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[Your town] Residents to Join Thousands in Public Fasts to Denounce Controversial Training Facility for Latin Americans

Nationwide Coordinated Actions to Close the SOA/WHINSEC

[Your Town] On April 23-25 residents of the [your town] community will join thousands from across the nation for a three day fast to demand a dramatic shift in U.S. foreign policy and the closure of the controversial U.S. Army's School of the Americas, renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (SOA/WHINSEC).

Public fasts will be held in front of Federal buildings, congressional offices and public spaces such as university campuses and major cross streets to raise awareness about the SOA/WHINSEC and demand that Congress vote to close the controversial military training school.

The SOA/WHINSEC, a military training facility for Latin American soldiers located in Ft. Benning, Georgia, made headlines in 1996 when the Pentagon released training manuals used at the school that advocated torture, extortion and execution. Despite this admission and hundreds of documented human rights abuses in connected to soldiers trained at the school, no independent investigation into the facility has ever taken place. New research confirms that the school continues to support known human rights abusers.

The SOA/WHINSEC narrowly averted closure last year when a bill to cut funding to the school lost in Congress by a margin of 6 votes. On November 16-18 of 2007, thousands gathered at the gates of Ft. Benning to call for the closure of the school, the largest demonstration yet in a 18-year history of opposition to the school.

[Your group's name] and [number of others fasting] others will hold a public fast on [date] at [location] from [start time] to [end time]. [Sentence about your local group].
[insert quote here connecting struggle to close the SOA with a local struggle in your community, respected member of your community.] OR [One or two closing sentences about your group: how many years you've been active, how big you are, who is in it, etc].

School of the Americas Watch Regional Office, [address], [phone], [website], [email]