wait for justice
Andrew Buncombe, The Independent of London  It was the crime that broke El Salvador's heart. A good man was murdered in broad daylight, yet no attempt was made to bring his assassin to justice. Until today. - 8/24/04

Torture survivor: Recent abuses in Iraq open old wounds
Juan Romagoza, The Tidings  The director of DC's La Clinica del Pueblo writes that torture has many effects -- not just on those who are tortured. - 8/20/04

Syracuse activist's advice on prison life: Lie low
Pam Greene, Syracuse Post-Standard  Former SOA Watch POC Rae Kramer is interviewed about Danbury, Martha Stewart and prison life. - 7/27/04

Teaching Torture: Congress quietly keeps School of the Americas alive
Doug Ireland, LA Weekly  You have to wonder how much Congress really worries about Iraqi prison torture, especially after last week?s approval of funding for the School of the Americas... - 7/22/04

Memo to Martha: Prison is no picnic
Tom Kertscher, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  Former SOA Watch Prisoner of Conscience Joyce Ellwanger tells of tedious days in Danbury Federal Prison. - 7/18/04

SextoSol Radio interviews SOA Watch
 SOA Watch communications coordinator Christy Pardew discusses the SOA and current legislation to close it down with Pacifica's Sexto Sol Radio. Listen here. - 7/13/04

The Illinois Congressman and the Dictator's Daughter
Stephen Kinzer  A love story that raises memories of bloody repression in Central America has suddenly intruded into Illinois ... Representative Jerry Weller, a Republican from the small farm town of Morris, surprised friends and supporters this week by announcing that he was engaged to a member of the Guatemalan congress - 7/10/04

From Fort Benning, Georgia to Abu Ghraib
Michael Nagler, Telepolis  In Fort Benning the United States military trained some of the most notorious human rights abusers in the hemisphere. - 7/9/04

Negroponte, Honduras and Iraq
Peter Watt, ZNet  A brief look at Negroponte?s Central American period gives us a hint at what bodes for US-run Iraq. - 7/9/04

Activist glad to be home from prison
Jeff Wright, The Register-Guard  SOA Watch prisoner of conscience Peg Morton is interviewed after her release from FCI Dublin on July 2nd. - 7/7/04

Debt to Humanity: St. Croix Man Sees Prison Term as an Obligation
Judy Wiff  An article about SOA Watch prisoner Craig Adams. - 7/1/04

War Drums: 'Let Freedom Reign!'
Michael King, Austin Chronicle  Should troops and dollars not suffice, perhaps Negroponte can adapt the battle-tested Honduran methods developed at Fort Bennings' School of the Americas.... - 7/1/04

Criminal Justice Radio Interviews SOA Watchers
 SOA Watch's Eric LeCompte and Clare Hanrahan participate in an in-depth interview on Criminal Justice Radio. Listen here. - 6/24/04

Clock Ticking for School Foe
Stephanie Spear, Influence  Lobbyist wants to cut funds to U.S.-run Western Hemisphere Institute. - 6/23/04

Prisoner of Conscience
Rhonda Bodfield Bloom , Arizona Daily Star  Behind bars at a federal prison for an act of protest, a former pastor learned that rehabilitation is a joke. - 6/22/04

Faith, from within
Kelly Benham, St. Petersburg Times  While in prison, Faith Fippinger, the Sarasota woman who served as a human shield in Iraq, finds strength, solace and a new cause. - 6/19/04

America?s Amnesia
Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive  The editor of The Progressive interviews Fr. Roy Bourgeois, William Blum and torture survivors throughout Latin America in this critical and uncompromising analysis of US connections to torture. - 6/17/04

Thanks, Ronnie, for the Debacle in Latin America
Jacob Wheeler, Utne  Utne: 'Gipper' should be remembered for the blood on his hands south of the border. - 6/15/04

Still opposed to Army school
Bart Jones, Newsday  Citing rights abuses, Rev. Roy Bourgeois is now urging Latin American leaders to stop sending soldiers to Georgia center - 6/11/04

Feels Like the Third Time
Stephen Kinzer, American Prospect  Newly unearthed, once-classified documents remind us that Abu Ghraib is hardly the first time that torture became policy. - 6/11/04

Reagan's Bloody Legacy
David Corn, TomPaine.com  The Washington editor of The Nation examines Reagan's connections to El Mozote and other massacres throughout Latin America. - 6/9/04

'I Too was Tortured'
Hector Mondragon, Sojourners Magazine  A Colombian torture survivor and SOA Watch activist reacts to reports of torture. - 6/9/04

Mom morphs into activist, then inmate
Blair Anthony Robertson, Sacramento Bee  An article about SOA Watch prisoner Leisa Faulkner Barnes. - 6/3/04

Symptoms of Empire USA
Ted Schmidt, Catholic New Times  Why would anybody be amazed at American torture when hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans have been totured, mutilated and murdered? - 6/2/04

An Exquisite Danger
Duncan Campbell, The Guardian (UK)  John Negroponte's record in Honduras does not inspire confidence about his appointment as US ambassador to Iraq. - 6/2/04

Pentagon's Legacy of Training Latin American Soldiers in Torture Techniques Haunts Probe Into Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Scandal
 An interview with SOA Watch staffer Eric LeCompte. - 5/27/04

No Dictator Left Behind: Trying to Close U.S. Training Camp for Tyrants
Tony Cook  Br. Mike O'Grady, former SOA Watch POC, is interviewed by the Cincinnati City Beat. - 5/25/04

The Situation did not Start in Abu Ghraib
Joan Chittister,OSB   - 5/25/04

Abu Ghraib: It Goes With the Territory
Ed Kinane  SOA Watch activist Ed Kinane weighs in on Abu Ghraib and torture. - 5/24/04

Abu Ghraib Scandal is Really No Surprise
Joseph Mulligan, SJ  Joe Mulligan writes in the Miami Herald. - 5/21/04

Prisoner Says She Has No Regrets
Donna Hartman  The Bradenton Herald interviews Faith Fippinger at Coleman Federal Correctional Institute. - 5/21/04

Human Rights in the US and Venezuela
Charles Hardy  VHeadline.com commentarist Charles Hardy writes: The State Department of the United States has just issued its report on Human Rights in Latin America. Maybe the day has come when the Latin American countries should issue a report on human rights within the United States. - 5/20/04

Change Agents
Kathy Kelly  Kathy Kelly writes from Pekin Federal Prison Camp about a visit to her there by FBI agents. - 5/19/04

Latin America and Iraq: Similar Instructions for Horror
Maria Victoria Valdes-Rodda  In Latin America, the collective memory is stirred by images of a painful present. - 5/19/04

Janeane Garofalo interviews Leslie Gill on the School for Torturers
Majority Report Radio  Listen to Jeanene and co-host Sam Seder interview American University professor Leslie Gill about the SOA, torture and her soon-to-be-published book, School of the Americas: Military Training, Political Violence and Impunity in the Americas - 5/19/04

Behind Abu Ghraib, an Even Darker Question
Ted Gup   - 5/18/04

Voices with Vision: SOA Watch on Torture
 Pacifica Radio's Voices with Vision interviews SOA Watch communications coordinator Christy Pardew in a show dedicated to the victims of torture everywhere. Listen here. - 5/18/04

Edgewood grads enter 'a world of challenges'
Samara Kalk Derby  Rev. Roy Bourgeois received an honorary degree and gave a commencement speech at Edgewood College on May 16, 2004. - 5/17/04

Prisoner Abuse in Iraq -- Justice and Abuse
Op-ed by Susan Waltz, Detroit Free Press  This op-ed mentions the impact that SOA Watch has had on training of foreign military at the SOA and examines the role of private contractors. - 5/17/04

Torturas en Irak parecidas a Centroam?rica en a?os 80
Betty Brannan Jaen   - 5/16/04

Los antecedentes de las torturas de EU
Alberto Almendar?z  Mexican paper Mural traces the history of torture and the US military all the way back to the internment of Native Americans. - 5/16/04

From Killing Civilians in "Mock" Attack on Iraqi Village to Torture in Abu Ghraib Prison
Joseph Mulligan, SJ  An SOA Watch activist writes from the Muscogee County Jail. - 5/14/04

Abu Ghraib: the rule, not the exception
Miles Schuman  Torture expert Miles Schuman writes that US-sanctioned torment has a long and diverse pedigree - 5/14/04

Folterskandal im Irak: Qu?lerei mit System?
Harald Neuber  An interview with former SOA Watch staffer Hendrik Voss in the German paper jungeWelt - 5/14/04

Prisoner Abuse: Patterns from the Past
Thomas Blanton and Peter Kornbluh   - 5/12/04

Torture U.: Congress should shut former School of the Americas
Editorial, Detroit Free Press  This editorial makes a strong call for the closure of the SOA/ WHINSEC. - 5/11/04

Activists Rally for Friend, New Cause
Jon Anderson   - 5/11/04

Torture, Inc.
Matthew Rothschild  The editor of The Progressive weighs in on torture as US policy. - 5/11/04

Colombians Trained To Torture Unionists
Sean Donahue   - 5/9/04

Torture by the Book
Vikram Dodd  This article addresses the torture of Iraqis by US soldiers and mentions the SOA torture manuals. - 5/6/04

Inside the Cells of Abu Ghraib: The CIA Privatized Torture
Kurt Nimmo  CIA connections from Iraq to Latin America - 5/4/04

Postal Worker Jailed for Protest at Military School
 Labor Notes reports on Greg Poferl's incarceration. - 5/1/04

Death Threats at Guatemalan Human Rights Organization
 Long-time SOA Watch activist Adriana Bartow alerted us to this urgent action appeal in Guatemala. - 4/27/04

Freed From Jail, Protesters Return
Allison Kennedy  Joe Mulligan and Michael Walli vigiled at the gates of Ft. Benning on the day of their release from Harris County Jail. - 4/24/04

Grim future for global foreign policies
Piyush Mathur  The case of the SOA/WHISC has wide implications for a global future presumably to be dominated by the nation-states' militaristic solutions to terrorism. - 4/15/04

People from Across the Country Gathered in Washington D.C. to Lobby Congress to Close the School of the Americas/WHINSEC
 Successful Lobby Efforts Result in Five New Co-Sponsors to HR 1258, a Bill Calling for the Closure of the SOA/WHINSEC. - 4/7/04

SOA Watch scores victory in Venezuela
James Hodge and Linda Cooper, National Catholic Reporter  President Ch?vez to withdraw officers from U.S. Army training school - 4/7/04

Hector Gramajo Dies in Bee Attack
Weekly News Update   - 3/14/04

Green and Gray Daydreams at Fort Benning: Part II
Alice E. Gerard   - 3/10/04

Venezuela Ceases all Training of Venezuelan Troops at the SOA/WHISC
  - 3/5/04

US Contractor Recruits Guards for Iraq in Chile
Jonathan Franklin, The Guardian  Forces say experienced soldiers are quitting for private companies which pay more for similar work - 3/5/04

Serial Peacemaker Jailed; Bush and Blair Nobel Nominated, Machiavelli Lives
Felicity Arbuthnot   - 2/23/04

Group urges Rep. Hart to help close WHISC

En la escuela del terror: activistas contra la SOA ante la Corte Federal
Pablo Ruiz y Arnaldo P?rez Guerra   - 2/9/04

When peace sends chaplains to jail, there's something wrong
Burt Constable, Chicago Daily Herald  Hours after he retired from his job as senior chaplain for the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center, Dave Corcoran hopped into the family car with loved ones and set off for the warmer climes of Georgia. From there, the Des Plaines man will head to federal prison. Again. - 1/27/04

Trial for the SOA 28 begins Monday January 26
  - 1/22/04

SOA, and The Spirit of Student Political Activism
  - 1/6/04

'School' of Hard Knocks for Wes
Vincent Morris   - 12/18/03

Priest makes human rights his mission
Leader Times   - 12/15/03

Gingrey: Institute takes proper approach with issues
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 12/12/03

Student arrested in protest
The State Hornet   - 12/10/03

Father Bill O'Donnell dies at age 73
Oakland Tribune   - 12/9/03

John Mix: Vigil against U.S. terror
The Capital Times   - 12/9/03

Father Bill Dies, City?s Beloved Activist Priest
Berkeley Daily Planet   - 12/9/03

Local activists plan efforts here against School of Americas
The Capital Times   - 12/8/03

A large group again protests the "School of the Americas"
Worldwide Faith News   - 12/5/03

GU Students Protest In Miami, Ft. Benning
The Hoya   - 12/5/03

Activists travel south to protest
The Ithacan   - 12/4/03

Peace activist arrested on military base
The Hawk Eye   - 12/4/03

Activist presents Gandhian approach
The Spectator   - 12/4/03

The Spectator   - 12/4/03

Protester returns from Georgia
Finger Lakes Times   - 12/1/03

Retired minister arrested for trespassing
PCUSANEWS   - 12/1/03

Beisswenger says protest was done in name of social justice
The Tennessean   - 11/29/03

In the Shadow of the SOA
CounterPunch   - 11/27/03

Worthy of Thanks
Cleveland Free Times   - 11/26/03

Military protesters say trespassing charges caused by wrong turns
Rockdale Citizen/Newton Citizen   - 11/25/03

Fremont woman arrested at rally
The Argus   - 11/25/03

Watch protester pleads innocent
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/25/03

Issues still to be settled
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/25/03

Pitt students head south to protest military school
The Pitt News   - 11/25/03

Divided in protest
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/24/03

Pro-Benning rally bends on event site, but not on message
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/24/03

Freakley wants costs to fall on SOA Watch
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/24/03

Youths bang a drum, walk on stilts, learn from protest
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/24/03

Protests focus on school for Latin American soldiers, Iraq war
Associated Press   - 11/24/03

Thousands protest Defense Department school in Georgia
Associated Press   - 11/24/03

Protest founder takes the plunge
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/24/03

Sisters march on "School of Assassins"
Tribune-Star   - 11/24/03

Protests mount at Fort Benning
Associated Press   - 11/24/03

Lackland training center is hit with peaceful protest
San Antonio Express-News   - 11/24/03

Army Hits Protesters With a Musical Blast
Los Angeles Times   - 11/23/03

Thousands gather for annual protest at Fort Benning
Associated Press   - 11/23/03

Sour note; Music blaring from Fort Benning bothers protesters near post
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/23/03

'Other' Berrigan raises his voice
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/23/03

Famed nun keeps promise to priest
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/23/03

Critics tour school; Some say visit informative, but not mind-changing
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/23/03

Singer thrilled by song with Seeger
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/23/03

Basketball founder's grandson among protesters this weekend
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/23/03

Should Army close school linked to human rights abuses?
The Journal Times (Racine, Wisconsin)   - 11/23/03

Big crowd at military school protest gets earful of patriotic music from Army
Associated Press   - 11/22/03

Warning to Watch
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/22/03

Faith thread; 'Core beliefs' bring religious groups together for protest
Columbus Ledger-Inquirer   - 11/22/03

Rally at Statehouse Protests U.S. Government Institute
KCBI 2   - 11/22/03

Bona group departs Georgia to protest for peace
The Times Herald   - 11/22/03

Col. Downie wants dialogue
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/21/03

Seeger highlights rally singers
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/21/03

Responsibilities of citizenship
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/20/03

Local economy gets modest bucks on event
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/20/03

Sunday rally supports post; 'Group wants SOA Watch protesters to 'get the facts'
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/20/03

Three protests with one thing in common
Daily Texan   - 11/19/03

Group has new faces, same focus
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/19/03

SOA protest could take on anti-war slant
Associated Press   - 11/19/03

Protest direction more uncertain
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/19/03

The Beehive Collective
In These Times   - 11/19/03

On their way to have their say; Local activists prepare to join protests in Miami, Fort Benning, Ga.
Lancaster Intellingencer Journal   - 11/18/03

SOA Watch Protestors Impact Economy
WTVM   - 11/18/03

Residents protest School of Americas
Iowa City Press-Citizen   - 11/17/03

700 protest U.S training of Latin soldiers; Fort Benning school: Rights abuses linked to troops trained there
The Tacoma News Tribune   - 11/17/03

East Bay activists will head to Georgia to protest School of Americas
The Oakland Tribune   - 11/17/03

Group hopes to close school
St. Cloud Times   - 11/17/03

Protestors Hold Demonstration in Iowa City
KCRG TV9   - 11/17/03

Retired Vanderbilt professor expecting arrest during protest of Georgia training institute
The Tennessean   - 11/15/03

Students will journey south to protest free trade, military
The Bowdoin Orient   - 11/14/03

Protester released from Dublin jail
Tr-Valley Herald  Article about Rachel Montgomery, one of the SOA 86 - 10/25/03

Presbyterian peace activists released from prison
PCUSA NEWS  Article about several Presbyterians in the SOA 86 - 10/22/03

U.S.-trained ex-soldiers form core of ?Zetas?
Angeles Negrete Lares, The Brownsville Herald  The Gulf Cartel boasts a rare weapon in the high stakes war for drug-trafficking supremacy: U.S.- trained soldiers. The Zetas, hired assassins for the Gulf Cartel, feature 31 ex-soldiers once part of an elite division of the Mexican army ? the Special Air Mobile Force Group. At least one-third of this battalion?s deserters was trained at the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Ga., according to documents from the Mexican secretary of defense. - 10/22/03

Missionary criticizes foreign policy
Montana Kaimin  Article about Roy Bourgeois' recent appearance at the University of Montana - 10/9/03

'War on Peace Week' intended to promote social change
The Tartan Online  Article about a week of events at Radford University featuring Roy Bourgeois and focusing on the SOA - 9/23/03

A New “School for Oppressors” in Central America?
OneWorld South Asia  Article about the International Law Enforcement Academy planned for Costa Rica - 9/22/03

Young and radical
The Bloomington Alternative  Article about Charity Ryerson, one of the SOA 86 - 9/14/03

US Army School of the Americas ... another college for killers?
VHeadline.com  Article about the SOA Watch and the November 2002 vigil and direct action - 8/25/03

Rebels with a cause
Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter  Article about William Slattery and Caitlin Harwood, two of the SOA 86 - 8/25/03

Old foe supports general for office
The Washington Times  Article about Guatemalan Gen. Efrain Rios Montt, an SOA graduate and former dictator now running for president - 8/25/03

Being locked up opens nun's eyes in new ways
Seattle Post-Intelligencer  Article about Sister Maureen Newman of Seattle's Sisters of Providence, one of the SOA 86 - 8/1/03

Sister Caryl Hartjes 'Takes Five'
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  Interview with Sister Caryl Hartjes of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, one of the SOA 86 - 7/29/03

Training Colombia's Killers in the US
SOA Watch, CounterPunch.org  Plan Colombia: Three Years Later - 7/14/03

Transgender Inmate's Hormone Therapy Delayed
The Hartford Courant  Article about Jesse Carr, one of the SOA 86 - 5/9/03

Activist juggles classes, rallies - and prison
The Roanoke Times  Article about Jonson Miller, one of the SOA 86 - 5/6/03

Gingrey appointed to board
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Article about U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Marietta, who was recently appointed to the WHINSEC Board of Visitors - 5/2/03

School of Assassins?
Hartford Advocate  Article about Col. Richard D. Downie's appearance at the University of Connecticut at Storrs - 5/1/03

Protesters surrender to authorities
Tri-Valley Herald  Article about Rachel Montgomery and Laura Slattery, two of the SOA 86 - 4/30/03

Long walk to prison for political activists
San Francisco Gate  Article about Laura Slattery and Rachel Montgomery, two of the SOA 86 - 4/28/03

Corbin Streett to enter federal prison
Clarksdale Press Register  Article about one of the SOA 86 - 4/23/03

Women prepare for long walk to prison
Oakland Tribune  Article about Rachel Montgomery and Laura Slattery, two of the SOA 86 - 4/21/03

Protesting priest starts jail sentence in Texas
Irish Examiner  Article about Fr Jim Hynes, one of the SOA 86 - 4/8/03

Former Dubuque nun to prison
Associated Press  Article about Sister Kathy Long, one of the SOA 86 - 4/8/03

Father Roy Bourgeois brings the fight against the School of the Americas to HSU
makopress  Article about Father Roy and his appearance at Humboldt State University on April 1 - 4/8/03

FdL nun to begin prison sentence for role in protest
The Fond du Lac Reporter  Article about Sister Caryl Hartjes, one of the SOA 86 - 4/7/03

Activist nuns to start prison terms Tuesday
The Post-Crescent  Article about Sister Caryl Hartjes and Sister Kathleen Long, two of the SOA 86 - 4/6/03

50 miles, then 90 days: Man will walk to prison
Poughkeepsie Journal  Article about Marvin Warren, 21, one of the SOA 86 who plans to walk from Poughkeepsie to the federal prison at Otisville, Orange County - 4/5/03

SOA protester accepts plea bargain
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Article about Rebecca Townsend Johnson, 23, of Cincinnati, one of the SOA 86 - 3/26/03

Protester prepares for six-month prison stay
The Daily News  Article about Marilyn White, one of the SOA 86 - 3/23/03

Madison activist, 24, prepares herself for prison after trespassing conviction
The Huntsville Times  Article about Carey Martin, one of the SOA 86 - 3/23/03

20-year search for priest may be over
National Catholic Reporter  Article about Fr. James Carney, who was killed in 1983 by Honduran graduates of the School of the Americas - 3/21/03

Charged with civil disobedience, UMass student sits in Georgia jail cell
Massachusetts Daily Collegian  Article about University of Massachusetts sophomore and prisoner of conscience Jason Lydon - 3/13/03

Supporters rally behind institute
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Article about the new Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation "booster club" - 3/11/03

Unrepentant priest home, heading for arrest no. 225
Contra Costa Times  Profile of Father Bill O'Donnell - 3/10/03

Bourgeois breaks law to make point
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Article about Fr. Roy Bourgeois speaking out about Iraq - 2/22/03

Nun but the Brave Teach That Protest Comes at a Price
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer  Column on 3 Washington residence arrested during the November vigil - 2/12/03

Regis Professor Sentenced in Protest
Rocky Mountain News  "I did this because it's a moral issue, to address the violence of U.S. foreign policy," Byron Plumley. - 2/12/03

Providence man sentenced in protest
The Providence Journal-Bulletin  Article on Judd Schiffman an Katherine brown who were sentenced for tresspassing at Ft. Benning - 2/12/03

Wheaton man given 3 months behind bars. Activist stood up for his beliefs in peaceful protest at a Georgia military training school
Chicago Daily Herald  "Douglas Kasper said he was prepared to serve time in prison for his beliefs." - 2/12/03

Final two sentenced in Fort Benning protest trespass
The Associated Press  Article on final sentences for activists arrested during the November vigil - 2/12/03

Nine more sentenced in Fort Benning protest trespass
The Associated Press  Article on the trials for 85 activists arrested for civil disobediance to close the SOA - 2/12/03

Military base protest misdirected, illogical
Daily Bruin  Article critiquing the SOA protests - 2/11/03

Minnesotan pleads guilty to role in Georgia protest
Star Tribune  Article on Minnesotan Anika Walz who was arrested for her action to close the SOA - 2/11/03

3 Sentenced for GA. Trespassing
Roanoke Times & World News  Article on 3 teachers sentenced for civil disobediance to close the SOA - 2/11/03

Guilford students draw time in prison
The News and Observer  "I am afraid of prison, but I don't want that to dictate my actions. I think civil disobedience is one of the best ways we have of changing the system." - 2/11/03

Nine more sentenced in Fort Benning protest trespass
The Associated Press  "Nine more people were sentenced Tuesday for trespassing on Fort Benning" - 2/11/03

Minnesotans plead guilty in Georgia civil disobedience case
The Associated Press  Article on John Neis and Anika Walz who were sentenced for their action to close the SOA - 2/11/03

Human Rights Advocates from Across U.S. Begin Federal Trial for Civil Disobedience to Close School of the Americas
U.S. Newswire  "defendants plan to testify against a double standard in the "war on terrorism," and to put the SOA/WHISC and U.S. foreign policy on trial." - 2/10/03

Sentencing continues for Fort Benning trespassers
The Associated Press  "Two dozen more people were sentenced Monday for trespassing at Fort Benning" - 2/10/03

Fort Benning protesters ready to go to prison for beliefs
The Associated Press  "Three Ohioans arrested during a protest of a military school in Fort Benning, Ga., say they are ready for the consequences. " - 2/10/03

Two young women accept price of civil disobedience; One gets 3 months in prison, other has trial Monday for human rights stand
Akron Beacon Journal  Article on Caitlin Harwood and Marie Salupo - 2/8/03

U. Missouri professor could face prison term
The Maneater  Article about Univesity of Missouri Professor Michael Ugarte. - 2/7/03

No Crime, But Punishment
San Antonio Current  " If my neighbors were to get a steady diet of truthful information about what our government is really doing in Mexico, in Central America and other places, then everyone would stand up and say 'Stop it!' - 2/6/03

Prisoner With a Cause
Albuquerque Journal  Article about Judy Bierbaum, defendant sentenced to 6 months for her action to close the SOA - 2/5/03

Three Protesters Headed for Prison
Willamette Week Online  Article on Oregon Defendants Lisa Hughes, Ann Huntwork and Phillip D'onofrio - 2/5/03

Will it be prison for young woman of conviction?
Star Tribune  "I heard the names of the dead called out. I couldn't stand the thought that my government is instrumental in causing this pain and fear." - 2/2/03

Tribunal Says Superintendent Should Have Given Leave of Absence
Lexington Herald-Leader  A Fayette County teacher who lost her job after going to prison will get it back, with back pay. - 2/1/03

Activist faces consequences for her beliefs; Senior arrested for protesting at military facility
Press & Sun-Bulletin  "The greater crime is the existence of that military training school," - 1/31/03

Protest at School of Americas Exposed Injustice
Clarksdale Press Register?  Article written by Corbin Street, defendant, on her motives for her act of Civil Disobedience - 1/31/03

Judge completes sentencing of 42 trespassing protesters
The Associated Press  "Justice was not served in that courtroom. Justice will be served when the school is closed." - 1/30/03

Base protesters sentenced; Tallahassee man gets jail
The Tallahassee Democrat  "Protesters arrested after crossing onto Fort Benning during the November School of the Americas Watch demonstrations pleaded their cases this week before U.S. Magistrate G. Mallon Faircloth." - 1/30/03

Judge sentences more Fort Benning protesters
The Associated Press State & Local Wire  "The sentences, ranging from three months to six months, followed 12 similar prison terms handed down Monday by U.S. Magistrate G. Mallon Faircloth. " - 1/29/03

27 in SOA Watch sentenced to prison
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "Some defendants thanked the judge for their prison sentence, because it helps publicize their cause." - 1/29/03

Wooster Graduate gets 3 Months in Protest
Akron Beacon Journal  Brief Article on Protesters from Ohio - 1/28/03

Two Indiana nuns sentenced for trespassing during protest
The Associated Press State & Local Wire  "Sisters Adele Beacham and Rita Clare Gerardot were sentenced in federal court in Columbus, Ga., after pleading not guilty with stipulation to federal trespassing charges. " - 1/28/03

2 from state plead guilty in protest at U.S. base
Star Tribune  Brief Article on Defendants from Minnesota - 1/28/03

17 Fort Benning protesters enter guilty pleas
The Associated Press  Article about the trial of 17 of the 85 activists arrested at the November vigil - 1/27/03

MU Professor Ugarte to go on trial in Georgia
The Tribune  Article on Michael Ugarte's upcoming trial - 1/27/03

Defendientes Quieren Revelar Problemas en La Guerra Contra El Terrorismo
  - 1/27/03

Claim Trespassing Offense Doesn't Warrant Dismissal
The Lexington Herald Leader  Janice Sevre-Duszynska's Three Person Tribunal to Possibly Reduce Punishment - 1/25/03

School system defends firing absent teacher
Lexington Herald-Leader  Article about an English teacher arrested during November vigil - 1/24/03

Attorneys say teacher's actions not immoral, harmful
The Associated Press State & Local Wire  "Attorneys for a Fayette County teacher who was fired after she was jailed for trespassing during a protest in 2001 said her conduct was neither immoral nor harmful to students." - 1/24/03

Two Indiana nuns face trial next week over military protest
The Associated Press State & Local Wire  "Two Roman Catholic nuns from Indiana say they are prepared to go to prison over their arrests during a protest at an Army base in Georgia." - 1/24/03

College Student Plead Guilty, face 1 year in prison, $100,000 fine
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  article about Jeremy John and Charity Ryerson's day in court - 1/22/03

Priest speaks of peace, nonviolence
Statesman Journal  "We were there for one reason: to shut down this school that causes so much suffering and death in Latin America," Fr. Roy Bourgeois - 1/22/03

Local protester on trial
Statesman Journal  "While Father Roy Bourgeois spoke Tuesday in Salem, two human-rights advocates went before a federal judge in Columbus, Ga." - 1/22/03

Two demonstrators plead guilty in Fort Benning protest
Associated Press State & Local Wire  article on the first two defendants' trial - 1/21/03

Advocates pay price for peace
Houston Chronicle  "They base their activism in part on religious convictions, and each retired from professional careers to work full-time for peace." - 1/21/03

Northland's Contribution:Battle for peace part of the tradition of local activism.
Duluth News-Tribune  "Joel Kilgour and Brooks Anderson...served short prison sentences for protesting the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Ga." - 1/19/03

Two arrested during protest plan to accept plea bargain
Hoosier Times  "two Bloomington residents arrested during a peaceful protest at Fort Benning, Ga., in November will likely enter into a plea bargain..." - 1/19/03

McGovern blasts School of Americas; Holy Cross holds forum on Army training program
Worcester Telegram & Gazette  "The U.S. Army School of the Americas is a taxpayer-supported training ground for brutal military operations in Central and South America and should be closed," U.S. Rep. James P. McGovern - 1/17/03

Analysis: The Business of Torture
United Press International  Article on torture mentioning the School of the Americas - 1/17/03

Keeping an Eye on the School of the Americas
Disciples Today  article about November Vigil - 1/16/03

Protest For Peace - Pair receive heartfelt send-off
The Providence Journal-Bulletin  Article about a news confrence and blessing for two Rhode Island activists - 1/16/03

A Sister of Conscience Confronts a Lack of Tolerance for Dissent
Seattle Post-Intelligencer  "Opponents, including Sister Maureen and 86 others arrested in November, say the school has trained some of Latin America's most vicious and prolific human rights abusers in the ways of torture and oppression. Among its grads: Panama's Manuel Noriega, Chile's Augusto Pinochet and 40 other Central and South American dictators." - 1/15/03

A Sister of Conscience Confronts a Lack of Tolerance for Dissent in the Post-9/11 World
THE SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER  "A teacher who protested at Fort Benning a year ago last November - and did not trespass - lost her job last year." - 1/15/03

A Real Patriot: Standing Up to the School of the Americas
Fran Quigley, NUVO  For someone just 20 years old and talking about the prospect of spending 18 months in federal prison, Charity Ryerson seems pretty matter-of-fact. She discusses her plans to have books shipped to her over the course of her sentence and the arrangements to take correspondence courses from prison. All things considered, she says, this is not a bad period in her life to be serving time. - 1/14/03

Leopoldo Galtieri, 76; Dictator Ordered Invasion ofFalklands
Los Angeles Times  Obituary for Leopoldo Galtieri, Argentine dictator - 1/13/03

Activists facing trial in Army base protest
The Plain Dealer  Marie Salupo and Caitlin Harwood are following their convictions - all the way to the threshold of a prison cell. - 1/13/03

Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri, Argentine President, Dies; Forced Falklands Invasion
The Washington Post  "Leopoldo Galtieri, 76, the former Argentine president and army commander . . .died of heart and respiratory ailments Jan. 12 at a hospital in Buenos Aires. " - 1/13/03

Obituary: General Leopoldo Galtieri: The dictator of an Argentinian regime, with a grim human rights record, who led his country into the disaster of the Falklands war
The Guardian (London)  Obituary for Leopoldo Galtieri, SOA Graduate - 1/13/03

General Leopoldo Galtieri Argentine dictator who ordered the invasion of the Falkland Islands to distract attention from the economy
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH(LONDON)  Obituary for General Leopoldo Galtieri - 1/13/03

Leopoldo Galtieri, 76; Dictator Ordered Invasion of Falklands
Los Angeles Times  Obituary for Leopoldo Galtieri, Argentine dictator - 1/13/03

Rogues Gallery
Courier Mail  Article on the lives of dictators and SOA Graduates in exile - 1/11/03

Rogues Gallery
Courier Mail  Article on the lives of dictators and SOA Graduates in exile - 1/11/03

Columbus priest gets ground view of Iraq
The Atlanta Journal and Constitution  Article on Roy Bourgeois' visit to Iraq - 1/8/03

Bob Holstein Obituary
The Press-Enterprise  Obituary for Bob Holstein, SOA Activist - 1/8/03

Judge refuses recusal; Faircloth points to having no bias in the cases of protesters in responding to challenge
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "U.S. Magistrate G. Mallon Faircloth has refused to step aside from presiding over trials of 79 SOA Watch protesters arrested . . . during last November's demonstrations" - 1/7/03

Activist Bob Holstein dies at 61
THE PRESS-ENTERPRISE  The former priest once spent time in federal prison for protesting U.S. policies. - 1/6/03

Closing former School of Americas must be part of the war on terror
Wilkes Barre Times Leader  Letter to the editor by Francis X. Bean - 1/4/03

No matter who does it, terrorism is just terrorism
Palladium-Item (Richmond, IN)  letter to the editor by Joshua Medin - 1/3/03

Nun's piercing memoir of torture and her quest for the truth
Los Angeles Times  book review of Sister Dianna Ortiz's book 'The Blindfold's Eyes' - 12/31/02

Institute: U.S. not involved in Venezuelan crisis
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "As . . .Venezuela continued to struggle with a constitutional crisis . . . a Venezuelan military chief and the U.S. chief of armed forces in the region attended a graduation ceremony . . . at Fort Benning " - 12/23/02

Military school protesters say magistrate is biased
The Associated Press  "Defendants . . .asked a federal magistrate to withdraw from hearing their cases Friday because of alleged prejudicial comments. " - 12/20/02

Solid reasons to protest at Fort Benning
Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA)  "Recently, 65 people from the tri-state area traveled to Columbus, Ga., to protest the School of the Americas at Fort Benning. Why did we do so? " - 12/20/02

No jail for SOA protester; N.J. teen gets probation and $2,500 fine
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Article about high school student who crossed the line - 12/18/02

S.A. priest, others charged in protest; Demonstrators targeted U.S. military school
San Antonio Express-News  Three San Antonia protesters charged with tresspassing - 12/16/02

Philip Berrigan: A Man of War and Peace
Newsday (New York, NY)  "Phil Berrigan is gone, but there's reason to hope that his Spirit-led prophetic witness will continue to express itself in the willing young hearts and hands of a new generation of peacemakers." - 12/16/02

Board urges accountability; School gets OK with a call for improvement
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Article about SOA/WHISC Board of Visitors - 12/13/02

Fairfield U. professor takes activist role in human rights
The Mirror via U-Wire  Article about activist professor Betsy Gardner - 12/12/02

School of Americas garners more protests
The Marquette Tribune via U-Wire  Article about Marquette students and faculty who traveled to Georgia for the November vigil - 12/12/02

Lexington teacher appeals her termination
The Associated Press  "Lexington teacher, fired after she was sentenced to 90 days in a federal prison for trespassing on a military base during a political protest" - 12/11/02

Teacher appeals dismissal; Fayette Superitendent cites failure to teach class while in Federal Prison
The Lexington Herald Leader  "A Henry Clay High School teacher fired just days before her release from federal prison is appealing her termination." - 12/10/02

U.S. terrorism must end
Capital Times (Madison, WI)  An Editorial by University of Wisconcin-Madison student on November vigil - 12/9/02

Doe gets 90 days, $500 fine; Judge to allow protester to finish this semester before reporting to jail
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  Article about a college student arrested at the November action - 12/7/02

U.S. school didn't teach students how to torture
The Herald (Rock Hill, S.C.)  Article by Col. Marc Morgan in response to an editorial by Ginger Williams - 12/7/02

Imprisoned teacher may not return to high school job
The Associated Press  " A teacher imprisoned for trespassing during a protest at a military post will be released Friday, but she may not be able to return to her job at Henry Clay High School. " - 12/5/02

Teacher in transition; Activist hopes to return to classroom
Lexington Herald-Leader  Article about High School teacher arrested during Fort Benning Protest - 12/4/02

Activists work to show another side of Iraq issue
TELEGRAM & GAZETTE  "While United Nations inspectors examine Iraq's weapons and missile programs, local peace activists are forging ahead with activities aimed at turning public opinion against war." - 12/4/02

Sinsinawa Dominican sister says she is ready to go to prison
Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA)  "Sister Kathy Long, OP, doesn't want to go to prison, but she gladly will to make her point" - 12/3/02

America's double standard?
The Buffalo News  "Our country is being presented as the good and out there is all the evil. That analysis, without any critique, is going to get us into a lot of trouble." - 12/1/02

It's about time U.S. closed torture school
Chicago Daily Herald  Editorial by Mike Woloshin on the SOA - 11/30/02

Peaceful pair in prison for the holidays; Anti-terrorist priests paying price of freedom
The San Francisco Chronicle  "it bears considering what could happen to conscientious objectors and moral dissenters . . . because they are willing to make personal sacrifices in the name of some greater good." - 11/26/02

One UCLA student, 88 others arrested in School of Americas protest
Daily Bruin via U-Wire  "(Seth) Cohen said he decided trespass "in honor of my friends in El Salvador" " - 11/25/02

3 protestors released
Roanoke Times & World News  News Brief on Virginia Tech students arrested at November vigil - 11/24/02

Protest at U.S. base 'joyous'; Local students among 10,000 demonstrators at military school
The Record (Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo)  Article about Canadians who participated in the November vigil - 11/23/02

School Teaches Respect for Democracy, Human rights
St. Louis Post-Dispatch  letter to the editor by George Bruno - 11/23/02

Fort Benning School Aids Repressive latin Regimes
St. Louis Post-Dispatch  3 Letters to the Editor by Pete Cerneka, Claire Garden, and Lynn Fingerhut - 11/23/02

Last of Protesters Released
The Associated Press  news brief on release of protesters arrested during November vigil - 11/22/02

Man marches to different drummer
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   "I'm prepared to go to prison . . . Someone has to stand up against our country's foreign policy." - 11/22/02

Louder than words
The Reporter (Fond du Lac, WI)  "I felt something stirring up in me this time that was different, calling me to step further. I walked through the fence toward an officer with a bullhorn bellowing at me that advancing meant arrest," - 11/22/02

Web site says SOA grads responsible for atrocities
The Reporter (Fond du Lac, WI)  Article on The SOA Watch Web site - 11/22/02

U.S. should close its 'school for assassins'
The Herald (Rock Hill, S.C.)  editorial by Ginger Williams, associate professor of Latin American history at Winthrop University - 11/21/02

Religious superior supports nuns arrested at protest
The Associated Press  "The head of a Roman Catholic religious order to which a nun arrested during a weekend protest at Fort Benning, Ga., belongs has issued a statement supporting her activities." - 11/21/02

Locals join thousands in Ga. at School of Americas protest
Brattleboro Reformer  "It was a very moving and very meaningful thing to be a part of . . .It felt like the right place to be." - 11/21/02

Jailing protesters is attempt to intimidate
Chicago Daily Herald  Letter to the editor by Gene Birmingham in response to an article by Burt Constable - 11/21/02

Some of century's worst terrorists trained in Ga.
Old Gold and Black via U-Wire  "If you truly want peace and human rights . . . then close the School of the Americas. " - 11/21/02

Three Blacksburg Protestors Released from Georgia Jail
Roanoke Times & World News  "Soldiers go off to war and they're willing to make these extraordinary sacrifices, to be away from their families," Patrick Lincoln, a 21-year-old senior majoring in Spanish, said Tuesday. "If we're working for social change . . . we should be willing to make the same type of sacrifices." - 11/20/02

Dubuque-area protesters stand up to be counted; School of Americas: 1 woman says it was 'joyful' being at Fort Benning with like-minded people
Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA)  article about Dubuque residents who traveled to Georgia for vigil - 11/20/02

Child goes with father to protest School of Americas
Iowa State Daily via U-WIRE  "Ella Lubienski traveled with her father, Chris, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction, to the protest. They were among about 10,000 protesters at the school..." - 11/20/02

Protest cost the city, Benning $180,000; Chamber estimates event brought city $5 million or more
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  article about November vigil - 11/19/02

Jailed protesters find this year is different experience
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  This article is about the SOA 96 - 11/19/02

Two Indiana nuns arrested at Army base protest
The Associated Press  article about November vigil - 11/19/02

School of the Terrorists
Capital Times (Madison, WI)  article about Caryl Hartjes, one of those arrested at the November vigil - 11/19/02

School of Torture
 University of Wisconsin- Madison student Jen McCoy writes about the SOA/ WHISC and her school's involvement in the November 2002 vigil. - 11/19/02

More than 90 jailed after peaceful protest; Points of view clash during 'uneventful' demonstration
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  article about November vigil - 11/18/02

Thousands attend annual military school protest
Associated Press  article about people crossing the line - 11/18/02

Three Oregonians arrested at military school protest
Associated Press  "Three Oregonians were arrested here Sunday during an annual protest of a U.S. military training program for Latin American soldiers." - 11/18/02

Boston Globe: News in Brief, Talk on military training center tonight
The Boston Globe  Cong. McGovern (D-MA) gives talk on new legislation to cut funding for the SOA/ WHISC - 11/18/02

Even musical battle was quiet
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  counter demonstration not an interference to SOA Watch event - 11/18/02

School of the Americas protest ends with nearly 100 arrests
Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service  article about arrests - 11/18/02

Students protest School of the Americas as terrorist training camp
The Diamondback via U-Wire  article about U. Maryland students going to Ft. Benning to protest - 11/18/02

New army training school under fire from protesters
Independent Florida Alligator via U-Wire  article about protests - 11/18/02

Students protest army camp
Independent Florida Alligator via U-WIRE  U. Florida students protest SOA - 11/18/02

El Salvador: The Fight for Justice in 1989 Killings of Priests
Inter Press Service  "The Human Rights Ombudsman's Office?in El Salvador asked Congress to repeal an amnesty law protecting?those who ordered the army killings of six Jesuit priests, their?housekeeper and her teenage daughter 13 years ago." - 11/18/02

At least 90 arrested in peaceful protest at US military base
Agence France Presse  "'If we want lasting peace and security we need a foreign policy that reflects our values of justice, democracy and dignity,' said Roy Bourgeois, a Catholic priest who founded a group called the School of the Americas Watch, which holds the annual event. " - 11/18/02

Thousands Attend Annual Military School Protest
The Associated Press  article and/or photo picked up by: The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Seattle Times, Newsday (New York, NY), Philadelphia Daily News, The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN), The Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.), The Record (Bergen County, NJ), The Lexington Herald Leader, The Augusta Chronicle, and more - 11/17/02

Activists Protest Army School in Georgia
Reuters  "Carrying signs that said "Stop Training Terrorists" and "Protect Human Rights," activists of various ages and religious backgrounds took part in a peaceful demonstration calling for the closing of the facility formerly known as the School of the Americas." - 11/17/02

Benning school invites in protesters
The Atlanta Journal and Constitution  article about group visits to SOA/WHISC - 11/17/02

US embassy demonstration
Morning Star (UK)  article about solidarity vigil in London - 11/16/02

Both sides; Downie, Bourgeois share stage in public for first time after several private meetings
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "A day after Georgians took a decidedly rightward shift in the American political landscape, the Rev. Roy Bourgeois and U.S. Army Col. Richard Downie squared off in a Columbus forum involving United States' foreign policy in Latin America." - 11/7/02

Talk of War Increasing Numbers for Columbus Protest
Savannah Morning News (Georgia)  "An annual protest of a Fort Benning institute for military officers from Latin America could be the biggest yet because of opposition to a war with Iraq, according to police and protest leaders." - 11/2/02

More may flock to city; Protest leader says growing anti-war sentiment could boost attendance
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "We want to shut down this school, and we will," Bourgeois said. "But it's bigger than this school. We are also out to change this country's foreign policy. This school is an expression of that." - 11/1/02

SOA Watch leader, colonel to debate views
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "Less than two weeks before thousands of protesters converge on Columbus for the annual SOA Watch protest, Father Roy Bourgeois and Col. Richard Downie will debate their conflicting views Nov. 6 on a stage in the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts." - 10/30/02

Institute holds training conference; Delegates from 17 armies represented
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "TextDelegates from 17 armies from the Americas convened Tuesday for a four-day training conference at Fort Benning's Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation." - 10/30/02

Terrorist Training, American Style
CommonDreams.org  "Insisting that global terrorism can only be stopped by 'destroying it where it grows,' George W. Bush has conveniently forgotten the US military's own terrorist training facility: the infamous Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC)." - 10/28/02

Nuns say all should speak out against wrong
The Associated Press  Article about the Hennessey sisters, former prisoners of conscience. - 10/28/02

Students to protest procedures at U.S. Army training school
University Daily Kansan via U-Wire  "...KU students plan a trip to Fort Benning, Ga., to protest the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation..." - 10/25/02

Franciscan friar's social conscience lands him in jail on government charge
Las Vegas Review-Journal  Editorial about Fr. Lois Vitale, prisoner of conscience - 10/22/02

Three-Month Sentence: Friar reports to prison camp
Las Vegas Review-Journal  "Vitale, an Air Force officer from 1954 to 1957, said he decided to participate in the Fort Benning protest because, after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, President Bush urged Americans to fight terrorism wherever it exists in the world." - 10/17/02

Speaker condemns military institute
Daily Texan via U-WIRE  "The WHISC, Bourgeois said, is responsible for training over 60,000 Latin American Soldiers who have utilized skills learned at the Fort Benning, Ga., institute to torture and kill hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans." - 10/16/02

American government hides a number of dirty secrets
USA Vanguard (Alabama)  "A visit to the SOA official website told me immediately that these boys aren't exactly taking classes in English literature. They are trained in weapons usage, infiltration and 'peace keeping,' along with a myriad of other suspicious-sounding courses like 'psychological operations.'" - 10/15/02

School of the Americas revisited??
INFOPRESS, ALAI  he United States is pushing for an international police school in Costa Rica to fight drug trafficking and terrorism. - 10/14/02

Peace protesters do time in Georgia jail
The Associated Press  Article about Prisoners of Conscience Toni Flynn and Rev. Jerry Zawada - 10/12/02

Time to topple the 'School of the Assassins'
Arizona Daily Wildcat via U-WIRE  "If President Bush is serious about ridding the world of terrorism, he needs to look internally. But, as a spineless leader whose stature is dedicated to the perpetual support of American corporations, it is unlikely that the militant school will shut its doors under his administration." - 10/10/02

A Combustive Mix ? Blood, Drugs, Oil, and God
River Cities' Reader  Sisters Gwen and Dorothy Hennessey, former Prisoners of Conscience, receive award. - 10/9/02

Shutdown of School of Americas is long overdue
The Times Union (Albany, NY)  Opinion editorial about Prisoner of Conscience Rich Ring, Guatemala and the SOA - 10/8/02

A Tale of Two Sisters
Pacific News Service  "On Sept. 11, l990, Myrna Mack Chang, anthropologist and mother, was killed by 27 knife blows to her slight body as she left a research institute in downtown Guatemala City... Two of the three officers in the Mack docket -- Godoy Gaitan and Oliva Carrera -- graduated from the U.S. School of the Americas in Ft. Benning, Ga." - 10/4/02

Generals Will Stand Trial for "Dirty War" Killings
The News Mexico  "Acosta reportedly received training in the U.S.-based School of the Americas, where U.S. forces trained Latin American military personnel in counterinsurgency measures." - 10/3/02

Army Officers Charged with Killing 134 People During 1970s
Cox News Service  "Yes, we think these two are responsible (for disappearances and deaths)," [Rosario Ibarra] said. "But they are not the only ones. There are many people higher up who gave orders." - 9/27/02

Awakened social conscience brings time in jail
The Times Union (Albany, NY)  "I don't see this as a liberal issue by a long shot," Rich said. "If the average American on the street knew what this school was doing, it would be shut down in an instant. It's completely against American values." - 9/22/02

Protest puts ex-SLO activist in cell; She hoped for U.S. prison, but got Georgia jail
The San Luis Obispo Tribune   - 9/16/02

In Person; Prisoner of Conscience
The New York Times  "So slowly I continued to hear the stories, and it opened my eyes to what was happening in the countries," [Tom Mahedy] said, "and what the U.S. role was as far as training the soldiers who were doing these things and funding them and giving them weapons." - 9/15/02

Wanted anti-war protester surrenders to LaDuke, former vice presidential candidate
The Associated Press   - 9/14/02

Activist Turns Himself in Thursday In Minneapolis; He Begins Serving a 6-Month Sentence
Roanoke Times & World News  "The unusual saga of Niklan Jones-Lezama's protest against U.S. policy in Central America took another twist Thursday as he was escorted into federal custody in Minneapolis by former Green Party vice presidential candidate Winona LaDuke." - 9/13/02

Jones-Lezama officially a fugitive; Blacksburg activist a no-show for prison
The Roanoke Times   - 9/12/02

From Pulpit to Clink; Minister begins sentence for protesting at base
The Metro Pulse (Knoxville, TN)  "About 50 supporters... gathered Tuesday morning at downtown's First Presbyterian Church to bid goodbye to Johnson.... A Latin American immigrant tearfully thanked Johnson and KACOCA members for their work to aid the citizens of his country. Afterwards, about 20 people drove with Johnson to the federal prison in Manchester, Ky." - 9/12/02

Father Bill O?Donnell leaves for federal prison
Berkeley Daily Planet   - 9/11/02

SOA activist continued on through grief; Tom Mahedy works to help families of Sept. 11 victims, faces jail for protest act
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "To me, it's no contradiction to mourn the losses of life on Sept. 11 and to protest our government's actions in Central America," he said. "I'll continue to tend to and pray for the families of the Sept. 11 victims... and raise my voice against the SOA." - 9/9/02

New River Activists Prepare for Prison, Spread the Word
Roanoke Times & World News   - 9/9/02

Social activist who served prison time for protesting Georgia school to visit Rock Hill
The Herald (Rock Hill, S.C.)   - 9/4/02

Death Is Legacy of Much of U.S. Foreign Policy
Capital Times (Madison, WI)   - 8/31/02

Teaching a Lesson On Crossing the Line
Newsday (NY)  "[Tom Mahedy's] commitment is not based on rumor. The late Joe Moakley, congressman from Boston, found that generals directed the Jesuit killings and that nine of the 16 soldiers cited had been trained in Fort Benning, at the School of the Americas. Moakley's investigation confirmed the worst things that anybody ever claimed..." - 8/25/02

A Truly Turbulent Priest
The Independent (London)   - 8/24/02

PC(USA) ministers going to prison Sept. 10
Prebyterian News Service  "[Booker-Hirsch] said it?s ironic that his sentence will begin one day before the anniversary of the terror attacks of last Sept. 11, because he considers WHISC a school of terrorism in 'our own backyard.'" - 8/23/02

Three arrested after Fort Benning protest
The Associated Press   - 8/11/02

Crossing the Line: Two Colorado activists face prison for protesting America's own "terrorist training camp."
Denver Westword   - 8/8/02

UC-Berkeley-area activist priest prepares for longest incarceration
Daily Californian via U-Wire  "Bill O'Donnell is my hero. My chief regret about Bill going to prison is that I can't share the cell with him," wrote actor Martin Sheen in a letter of support for Saturday night's presentation. - 8/6/02

U.S. fights terrorists while training its own
Chicago Daily Herald  Letter to the editor - 8/5/02

At 68 She Deepens Commitment; Woman Faces Prison for Civil Disobedience
The Richmond Times-Dispatch  "My serving three months in federal penitentiary pales in contrast to those who spend their lives living in their own countries amongst atrocities that result from training at the School of the Americas." - 8/5/02

Breeding place for terrorists is nearby
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  "I recently questioned why The Atlanta Journal-Constitution failed to report a lawsuit against two Salvadoran generals living in comfort in Miami who were accused of torturing their fellow countrymen... There is a definite local flavor here because both "gentlemen" had connections to the U.S. Army School of the Americas." - 8/2/02

'New' Army School?
The San Francisco Chronicle  Letter to the editor - 7/31/02

Redress for Salvadoran Torture Victims
The San Francisco Chronicle  Letter to the editor - 7/29/02

Florida jury convicts 2 Salvadoran generals of atrocities; $54.6 million awarded to three torture victims
The San Francisco Chronicle  "Reopening a bloody wound from two decades ago, a U.S. federal court in Florida on Tuesday found two retired Salvadoran generals responsible for torture, rape and other atrocities committed during El Salvador's civil war." - 7/24/02

El Salvador verdicts 'could open floodgates'
Tom Gibb, BBC South America  There is evidence the US knew about the torture - 7/24/02

Former School of Americas criticized: The Rev. Roy Bourgeois says the Army facility trains terrorists
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle  "Our president keeps saying we have to go after those training camps for terrorists wherever they exist. A very good place to start is in our own back yard," Bourgeois said. - 7/23/02

El Salvador generals guilty of torture
BBC  Two former generals have been found guilty by a US court of ignoring acts of brutality and torture in El Salvador 20 years ago. - 7/23/02

Nuns who spent time in prison honored
The Associated Press  "Dorothy and Gwen Hennessey, siblings and members of Dubuque's Sisters of St. Francis, will receive the Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award in October. The honor means the Roman Catholic nuns are the 33rd and 34th recipients of the award, joining the ranks of Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez and anti-apartheid activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu." - 7/20/02

Cabot man heading to jail for protest role
The Associated Press  "The School of the Americas is the police force for the World Trade Organization, the North American Free Trade Agreement and other economic treaties that hold the poor down," Legare said. - 7/19/02

Former Teacher Fined for Georgia Protest
The Boston Globe  "Ralph Madsen, a retired Newton schoolteacher who faced charges for protesting in front of a Georgia Army base last year, pleaded guilty in federal court last Friday to trespassing, and received six months of probation and a $500 fine." - 7/18/02

Chicago nun sentenced for protesting at Georgia military base
The Associated Press  "What we'll go through in prison is really nothing compared to the suffering that people in Latin America have gone through," Dean said. - 7/17/02

It's official: prison for pilgrimage
The Indianapolis Star  "My experience pales in comparison with the violence perpetrated by the School of the Americas and perpetrated on others in our prisons." - 7/17/02

Woman locks herself to gate; Protester acted alone at Benning
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "Rebecca Johnson of Washington, D.C., arrived at Fort Benning at 10 a.m. and cut the chain that held the main gate open on Fort Benning Road. She posted a banner that read, 'Lock Up SOA/WHISC, Not Peacemakers' on the gate and locked her neck to the gate..." - 7/14/02

Woman locks herself to Fort Benning gate in protest
The Associated Press   - 7/14/02

After a year in prison, activist ready to resume protests
The Associated Press  "But even as he declared victory for completing the sentence, he also noted that the U.S. government continues to fund the school. Protesters say graduates of the school have been linked to murder, torture and other human rights abuses." - 7/14/02

Army School protesters sentenced
Chattanooga Times/Chattanooga Free Press  "Sentencing of protesters against the former Army School of the Americas dragged into the night Friday as the defendants, convicted of illegally crossing onto Fort Benning in November, filled the courtroom with speeches and songs." - 7/14/02

2 New River Valley Activists Sentenced for GA Demonstration; Both Say They Will Appeal
Roanoke Times & World News  "The activists had the support of 9th District Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Abingdon, who wrote to the court on Jones-Lezama's and Daniels' behalf. 'I asked for lenient treatment because I think the institute should be closed,' Boucher said Friday through a spokeswoman." - 7/14/02

Minister sentenced for role in protest
The Maryville Daily Times (Maryville, TN)   - 7/14/02

Foes of institute choose prison; No protesters elect to spend six months at Army school
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "The message goes on. We will close the SOA, or the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, or whatever it is called," Zawada said. - 7/13/02

Judge offers penalty options: Protesters may spend six months in Fort Benning school or prison
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "Blair testified Thursday during the trial of Peter A. Gelderloos of Harrisonburg, Va., that torture was taught at the School of the Americas when he was an instructor (1986-89), in direct violation of an executive order issued by President Jimmy Carter. Instructors taught interrogation techniques from an outlawed 'Project X' manual and from the "Project Phoenix" program used in South Vietnam, he said." - 7/12/02

13 protesters found guilty; 31 await sentencing for trespassing onto Fort Benning
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "Sometimes we are called to stand up for our country and our family," said Geigle. "I'm going to do that until the SOA -- now called WHISC -- is closed." - 7/11/02

Five Benning protesters argue cases; 31 await sentencing
The Associated Press  "Chantilly J. Geigle, 19, of Salem, Ore., one of the defendants who appeared before the judge Thursday, said she has lobbied unsuccessfully to have the school closed. 'Sometimes we are called to stand up for our country and our family,' said Geigle. 'I'm going to do that until the SOA - now called WHISC - is closed.'" - 7/11/02

Trial Provides U.S. Chance to Say 'No' to Torture
Newsday (New York, NY)  "The defendants are Gen. Jose Guillermo Garcia and Gen. Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova. The two sat at the top of the Salvadoran military structure during one of the bloodiest periods in the Salvadoran civil war, including 1980, when Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated and four American churchwomen were raped and murdered." - 7/10/02

Taking a stand: Trial begins in Georgia for 37 protesters
Tribune Star   - 7/9/02

SOA trial begins with pleas
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "As protester after protester condemned the record of alleged atrocities by graduates of the institute, they suggested the change was one of name only. It didn't deter them from continuing to protest last Nov. 18, and it won't stop them and others like them from coming back in the thousands until the school is closed, they told the judge." - 7/9/02

18 enter pleas in Fort Benning protest
The Associated Press   - 7/8/02

New River Valley residents face prison and fines; 2 activists in court for protest at Army base
THE ROANOKE TIMES  "Critics say "the School of the Assassins," a play on the institute's former name, the School of the Americas, teaches torture and assassination. Some of its graduates are linked to murders and coups, including the recent, short-lived overthrow of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez." - 7/8/02

Trespass trials set for today; Demonstrators face up to six months federal time if convicted
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 7/8/02

Retired Teacher Charged in Protest; Newton Resident Opposes Military Training Program
The Boston Globe   - 7/7/02

N.J. man among 37 protesters appearing in court
Associated Press   - 7/6/02

Man may pay price for life of activism
Asbury Park Press  "It was while there that Mahedy attended a speech by members of the Mothers of the Disappeared, a group of El Salvadorian mothers whose children disappeared at the hands of death squads and the military. There, he heard about the School of the Americas..." - 7/6/02

Bay Area priests rally before trespass trial, Pelosi asked to help shut Ft. Benning school
San Francisco Chronicle  "Only days before their trial for trespassing on a post where the U.S. Army allegedly trains torturers and assassins, two Bay Area clergymen urged Rep. Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday to help shut the school down." - 7/3/02

Local woman on trial for protesting military institute
Ithaca Times   - 7/3/02

Crossing Lines of Justice ?Voices of SOA Activists
Portland Indymedia  SOA activists tell their stories in Eugene, OR - 7/1/02

Living Their Faith: And Those Who Trespass
San Francisco Chronicle   - 6/30/02

Arrested Knoxville pastor says faith demanded his actions
Knoxville News-Sentinel  "When people learn about the massive violence the graduates of U.S. Army School of the Americas have directed towards the people in Central and South America, and the terrorism and subversion they are still responsible for, many are either stunned into silence or inaction by the horrors of the violence," Johnson said. "Because of my faith and conscience, silence and inaction are unacceptable to me." - 6/29/02

Nun faces prison for School of Americas protest
NUVO (Indianapolis, IN)  "The indignities I will have to experience in prison pale in comparison to what the victims of the graduates of that school had to endure." - 6/26/02

Nun follows her faith down road to prison
Indianapolis Star  "While the Pentagon insists the Fort Benning operation seeks to tame dictatorships and teach democracy, opponents point to the hideous human rights record of U.S.-backed regimes in Central and South America and note that the region's most notorious political killers were alumni of the 'School for Assassins.'" - 6/26/02

U.S. Must Stop Funding School that Trains Terrorists
The Buffalo News  Editorial - "The school that receives this funding to train terrorists is not in Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya, but in our own country at Fort Benning, Ga. I am referring to the School of the Americas." - 6/23/02

The High Priest of Protests: The Rev. Bill O'Donnell of Berkeley has taken a crusade for human rights into the streets - and maybe into jail
San Francisco Chronicle   - 6/16/02

Institute's Board of Visitors a 'smokescreen'
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "Reich on a board charged with monitoring the human rights integrity of an institution as notorious as this one is like the fox guarding the henhouse. His appointment to this position exposes the rubber-stamp character and hypocritical function of such a board." - 6/9/02

Hypocrisy Mars the War on Terror
Rev. Charles Booker Hirsch  Graduates from Ft. Benning partook in Latin America's most corrupt regimes, yet Congress still funds the school. - 6/9/02

U.S. Anti-Terrorism Tactic of Training Foreign Militaries Is Questioned
The Associated Press  "The U.S. government's training of foreign military forces is helping people who may one day commit human rights abuses and oppose America... Throughout the 1990s, the Army's School of the Americas offered training and education to Latin American soldiers, some of whom went on to commit human rights violations, including the 1989 murder in El Salvador of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter." - 5/28/02

Institute Gets Board of Visitors
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer  "The new list excludes a controversial member of the Bush administration whose name appeared last month as a board member... Following Reich's being named to the board by Secretary of State Colin Powell, SOA Watch -- an opponent of SOA and the new institute -- began criticizing Reich on its Internet site, saying he represented the excesses associated with the former school." - 5/22/02

The Life and Crimes of General Montoya Uribe
Sean Donohue, ZNet  All of us knew we were taking certain risks when we flew by helicopter from Puerto Asis to La Hormiga with Gen. Mario Montoya Uribe ? the countryside in Putumayo is controlled by FARC guerillas who are rumored to have anti-aircraft weapons. But I?m not sure we realized how much of a risk Nancy Sánchez took by riding with our delegation of journalists and peace activists. - 5/22/02

2 PC(USA) Pastors Indicted
PCUSA NEWS  "Two Presbyterian Church (USA) pastors are among 43 protesters indicted in federal court last month for trespassing on a military base in Georgia." - 5/20/02

Pandora In America
The Independent (London)   - 5/6/02

Obituary: General Hugo Banzar Suarez; Bolivian Dictator Who Took Up Democracy
The Independent (London)  "He spent several periods in the United States, first at the School of Americas in Panama (known pejoratively as "the school for coups")..." - 5/6/02

Protesters Arrested After Refusal to Leave US Senator's Office
Colombus Dispatch  Seated in a circle with their arms locked, singing "We shall not be moved,'' 10 people opposed to U.S. foreign policy in Colombia were arrested and removed from Sen. Mike DeWine's office in Huntington Plaza yesterday. - 5/1/02

Venezuelan Generals Backing Interim President are SOA Grads
  - 4/12/02

US role in Salvador's brutal war
Tom Gibb, BBC  Salvadoreans mark the anniversary of Romero's death - 3/24/02

The school of assassins that the US army has tried to hide
Christine Toomey, The Sunday Times Magazine (U.K.)  The Killing Fields: For decades, murderers, torturers and dictators came from many Latin American countries to a military academy in Georgia for 'professional training'. Now thousands have learnt the truth, and are joining the campaign to have it closed down. Christine Toomey investigates. This article was the 2002 winner of the Amnesty International Media Award. - 1/1/02

Students Risk Arrest in Protest
San Francisco Foghorn Online  Article about University of San Francisco students at the 2001 vigil and direct action - 12/6/01

March On
Durham Independent Weekly  Despite deterrents, a strong North Carolina contingent marches in the nation's largest anti-war gathering - 11/28/01

Over 100 arrested at Ft. Benning, GA as thousands demonstrate
Independent Politics.  Federal judge rules SOA Watch has First Amendment right to demonstrate outside U.S. Army base entrance despite Benning’s "high alert" status - 11/28/01

Part Of A Movement
Ithaca Times  Locals join a protest against the former School of the Americas Three Ithaca residents were among 14 people arrested at last week's vigil to close the former School of the Americas, now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. - 11/28/01

The Nation   - 11/19/01

Two Indiana nuns arrested at Army base protest
The Associated Press  article about November vigil - 11/19/01

Backyard Terrorism
George Monbiot  The US has been training terrorists at a camp in Georgia for years - and it's still at it - 10/30/01

Nun quietly awaits prison for protest
Seattle P-I   - 7/28/01

Activist's walk ends in prison
Duluth News Tribune   - 7/18/01

Nine choose prison to draw eyes to cause
Pekin Daily Times   - 7/18/01

A Crime Without a Criminal
Pop Politics   - 7/15/01

British Chemical Company ICI Pulls Out of Cocaine War
Observer of London   - 7/1/01

Six arrested at protest over Monsanto's role in spraying in Colombia
Associated Press  Six protestors were arrested outside of Monsanto Co. headquarters Monday morning during a protest over the company's role in fumigating South American fields as part of the war on drugs. - 6/25/01

Sibling Nuns Will Go to Prison for Protesting at U.S. Military School
The New York Times   - 6/24/01

Verdicts deliver lesson to students about activism
Boston Globe   - 6/23/01

Americans blamed in Colombia raid
San Francisco Chronicle   - 6/15/01

Federal Judge Makes World Safer, Sends Elderly Nuns To Jail
San Francisco Chronicle   - 6/14/01

Gerardi Trial: Verdict Is In
compiled from Reuters, AP and Miami Herald   - 6/8/01

SOA trespassers get six-month terms
National Catholic Reporter   - 6/1/01

Sisters Sentenced to Prison
Dubuque Telegraph Herald   - 5/25/01

Local activists will serve time in prison for SOA protest
Asheville Global Report   - 5/24/01

Protester, 76, sent to prison
Des Moines Register   - 5/24/01

Judge Sentences School of the Americas Protesters to 6-Months in Prison
Associated Press   - 5/24/01

Army Protestors Face Charges
Dayton Daily News   - 5/23/01

Elderly Iowa Protester Prepares for Prison
Des Moines Register   - 5/2/01

Activist Mom: Mary Benson Risks Jail Term for Protesting
Brainerd Dispatch   - 4/6/01

Nobody Doesn't Like Joe
Mary McGrory, Washington Post  The House of Representatives was bleak house last week, when the bad news about Joe Moakley broke. Dismay was universal. When you say his name, everyone knows what it means: heart, laughter, stories -- and clout that you might not suspect when you hear him sing, "If you're Irish, come into the parlor," or, "Southie is my home town." - 2/18/01

U.S. May Be Wading into a Poisonous Quagmire
Boulder Daily Camera  It would make you happy — if it didn't make you sad — the news of the wonderful successes they are having in Colombia eliminating the coca crop. The happiness was the late January news that in Colombia over 65,000 acres of an estimated 300,000 acres dedicated to growing coca had been sprayed - 1/24/01

88-Year-Old Nun Begins Prison Term
Associated Press   - 1/18/01

SOA Graduates Lucas Garcia and Rios Montt Face Genocide Lawsuits
compiled from AP and Miami Herald   - 1/14/01

School of the Americas Closes
Staff, Washington Post  Critics Called Facility a Training Ground for Latin Despots - 12/17/00

Oberlin grads stage protest at army base - Hanging from tower, pair unfurl banner
Jennifer Gonzalez   - 11/30/00

Banner protest: SOA opponents scale Benning water tower
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer   - 11/30/00

Fumigation Threatens Amazon, Warn Indigenous Leaders, Scientists
Inter Press Service  - The spraying of chemical herbicides to destroy coca fields in southern Colombia could seriously threaten the rainforests and wildlife of the Amazon and the health of indigenous and small farming communities, warned scientists and indigenous leaders here. - 11/21/00

Fort Benning School Braces for Protesters
Atlanta Journal Constitution   - 11/19/00

Plan Colombia's Herbicide Spraying Causing Health And Environmental Problems
Inter Press Service   - 10/17/00

Colombians Say US Drug Spraying Is Creating A Health Crisis
San Francisco Chronicle   - 5/1/00

Bogotas link to far-right militias
The Christian Science Monitor   - 4/26/00

Pentagon Trained Troops Led by Officer Accused In Colombian Massacre
  - 3/30/00

The Risks of U.S. Aid
El Espectador   - 2/27/00

Colombian Army Tied To Abuses
Karen DeYoung, Washington Post  Rights Group Faults Links With Militias - 2/24/00

Czar: Colombia Suffering Ignored
By Jared Kotler   - 2/23/00

Don't aid Colombian rights abusers, U.S. urged
Philip Cauthon   - 2/23/00

Hallelujah Time For Human Rights
Mary McGrory, Washington Post  Something wonderful happened on Capitol Hill a few minutes after midnight on July 30. The House of Representatives voted for the first time in favor of human rights and against the School of the Americas (SOA), unfondly known as the School of the Assassins. - 8/8/99

House Kills Training Funds For School of the Americas
Staff, Washington Post  Army Facility Accused of Fostering Human Rights Abuses - 7/31/99

Padre Roy Bourgeois: En la lucha contra la Escuela de la Am?ricas
Entrevista con P. Roy Bourgeois  El Obrero Revolucionario entrevist? a Roy Bourgeois en julio en el penal federal Estill, Carolina del Sur, donde purgaba una condena de seis meses; acababa de salir del calabozo. - 5/30/99

Father Roy Bourgeois: Taking On the School of the Americas
Interview with Father Roy Bourgeois
 The Revolutionary Worker interviewed Roy Bourgeois last July at the Federal Correctional Facility in Estill, South Carolina. At the time, he was serving a six-month jail term, and he had just gotten out of solitary confinement. - 5/30/99

Apologies Are U.S.
Mary McGrory, Washington Post  For the first time since anyone can remember, a U.S. president has done the right thing in Central America. - 3/14/99

Pentagon Slow to Cooperate With Information Requests
Dana Priest, Washington Post  While training funded under the International Military Education and Training program (IMET) has received considerable congressional scrutiny since the 1980s, when it was discovered that some of El Salvador's worst human rights violators had been trained at the Army's School of the Americas, the same oversight is not routinely applied to U.S. military training programs in foreign countries. - 12/31/98

Two Schools of Thought
Mary McGrory, Washington Post  The next day's action was in Lafayette Park and it couldn't have been more different. These people were not trying to open doors like the folks at the Hilton dinner, they were trying to shut a school, a hideous relic of the Cold War called the School of the Americas. - 4/30/98

An Academy of Human Rights Abuse
Judy Mann, Washington Post  It was, said the Rev. Roy Bourgeois, liturgy at its highest moment: 601 people in a solemn funeral procession accompanying eight coffins onto the forbidden grounds of Fort Benning, Ga. - 11/26/97

Textbook Repression: US Training Manuals Declassified
Lisa Haugaard, Covert Action Quarterly  Several recently declassified US military training manuals show how US agents taught repressive techniques and promoted the violation of human rights throughout Latin America and around the globe. The manuals provide the paper trail that proves how the US trained Latin American and other militaries to infiltrate and spy upon civilians and groups, including unions, political parties, and student and charitable organizations; to treat legal political opposition like armed insurgencies; and to circumvent laws on due process, arrest, and detention. - 9/1/97

A Worthy Cause
Mary McGrory, Washington Post  All Durbin wanted to do was to shut down the U.S. Army's School of the Americas, the infamous Cold War anachronism that supposedly trains Latin American officers in democracy. - 7/20/97

NPR's "All Things Considered" Coverage of the Pentagon protest
NPR's "All Things Considered"   - 4/29/97

Army's Project X Had Wider Audience
Dana Priest, Washington Post  Clandestine Operations Training Manuals Not Restricted to Americas - 3/6/97

U.S. Shouldn't Be True to This School
Colman McCarthy, Washington Post  Earlier this year, Bischel was one of 13 demonstrators sentenced to federal prison. On Fort Benning property, they staged a reenactment of the 1989 murders of six Jesuit priests, a housekeeper and her daughter in El Salvador. - 10/8/96

Be All That You Can Be: Your Future as an Extortionist
Steven Lee Myers, U.S. Army New York Times  Through the 1980?s, the United States Army trained Latin American police and military officers in techniques that the Pentagon now acknowledges were ?clearly objectionable and possibly illegal?: torture, extortion, censorship, false arrest, execution and the ?neutralizing? of enemies. - 10/6/96

Manuals for Murderers
Mary McGrory, Washington Post  Father Roy Bourgeois, a Maryknoll priest doing time in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, is vindicated -- and angry. He is steaming in his cell because the Army has finally admitted something he knew all along -- namely, that the School of the Americas trained its students to torture, execute and "disappear" fellow citizens who disagreed with them. - 9/26/96

U.S. Instructed Latins on Executions, Torture
Dana Priest, Washington Post   U.S. Army intelligence manuals used to train Latin American military officers at an Army school from 1982 to 1991 advocated executions, torture, blackmail and other forms of coercion against insurgents, Pentagon documents released yesterday show. - 9/21/96

U.S. Trainers Cited Possible Executions
Associated Press, New York Times  The School of the Americas, a United States military academy for Latin American officers, used training manuals that contained references to executing guerrillas and beatings as methods of obtaining information. - 9/21/96

Former envoy to Honduras says he did what he could
Gary Cohn and Ginger Thompson, Baltimore Sun  U.S. Embassy fought rights abuses, reported facts, Negroponte says - 12/15/95

A carefully crafted deception
Gary Cohn and Ginger Thompson, Baltimore Sun  A dangerous truth confronted John Dimitri Negroponte as he prepared to take over as U.S. ambassador to Honduras late in 1981. The military in Honduras -- the country from which the Reagan administration had decided to run the battle for democracy in Central America -- was kidnapping and murdering its own citizens. - 6/18/95

A survivor tells her story
Gary Cohn and Ginger Thompson, Baltimore Sun  Treatment for a leftist: Kicks, freezing water and electric shocks. In between, a visitor from the CIA. - 6/15/95

How a journalist was silenced
Gary Cohn and Ginger Thompson, Baltimore Sun  On the night of July 8, 1982, a dozen soldiers wearing black ski masks and carrying automatic rifles raided the home of Oscar Reyes, a journalist who wrote articles critical of the Honduran military. - 6/15/95

Torturers' confessions
Ginger Thompson and Gary Cohn, Baltimore Sun  Now in exile, these CIA-trained Hondurans describe their lives -- and the deaths of their victims - 6/13/95

When a wave of torture and murder staggered a small U.S. ally, truth was a casualty
Gary Cohn and Ginger Thompson, Baltimore Sun  Was the CIA involved? Did Washington know? Was the public deceived? Now we know: Yes, Yes and yes. - 6/11/95

Glimpses of the 'disappeared'
Gary Cohn and Ginger Thompson, Baltimore Sun  Honduras: The student leader who would not bend - 6/11/95

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