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Workshop list for November Vigil 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tomas   
Thursday, 11 October 2012 13:46

(leer en español)

(A brief description of all workshops will be available soon! Times and rooms may still be subject to change)


10am-12pm. Rally at the Stewart Detention Center.

Georgia Detention Watch  and the Alterna Community will hold a vigil at the Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, GA November 16 from 10 am-12 pm. Transportation wil be provided, buses plan to leave from Fort Benning at 8:30. Read more here.

3-5pm, CC201. Participatory Filmmaking Workshop. Sponsored by Tierra Unida Films

Tom Laffay, an independent filmmaker living and working in Leon, Nicaragua, is an active proponent of what he calls "participatory filmmaking." Participatory filmmaking is a method in which the subjects of the film themselves play an active role in telling their story. The idea is to capacitate people/communities who never would have the opportunity (due to lack of resources/time/technical know how) to create a documentary film from their perspective. The workshop will be targeted to those activists struggling in whatever corner of the Americas they find themselves, to prepare them to capacitate the people they serve with the technical know how to produce meaningful, unique documentaries. Laffay will display two or three (5 min each) short documentaries that he has being working throughout the year. Then he will open it up for a short discussion to hear about what other people's struggles are and then engage in conversation about how to incorporate this type of filmmaking, who would be involved, and what end purpose would it serve. Thene he will give a technical display of how to use gear that so many people have available to them now, from DSLR cameras to 'point and shoots', sound recorders, open source editing programs, etc. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

6-7:30pm, CC201. Stories from Our Partnerships with the Global Struggle for Justice and Peace. Sponsored by Christian Peacemaker Teams

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) is committed to work and relationships that honor and reflect the presence of faith and spirituality, strengthen grassroots initiatives, transform structures of domination and oppression and embody creative non-violence and liberating love. We partner with local peacemakers from Palestine, Colombia, Kurdistan, and First Nation communities in Canada. Have you worked with or heard of the CPT? Join us as we share stories about our work partnering with local peacemakers from around the world.

8-9:30pm, CC201. MLKs Radical revolution in Values and Visionary Organizing in Detroit. Sponsored by the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership

In 1967 MLK stated that our government was on the wrong side of the “world Revolution” and that we need to struggle against the evil triplets of Racism, Militarism and Materialism. How do we move beyond Protest organizing? What time is it on the clock of the world? What does solidarity mean in 2012? Learn about Detroit’s place based and visionary organizing.

10-11:30pm, CC201. Using Methods of Popular Education to Talk About Militarism. Sponsored by the SOA Watch Student/Youth Collective

7:30-9pm, CC206. Reclaiming Our Homes, Reclaiming Our Future: A Radical Housing Justice Workshop. Sponsored by American Friends Service Committee
Four years after an economic meltdown precipitated by Wall Street greed, fraud, and recklessness in the housing market, Americans continue to face an epidemic of unjust foreclosures. While homeowners and renters seek help to keep their homes, banks have rushed to foreclose and evict, and in too many communities, homes remain vacant while neighbors sleep on the street.

Find out how you can join Homeowners, renters, and the homeless to fight the banks and reclaim our communities. Explore tactics that are working all over the country to prevent eviction, disrupting foreclosure auctions, restore vacant homes to community use, and protesting the banks that caused this mess in the first place. Find out how to be a part of a new and exciting movement!

9:30-11pm, CC 206. Swords into Plowshares. Sponsored by Transform Now! Plowshares

On July 28th, three disarmament activists entered the Oak Ridge TN Nuclear Weapons Complex and began transformation of that nuclear weapons production site into a place of peace. They face federal trial early in 2013 on charges carrying 16 years in prison. Come learn why they acted and how you can help them.

4-7pm, CC207. PeaceMaker/Guide Training. Sponsored by SOAW Peacemakers

8-10pm, CC207. Direct Action Planning: All Risk Levels. Sponsored by the SOAW Direct Action Group

If you are interested in doing either an action on the base (federal) or in city, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it beforehand!

3-5:30pm, CC Center Hall. Gold, Guns, and Peace:  A Colombia Teach-In. Sponsored by Witness for Peace.

Learn about the war in Colombia, human rights, trade, gold mining, and peace issues with Francia Márquez and others. Francia, due to her work defending her community from gold mining companies, was featured in the 2011 PBS documentary "The War We Are Living." This event will include a drawing for a free delegation to Colombia (does not include airfare)!

This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

6-8pm, CC Center Hall. The Danger of Drones and Remote Control Warfare, with Medea Benjamin and Bill Quigley. Sponsored by Pax Christi USA

Each year, Pax Christi USA members and friends gather on Friday night prior to the annual School of the Americas Vigil and Action. Our program this year will focus on drone warfare, with presentations by Medea Benjamin of CodePink and human rights lawyer Bill Quigley. The event will include prayer, music, inspiring speakers and more. The program is open to the general public and all are invited to attend. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

8:30-11pm, CC Center Hall. "Peace is the Way" Benefit Concert.

With Joe Jencks, Francisco Herrera, Omari, Elise Witt, emma's revolution, Charlie King, Colleen Kattau, Steve Jacobs


9-10:30am, Ballroom C. SOA Watch Morning Plenary.

Join us for the annual SOA Watch Morning Plenary. This is the space to hear about what's going on in the movement, what's next and get connected with other organizers! It will be a celebration of our victories and don't miss the best graduation ceremony of "drop outs"! This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

7:30-9am, CC207. Pax Christi Regional and Local Leaders Gathering. Sponsored by Pax Christi

10-11am, CC103. Middle School Teach-In. Sponsored by SOAW Families Working Group

10-11am, CC104. Teaching Children SOAW Songs. Sponsored by SOAW Families Working Group

11:30am-4pm. Rally at the Gates of Fort Benning. (Ft Benning Rd and Victory Blvd)

5:30-7pm, CC101. Update on Chile.

An update on Chile's vibrant student movement for educational and structural reforms, and the continuing Mapuche indigenous uprising to recuperate ancestral lands, with info and images from our partners in Santiago, presented by 2012 SOAW delegation members Dr. Marian Mollin,  Virginia Tech; Kent Spriggs, human rights attorney; and Judith Kelly, SOAW activist.

7:30-9pm, CC101. Caminar preguntando: Social movements building autonomy in Mexico and the U.S. Sponsored by the Mexico Solidarity Network

Across Mexico and the U.S., groups are building autonomy for dignified work, education, healthcare, housing, and democracy. It requires building community, questioning while we walk, resisting neoliberalism, and creating alternatives. Come learn how movements are building autonomy in Chiapas, Tlaxcala, and Mexico City, Mexico and the Centro Autónomo in Chicago.

9:30-11:30pm, CC101. Georgia Activist Meet-up. Sponsored by the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition

5:30-7pm, CC103. Our Right to Sing. Sponsored by Carolina Fuentes

This documentary, Our Right to Sing, highlights the role of musicians from the 70s and 80s as they challenged the military dictatorships and their allies, the social, economic and paramilitary power elites, known as the “oligarchy”, who were responsible for the assassination of seventy thousand Salvadoreans during our civil war that began in earnest in 1980, and ended in 1992 with the signing of the Peace Accords..

7:30-9pm, CC103. “Guantanamo Prison – torture, injustice, and U.S. power.” Sponsored by the Let Cuba Live Committee  of Maine 

Lorraine Barlett, former Guantanamo defense attorney, will report on tribunals known as military commissions and on Guantanamo prisoners’ lives there. Ann Wright, former U.S. diplomat and Army officer, now a peace activist, discusses official tolerance of torture. Cuba activist Tom Whitney sees the Guantanamo base as harbinger of subsequent U.S. foreign bases. A facilitator will encourage discussion and elicit action proposals. Also, lawyer Kent Spriggs will report.

9:30-11pm, CC103. The US War on Cuba: From Presidents Monroe to Obama. Sponsored by the Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5 and Let Cuba Live Committee of Maine

Before US invasion in 1898, before 50 years of US blockade and terrorism directed at civilians, Cubans have fought US domination. Cuba is a recognized world leader in education, medical care, women's rights, and environmentally sustainable economy. The five Cuban remain in US prisons for exposing Miami terrorism against Cuba.

5:30-7pm, CC104. The Roots of Paramilitarism in Haiti. Sponsored by the Haiti Action Committee, the Marine Interfaith Task Force on the Americas, and the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti

Haitian Grassroots photojournalist Wadner Pierre and Jeb Sprague (author of the new book Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti, published by Monthly Review Press in August 2012) will be speaking about the historic and contemporary role of paramilitary political violence in Haiti. They will in particular highlight the U.S. role in facilitating and enabling the reoccurring role of this phenomenon. The speakers will also discuss the ongoing project by rightwing forces in Haiti (and their foreign allies) to rebuild the countries brutal former army.

7:30-9pm, CC104. Honduras with Father Ismael Moreno Coto "Melo".

Fr. Moreno is director of the Jesuit-affiliated Radio Progreso as well as of the Center for Reflection, Investigation and Communication (ERIC). Since the June 2009 coup d’etat in Honduras, he, along with other members of Radio Progreso and ERIC, have received numerous death threats related to their work of uncovering human rights violations by the wealthy and powerful against defenseless social sectors. With Annie Bird, of Rights Action. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

9:30-11pm, CC104. Nicaragua: The Threat of a Good Example? Sponsored by Jeannine Pitas

During the 1980's, Oxfam described Nicaragua as “the threat of a good example,” meaning that it reveals alternatives to the US model. Since Daniel Ortega's reelection in 2006, Nicaragua has seen an influx of anti-poverty programs, membership in regional alliances, but also an influx of foreign investment. Is Nicaragua again “the threat of a good example?” This question will provide the framework for this workshop. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

4-6pm, CC201. Labor Caucus. Sponsored by United AutoWorkers.

This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

6:30-8:30pm, CC201. People of African Descent Caucus. Sponsored by the Southern Anti-Racism Network

This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

9-10:30pm, CC201. Veterans for Peace Gathering. Sponsored by Veterans for Peace

5:30-7pm, CC202. Building an Effective Response to Ground Killer Drones. Sponsored by CodePink

The movement against killer drones is growing around the country and globally, but we need to strategize about how to be more effective, and how to best coordinate our actions. What better way to start than at SOA Watch!!!! Join the conversation about why drone warfare is so dangerous, and what we can do to stop it!

7:30-9pm, CC202. Ending Prolonged Solitary Confinement in the U.S. Sponsored by National Religious Campaign Against Torture.

This workshop will show and discuss the film: Solitary Confinement: Torture in Your Backyard which describes the use of solitary confinement in the U.S. and the harm it causes. Copies will be available for free to those promising to show it in their congregation or religious organization.

9:30-11pm, CC202. The Marcha Política - Canary in a Cage for Colombia's Peace Process. Sponsored by Alliance for Global Justice.

Colombia's Marcha Patriótica is a broad movement for peace. AFGJ was invited to its installation last April, where over 100,000 people took to the streets to demand peace. It has since been targeted for repression. For peace to thrive, the MP must be able to survive.

5:30-6:30pm, CC205. Interfaith Service. Sponsored by SOA Watch

This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

7-8:30pm, CC205. Maryknoll Gathering. Sponsored by Maryknoll

9-11pm, CC205. Play: The Predator - A Drone Drama. Sponsored by Friends of Franz Jaegerstatter

Four women, one a conflicted college sophomore. Her mother, a U.S. Air Force Major and drone pilot who wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps - A United States Senator from New York in support of the mother - A peace activist who challenges the other women and militarism. Women actors ask audience participation at end of play: What do you think?

5:30-7pm, CC207. Life As an Immigrant Inside and Outside of an For-Profit Detention Center. Sponsored by Witness for Peace.

Hear first-hand about the harsh realities facing immigrants in the United States. Pedro Guzman was held in the for-profit Stewart Detention Center for over one year. Listen to him share about life inside a detention center. Hear his wife, Emily Guzman, talk about the campaign she launched to free Pedro and the work their family continues to support immigrant rights.

7:30-8:30pm, CC207. Creating the Local Peace Church. Sponsored by Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

Sponsored by the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. Is your congregation, college, or seminary a place where a commitment to nonviolence undergirds activism for peace and justice? In this participatory workshop, we will share our frustrations, successes, and dreams.

9-9:30pm, CC207. SOA Watch Victories in Latin America: A Report Back by Fr Roy Bourgeois and Lisa Sullivan

Hear a report back from SOA Watch Founder Fr Roy Bourgeois and SOA Watch Latin American Liaison Lisa Sullivan about the incredible victories the SOAW movement - and Latin America, indeed - has had over the past year. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

9:30-10pm, CC207. SOA Watch Live Auction!

5:30-7pm, CC208. The Right to Peace: Taking it to the Courts! with Roberto Zamora

Luis Roberto Zamora Bolaños is a young Costa Rican lawyer with a focus on peace studies and with experience in his native Costa  Rica, Ireland, Japan, Paris, the Philippines, Switzerland, and Gaza.  He has who has taken on bold and daring court cases, bringing the issue of peace to a legal forum.   He will speak about the conceptual legal framework of the right to peace, and share about his concrete efforts to make this a reality in court. Some of his cases include challenging Costa Rica's participation in the Iraq War, the legality of the Free Trade Agreement, the use of nuclear fuel and reactors, and most recently, challenging Costa Rica's participation in the  SOA/WHINSEC

9:30-10:30pm, CC208. Direct Action Planning: All Risk Levels. Sponsored by the SOAW Direct Action Group

If you are interested in doing either an action on the base (federal) or in city, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it beforehand!

5:30-7pm, CC210.  "Ayer, Hoy, y Mañana: Musica Tradicional de Cuerdas" Film screening and workshop. Sponsored by Son Altepee Collective

We are so happy to announce a brand new tour and documentary for this Fall 2012 from ManoVuelta Films and Son Altepee! This fall 5 traditional string musicians from Acayucan, Veracruz known as the collective “Son Altepee”, will be touring a short documentary film, performances, and discussions. Most of you have known this genre of music as Son Jarocho, but they will explain why they prefer their music to be simply called string music “musica de cuerdas” or Huapango music. We will be touring a short documentary talking about their work and music, and how they use it as a tool for community organizing. We will also be talking about the current political situation in Mexico, including the effects of neoliberalsm on communities in Veracruz, the so-called war on drugs, and the current electoral fraud scandal. Here is a little bit more about how they see themselves and the world around them. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

7:30-9pm, CC210. Worker Coops, Mondragon and the 21st Century Socialism. Sponsored by the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.

An in-depth discussion of the history, structureand implications of Spain's Mondragon coops, their meaning for the US and wider concepts of 21st CenturySocialism. Includes a clip from the new film 'Shiftchange' and a visual powerpoint by Carl Davidson. Sponsoredby the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.

9:30-11pm, CC210. Refusing to Pay for Militarism. Sponsored by National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee.

With about half of income tax dollars going to the Pentagon, peace activists struggle with problem of working for peace and paying for war. War tax resisters will tell their personal stories and discuss the various methods that are available to resist paying war taxes. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

5:30-7pm, CC211. The Mexican Caravan for Peace with Belén Asunción.

Belen Asunción was a participant on the Mexican Peace Caravan; she will present alongside Salvador Sarmiento of the RFK Center for Human Rights. On Friday, August 31, 2012, the Mexico Caravan for Peace and Justice with Dignity stopped at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia to highlight  the connection between SOA/WHINSEC and the thousands murdered during the past 6 years in the so-called “War on Drugs” in Mexico. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

7:30-9pm, CC211. Paraguay Update with Dr. Martin Almada.

With Dr. Martin Almada. Martin Almada is the founder of the Archives of Terror, the most important collection of documents of state terror ever recovered. Citing his 1974 doctoral thesis, Paraguay, Education and Dependency, state authorities branded him an "intellectual terrorist". He spent three years in a concentration camp, where he was regularly tortured. During this time his wife died. Almada says she was "psychologically murdered" by the police. He was released in 1977, following a sustained campaign by Amnesty International and went into exile with his mother and three children. His book about his prison experience, Paraguay: la Carcel Olvidada, el Pais Exiliado (Paraguay: the Forgotten Prison, the Exiled Country), was published in 1978 and is a powerful resource for human rights activists world wide. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

9:30-11pm, CC211. Mining in El Salvador with Brother Domingo Solis.

Brother Domingo Solis is a Franciscan friar and currently the director of the Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) in El Salvador.  JPIC is an organization of Franciscans whose mission is to care for the poor and marginalized, advocate for human rights, be peacemakers and respect and care for all of creation.  In El Salvador, JPIC is an active member of the National Roundtable against Metallic Mining (the Mesa) and has supported the struggle for a complete ban on all metallic mining in the country.  As part of the Mesa, Brother Domingo has helped organize protests of thousands of people demanding stricter domestic environmental regulations, has educated parishes and communities around the dangers of mining, and has demanded the respect for the human rights of environmental activists. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

5:30-7pm, CC212. Venezuela, 14 Years into the Bolivarian Revolution: Victories and Challenges.

Lisa Sullivan, Maia Rodriguez and Charlie Hardy. The Bolivarian Revolution is turning 14 next month, entering its period of adolescence. Will it consolidate it's identity as a model of 21st Century Socialism, or will it go through a rebellious teenage years? Last month Hugo Chavez won a resounding victory, with a 10% margin of victory. Still, this represents a decline of over 10% from the previous election. Most concur that democracy  was the unchallenged victor. Voter turnout was massive, breaking records, at 81%. They voting system was applauded worldwide for its transparency and seemless quality. As usual, the US media got it wrong, setting up scenarios led people to expect Chavez to either lose or die of cancer. Why the compelling need to demonize the Bolivarian Revolution? What might be happening there that merits such massive media efforts of getting it wrong consistently? What does it look like from within? Are there challenges as it approaches it's coming of age? Come and listen to Lisa Sullivan and Charlie Hardy who have each lived in Venezuela for over 25 years and to Maia Rodriguez who was raised in the barrios of Barquisimeto, Venezuela and came of age herself during the Bolivarian Revolution.

7:30-9pm, CC212. Militarized Response to Environmental and Land Rights Activists in Guatemala. Sponsored by Guatemala Human Rights Commission

Conflicts over natural resources have erupted across Guatemala as large development projects are planned and carried out without consulting local communities. The Guatemalan government uses the military to evict communities and arrest leaders in order to silence resistance and uphold a development model based on extraction and destruction. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

9:30-11pm, CC212. A New Day in Florida Agriculture: The Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Fair Food Allies, and the Fight for Farmworker Justice. Sponsored by The Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Farmworkers and allies will lead a workshop on the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Campaign for Fair Food.  We'll begin by discussing the systemic abuses endemic to industrial agriculture in the US.  From there, we'll focus on how farmworkers and allies are building an alternative and how people across the country can join the fight for Fair Food. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

5:30-7:30pm, CC213. Student/Youth Caucus. Sponsored by SOA Watch Student/Youth Collective

8-9:30pm, CC213. What's Going on in Capitol Hill? Sponsored by NETWORK

10-11:30pm, CC213. From Colombia to Palestine - Solidarity is not a Crime! Sponsored by the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.

Meredith Aby, Minneapolis Anti-War Committee and Colombia solidarity activist will speak on solidarity and political repression, covering the Anti-War 23 – especially Hatem Abudayyeh, also the Holy Land 5, and the victory of Chicano leader Carlos Montes. Visit the Committee to Stop FBI Repression @ stopfbi.net.

6-8pm, CC Center Hall. Inclusive Catholic Eucharist. Sponsored by Progressive Catholic Coalition.

Celebration of the Catholic Eucharist—inclusively, with woman and man presiders—on themes of justice and peace, sponsored by Call to Action, CORPUS, Women’s Ordination Conference, The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests and others. This will be a bilingual workshop / Este será un taller bilingüe

8:30-10:30pm, CC Center Hall. The Campaign to Stop Killer Coke: Fighting Coca-Cola's human rights abuses and racial discrimination. Sponsored by the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke.

The workshop will summarize the crimes of Coca-Cola in Latin America and around the globe, and explain what the campaign has accomplished. Major successes include kicking Coca-Cola off dozens of college campuses and out of hundreds of union halls. Those interested in making their school, union or place of business Coca-Cola free should join us for an informative, Coke-free workshop.

5:30-7:30pm, Ballroom C. Harvest of Empire Film Screening.

"Harvest of Empire", directed by Peter Getzels and Eduardo Lopez (also producer), is based on a book by award-winning journalist, author, and Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez.

The documentary reveals how United States foreign policy toward Latin America has had, and still does, a direct effect on the immense wave of Latin American migration to the U.S. In fact, the countries that the U.S. has had the most political and economic influence like Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, and Guatemala are the ones that have sent the most people to this country.

Watch the trailer: http://www.soaw.org/presente/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=376&Itemid=81

8-11:30pm, Ballroom C. "Sounds of Resistance" Concert.

With Son del Centro, Taína Asili, si dåko'ta alcantara-camacho and Son Altepee

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