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Home Action Legislative Action Take Action Tuesday, April 1: Call Your Member of Congress Today!
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National Call-in Day! Echo the Voices of Grassroots Lobbyists in DC!
Tuesday, April 1: Call Your Member of Congress Today

Across the Americas, human rights activists, teachers, students, medics, and farmers are mobilizing, speaking out, putting their bodies on the line and demanding the right to peace and self-determination, and that the US end the militarization of the Hemisphere. And in the belly of the beast, dozens of SOA Watch activists are meeting this week with their members of Congress, urging them to take a stand on the side of justice.

We need you to pick up the phone now, dial your member of Congress and echo the voices of thousands across the Hemisphere.

Click here to find your Representative (or call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Representative), and ask that they become an cosponsor of HR2989, the bill to suspend and investigate the SOA/WHINSEC. You can use a sample call script below:

"Please let Representative [your Representative's name] know that we need him/her to support HR2989, the bill to suspend and investigate the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas. This institution is synonymous with coups, massacres, torture and repression for people across the Americas, and should be suspended without delay. Please have your office contact Cindy Buhl at the office of Rep. Jim McGovern and let them know that Rep. [your Representative's name] stands for peace and human rights in the Western Hemisphere and that he would like to become a co-sponsor of HR2989, the Latin America Military Training Review Act."

Stand with Venezuela!
Call on your Member of Congress to also avert another treacherous road that comes in the form of newly proposed bill, HR 4229, entitled "Venezuelan Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act." This bill, whose title is the exact same as that of the Helms Burton law (substituting the word "Cuba" for "Venezuela") calls for targeted sanctions against Venezuela. While the rest of Latin America has stepped forward in a united voice to support the ongoing peace and dialog initiatives underway in Venezuela, hard line forces in South Florida are pointing the US down the dangerous and outdated path of intervention. Ask your Member of Congress to say no to HR 4229 and yes to seeking accurate information about the complex political situation in Venezuela.

Don't delay. It only takes 60 seconds. May the droplets of water that represent each of our footsteps and voices form a raging river today, on whose mighty waters flows a message of justice for our Americas.

In peace and solidarity,
SOA Watch


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