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What IS Lobbying Anyway? PDF Print E-mail
"Lobbying" is participation in the legislative process.

Grassroots lobbying is how we, the people, engage our policy makers and utilize the power we have as constituents.

This can mean writing a letter or sending a fax or email to your Member of Congress, meeting with an aide in your Congressperson's office, or making a follow-up phone call to make sure your Member of Congress has the most up-to-date information available.

Keys to Effective Lobbying:

  • Asking for something specific
  • Being persistent
  • Building a relationship

    As a lobbyist, you have a tool box of tactics you can use to effectively advocate for the policies you want. It's important that you and your group consider what is the best way to make your voice heard.

    Sample Legislative Tactics Include:

  • Write a letter, fax, or email
  • Call the Washington and/or district office of your Member of Congress
  • Build a coalition
  • Gather petition signatures
  • Start a letter, phone, fax, or email blitz
  • Submit Letters to the Editor
  • Solicit endorsements or sign on letters
  • Attend a town meeting
  • Organize a public event
  • Solicit media attention
  • Stage a media event
  • Conduct a voter registration drive
  • Join Get-Out-The-Vote efforts
  • Do a banner drop
  • Bird-dog along the election trail
  • Consider escalating tactics, such as a sit-in

    Check out the other resources in the Legislative Action Center for sample materials and background information.


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