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Campaña Fuera BasesHuman rights and social movement organizations in the United States will carry out protests in front of the headquarters of the US Southern Command in Miami, Florida, October 8-9, 2011.

The Unites States military has played a dreadful role in the counties of Latin American. It has led invasions, supported puppet governments, and backed bloody military dictatorships.

The only results of the Southern Command, the military arm of the U.S. government's "foreign policy," are violations of human rights and of the right of our nations to self-determination.

At the present time the Southern Command runs dozens of foreign military bases in Latin America, has re-activated the Fourth Fleet for naval maneuvers in our seas, continues to provide military training for Latin American troops at the School of the Americas, conducts joint military exercises, etc.

Current military and police collaboration between the United States and Honduras, Mexico and Colombia has caused an increase in human rights violations in these sister nations.

The people of Latin America reject this type of collaboration which is an obstacle to our peace, sovereignty and self-determination

We greatly appreciate the efforts by numerous U.S. citizens and organizations that, in solidarity with the people of Latin America, are demanding that the government of Barack Obama respect our sovereignty and peaceful and just relations between our countries.

Thus we join the activists and organizations taking part in the protests against the Southern Command.

"Latin America and the Caribbean: A Region of Peace - No to Foreign Military Bases" Campaign


Alianza Social Continental -Hemispheric Social Alliance
SOAW Equipo Latinoamericano
Consejo Cívico de Organizaciones Populares e Indígenas de Honduras, COPINH
Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos e Luta pela Paz - CEBRAPAZ


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