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Open message from SOA fast PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 17 May 2001 00:00
On June 3, 2001 , Jeff Moebus, a Vietnam veteran, completed a 52-day fast and vigil at the front gate of Ft. Benning in Columbus, Ga.

Below are an open message from Jeff about the vigil and fast, a press release, and his journal entries.

Friends, Amigos, Companeras y Companeros:

Because no one has been able to volunteer to take over the Fast and Vigil action at The Gate on my scheduled completion date of May 24, I am extending my effort until Sunday, June 3. This will terminate the activity on Pentecost -- the observation of the Descent of the Holy Spirit -- and on Day 52 of the Easter 2001 Peace of Christ Fast and Prayer Vigil: one day for each week that Charlie Liteky (Congressional Medal of Honor recipient currently serving a 12 month sentence in federal prison for nonviolent protest against the SOA) will, upon release, have spent in prison for action against the SOA.

I was inspired to do this after my visit to Fort Benning on January 31, my wife Kathy and I stood in solidarity with Becky Johnson, the 21-year old Oberlin College senior who was completing her 31-day Fast and Vigil against the WHISC/SOA that day. Remember thinking, "One of the things that could have made Becky's courageous effort better was if, on the afternoon of the 31st, there had been someone for Becky to pass the torch to, to continue the very next morning with the Fast and Vigil." That's when the vision began to take form.

My "vision" is that from now until the WHINSEC is closed, that there is at least one person involved in an on-going, extended Fast and Vigil - Prayer, Protest, or Otherwise -- outside the gates of Fort Benning. I volunteered to be the first person to take on that task and plan to be the first of an unending "Gandhian Wave" of Fasters and Vigilers.

What we really need right now is someone to take over on June 4, the day after my Fast is broken. We already have someone planning on coming on duty in July or August and in October and November. But, the immediate need is for June 4. Please pass the word and give consideration to participating in this very powerful form of witness.

Thank you for all your continuing support and solidarity.
Pray for Justice for the SOA 26.
Jeff Moebus
at The Gate, Fort Benning, Ga

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