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Written by Nico Udu-gama   
Thursday, 15 March 2012 16:02
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Concert Flyer

THANK YOU to the artists who made this benefit show an amazing, energizing and joyful celebration of resistance!

Colleen Kattau kicked off the showed with her tremendous, soul-grabbing voice. It was a powerful way to start off the night. She was followed by Salvador Sarmiento of Cosita Seria, plucking up a storm on his jarana, and getting people dancing. Finally the show was concluded by a head-bobbing, jump-off-your-seat performance by New York's Rebel Díaz.

Missed the show? Came and really want to get their music? Check out the musicians' websites:

Colleen Kattau -

Rebel Díaz -

Artists are a tremendously important part of the movement to close the School of the Americas. The creatively minded inspire the campaign. Art and activism is an effective combination that is able to reach people on a different level and moves them to take action. Music and culture grounds our resistance and supports sustained activism and movement building! We are grateful to the musicians who dedicate their time and talent to building a movement.

About Haydee's Restaurant:

Owner’s Haydee Vanegas & Mario Alas are from El Salvador.  Mario is a chef & Haydee has worked at the bar since 1988. Mario and Haydee love the restaurant and are always thinking of their customers.  They have served the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood for more than 20 years.

See photos from SOAW Flckr:


Colleen Kattau

Rebel Díaz

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