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Home Action Action History 2005 Anti-Oppression and Accessibillity<br> at the 2005 November Vigil
Anti-Oppression and Accessibillity<br> at the 2005 November Vigil PDF Print E-mail
People of Color Caucus
The People of Color Caucus during the November 2005 Vigil was organized and facilitated by trainers of the Fellowship of Reconcilliation (FOR). It took place on Saturday at the Convention Center in Columbus
as a People of Color only event.
More information >>
Check out the bilingual flier >>

Undoing Imperialism Within
Historically "white" educated women have, often unintentionally, put the friendly face on and propped up Empire as helpers of various sorts. Our traditional construction continues to shape even our anti-imperialist organizing today, and we are often framed as good women who are helping those who suffer at the hands of graduates.
Sara Koopman presented "Undoing Imperialism Within: How Structures of Domination Shape our Resistance" >>

For information on an area for wheelchairs, sign-language interpretation, programs in Spanish, Braille and large print etc. during the November 2005 vigil and action at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia click here >>

Sexual Offense Prevention and Response
Every two and a half minutes someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. The Sexual Offense Prevention and Response Team (SOPRT) works to prevent sexual assault and harassment within the SOA Watch community by providing consent based education and by outlining community standards on behavior. During the Nov. 18-20 weekend, the team provided:
  • a 24-hour confidential hotline answered by trained peer responders
  • a trained team to be available to respond to any incidents, as desired by the survivor.
  • a Survivor Space.
SOA Watch Sexual Offense Prevention and Response Team >>
Read the Draft Policy >>

November 2004 Projects >>


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