Urgent SOA Watch legislative update: Call Carl NOW! Print
What I wouldn't give to be in Senator Carl Levin's office today. It's rare that a simple phone call from an activist like you has the power to make such a huge difference.

Today is the day that you can join SOA Watch activists around the country in taking a big step closer to closing the SOA/ WHINSEC -- by urging Senator Levin to release the names of the graduates and instructors of the SOA/ WHINSEC.

This June, the House of Representatives approved an amendment to require the release of the names, lifting the veil of secrecy surrounding the school. The joint House-Senate conference committee is meeting over the next few days to decide whether the amendment language is included in the final version of the bill that will be signed into law.

Your voice on the phone today will mean so much. By calling Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, you can help ensure the success of this amendment. We can make real progress towards closing the SOA/ WHINSEC!

It takes just a few minutes of your time. Here's what you can do:

  1. Call Senator Levin by calling his DC Senate office at 202-224-6221, or call the Capitol Hill Switchboard toll free at 1-800-473-6711 and ask to be transferred to Senator Levin's office.

  2. We expect the volume of calls to overwhelm their office, so you may receive a busy signal. Keep trying. Stagger your calls (and follow up calls) throughout the day.

  3. Here is the message to convey:

    "Senator Levin, I strongly urge you to include the WHINSEC amendment (the McGovern-Sestak-Bishop (GA)-Lewis (GA) amendment) language in the final version of the Defense Authorization bill."

Additional Talking Points You Can Use:
  • This amendment would require the release of the names for graduates and instructors at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly named the School of the Americas.

  • This is the second year in a row that the House of Representatives has passed this bipartisan amendment also supported by Chairman Ike Skelton of the House Armed Services Committee.

  • This amendment asks for nothing more than the same categories of information that have been released to human rights organizations from 1946 to 2004.

  • Arguments opposing this amendment are undocumented assertions and nothing more, because opponents have no concrete examples to back up their arguments.

Forward this email widely: to your friends, family, community members, coworkers, peace and justice groups, and listservs. Post the information on Facebook, Tweet about it, and get it onto your blog today!

It's an exciting day, and I'll keep you posted on our success. Thank you for all your hard work!

Peace and Struggle,

Pam Bowman
Legislative Coordinator, SOA Watch