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Rep. Slaughter Supports SOA/ WHINSEC Amendment PDF Print E-mail
Testimony by Rep. Louise Slaugher (D-NY) from the Congressional Record, a transcript of U.S. House of Representatives floor debate on the rule providing for HR 5122, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 - May 11, 2006

Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

Mr. Speaker, listening to my colleague's remarks, he certainly made it clear how proud he was of the bipartisanship in that committee. And so should we all be.

But all bipartisanship ended when this came to the Rules Committee. Of course it was an overwhelming vote. They have nine members, we have four. The tragedy here is that major amendments that Democrats wanted were not allowed to be heard today, very important things that we want to do.

For example, the ranking member, Mr. Skelton, was denied an amendment. The minority whip, Mr. Hoyer, was denied an amendment. And so, Mr. Speaker, through you, I want to ask Mr. Cole if he will grant me a unanimous consent request so that I can amend H. Res. 811 and add several important Democratic amendments not allowed under this restrictive rule.

Mr. Speaker, as you know, when Speaker Hastert was in the chair, he said by unanimous consent that we can easily do this. The amendments we want to add back are: A Skelton amendment that helps military families with prescription drug costs; an Israel amendment that calls for religious sensitivity by our military chaplains; an important Hoyer amendment on alternative energy; a Capps amendment to be able to defend her district against a nongermane provision in the bill; and a McGovern amendment to close down the School of the Americas .

I ask if he will yield me that time.

The SPEAKER pro tempore. Does the gentleman from Oklahoma yield to the gentlewoman from New York for the purpose of a unanimous consent request?

Mr. COLE of Oklahoma. No, Mr. Speaker, I do not. Those matters can be dealt with on a motion to recommit.

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