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Welcome to the SOA Watch Legislative Action index, the home page for information about our current legislative campaigns.  For questions or more information, please contact Alison Snow at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (202) 234-3440.
Our current campaigns:
Help gain Co-Sponsors for HR 3368, the Latin America Military Training Review Act.
Come to Washington, DC in April!
Representative James McGovern (MA) reintroduced the Latin America Military Training Review Act as HR 3368 on November 4, 2011 along with 21 other original co-sponsors. This legislation would suspend operations at the SOA/ WHINSEC, investigate torture manuals and human rights abuses associated with the school, and conduct an assessment of military training in Latin America.

Across the country, grassroots activists are working to add their Member of Congress as a cosponsor, or supporter, of this bill.  Has your Representative cosponsored this bill?  Check this list of HR 3368 cosponsors to find out.

If they are not on the list, be a part of the campaign and take action!  If your Representative is a co-sponsor, be sure to thank them for their support.

(You can also learn more about your Representative's record on this issue by seeing if s/he was one of 69 Representatives to sign a letter to President Obama asking him to close the SOA or one of 103 Representatives who signed on to HR 2567 in the 111th Congress)

What You Can Do

1. Set up a meeting with your Representative in Washington, DC. On Monday and Tuesday, April 16-17, SOA Watch activists will be visiting Congress, lobbying hard to get Members of the House of Representatives to co-sponsor HR 3368, The Latin America Military Training Review Act. We need a strong showing in order to keep the issue of the SOA/WHINSEC and militarization on the national agenda.  Your phone call and subsequent meeting with your Representative in April will be a HUGE boost for the movement, and you get the chance to really make your voice heard!

Click here for tips on setting up a meeting with your Representative. There is always strength in numbers! Get your friends, family and community leaders to join you in April.

Click here to let us know when you have scheduled your meeting!

2. If you can't come to Washington: Set up a meeting with your Representative in the district office the week of April 2 - 6. The House will be in recess and the Representatives will be in their home districts during this week.  Put together a delegation of students, workers, community leaders, and other constituents and set up a meeting with your Representative.

3. Collect postcards and letters from your family and friends to present to your Representative. SOA Watch has postcards asking Representatives to co-sponsor HR 3368.  All you need to do is sign your name and address and write your Representative's name.  Collect as many signed postcards as you can in the coming weeks.  Bring the signed postcards with you when you come to Washington and deliver them to your Congressperson.  (If no one from your area can come, send them to the SOA Watch office and we will see that they are delivered ~ but we urge you to come and deliver them yourself!) To order postcards contact SOA Watch at 202-234-3440 or Alison Snow at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

4. Include a 5 Minute Lobby Action at every event. During your meetings and events, take a few minutes to take action.  Provide postcards or paper and envelopes, pens, and the name(s) of the Representative(s) in your area.  Ask people present to sign and address the postcards or to write a brief letter.  Then collect the postcards or letters and bring them to Washington when you come. (Or send them to our office and we will deliver them.)   (The letter does not have to be long, one or two sentences is enough.  For example, I am writing to urge you to co-sponsor HR 3368, the Latin America Military Training Review Act.  This legislation would suspend operations at the School of the Americas, renamed WHINSEC (Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation). *Make sure to include your address so the Representative knows you are a constituent.

5. Call or write your Representative and ask them to cosponsor HR 3368. (If they are a co-sponsor, call to say thank you!)   You can contact the DC office of your Representative by calling the Capitol Hill Switchboard toll free at 1-800-473-6711, (or 202-224-3121). You can also look up your Representative's contact information on the House of Representatives website.  Ask to speak with the foreign affairs legislative aide.  Here is a suggested message for you to convey:

"As a constituent living in _________, I am calling Congressman/woman ________ to urge him/her to contact Rep. McGovern and ask to be a cosponsor of the Latin America Military Training Review Act, also known as HR 3368. This legislation would suspend operations at the School of the Americas, renamed WHINSEC (Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation), and investigate the history of human rights abuses and failed policies of the institution.

Despite demands by Congress to have oversight over the curriculum and promote human rights, the Pentagon is now denying all requests to provide information to human rights organizations and the public about students and graduates of the school.

I urge you to contact Cindy Buhl in Congressman McGovern's office and ask that your boss be added as a cosponsor of this legislation. I hope you will represent my views and support this bill."

Co-Sponsors of HR 3368

  1. James P. McGovern (MA)
  2. Earl Blumenaur (OR)
  3. Bruce Braley (IA)
  4. Michael Capuano (MA)
  5. Russ Carnahan (MO)
  6. Hansen Clarke (MI)
  7. Yvette Clarke (NY)
  8. John Conyers (MI)
  9. Peter DeFazio (OR)
  10. Rosa DeLauro (CT)
  11. Lloyd Doggett (TX)
  12. Sam Farr (CA)
  13. Chaka Fattah (PA)
  14. Barney Frank (MA)
  15. Raúl Grijalva (AZ)
  16. Luis Gutierrez (IL)
  17. Maurice Hinchey (NY)
  18. Rush Holt (NJ)
  19. Michael Honda (CA)
  20. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. (IL)
  21. Barbara Lee (CA)
  22. John Lewis (GA)
  23. Ed Markey (MA)
  24. Betty McCollum (MN)
  25. Jim McDermott (WA)
  26. Michael Michaud (ME)
  27. Gwen Moore (WI)
  28. Jerrold Nadler (NY)
  29. John Olver (MA)
  30. Edward Pastor (AZ)
  31. Ron Paul (TX)
  32. Donald Payne (NJ)
  33. Jared Polis (CO)
  34. David Price (NC)
  35. Charles Rangel (NY)
  36. Jan Schakowsky (IL)
  37. José Serrano (NY)
  38. Louise Slaughter (NY)
  39. Peter Stark (CA)
  40. Maxine Waters (CA)
  41. Peter Welch (VT)
  42. Lynn Woolsey (CA)
  43. John Yarmuth (KY)
updated 3/2/12
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