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Home Action Legislative Action Current Bills and Actions The Start of the 109th Congress (2006-06)
The Start of the 109th Congress (2006-06) PDF Print E-mail
The 109th Congress has officially begun! We ended the 108th (2003-04) with 130 bi-partisan co-sponsors of HR 1258, the bill to close and investigate the SOA/WHINSEC. Click here for the bill language and final list of co-sponsors. Because of your work we continue to gain momentum in the effort to see real accountability in foreign military training NOW!

SOA Watch has led a thriving legislative campaign since 1993, a campaign that forced a “closure” of the SOA in 2000. The opening of WHINSEC was indeed a slick public relations move that did cause some Members of Congress to wait and see if this “new” institution could reform.

But we are gaining momentum again and we will soon see the day when the majority of Congress will see that you could never reform without full accountability, and you cannot teach democracy or human rights at an institution that is synonymous with torture. There will be a vote in the 109th and a victory is possible, but not without you!

What To Do Now:

  • If your Rep was a co-sponsor, thank them and begin to secure a commitment to co-sponsor legislation in the 109th. A sample thank you letter is available as a reference.

  • If your Rep did not sign on, or if you have a new one, please call, send a letter, and/or visit them to discuss the reasons why this legislation is important and why you want to see them support it. Organize others to go with you.

  • If you don't know who your Rep is, enter your zip code in the box at the top of the screen of the Legislative Action Center.

  • Now is the time to get commitments from your Reps that they will co-sponsor legislation next year. If you do get a promise of co-sponsorship or a vote, please let the SOA Watch office know, 202-234-3440. If your Rep is on board, start working on your Senator—they can sponsor a companion bill. Use all the resources on this site to enhance your skills as an effective constituent lobbyist.


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