Letter From Honduran Accompaniment Project Print

The Honduran Accompaniment Project, of the Quixote Center is transferring to a new home at the Nicaragua-US Friendship Office founded by Rita Clark D'Escoto.  

Partners in Honduras have asked if we can organize an Accompaniment Delegation for September 12th-19th to provide international presence at a time when activities regarding the national consultation process for a Constituent Assembly will be carried out, leading up to and following Independence Day (September 15th).

The U.S. is working hard to demonstrate that the Lobo 'government' has taken significant steps to improve the human rights situation in order to push for the reinstatement of Honduras to the OAS. 

However, the human rights crisis continues unabated with recent flashpoints in Zacate Grande, Aguan and the Autonomous University in Tegucigalpa. It is important for us to hear from the human rights community and the Honduran people about the mounting abuses in order to respond effectively.

We have agreed to organize a delegation for September as we make our new home at the Nicaragua-US Friendship Office.  Please consider participating and share this email with anyone you know who might be interested in joining us.

Caitlin Hancey, new member of our permanent accompaniment effort will receive the delegation in Honduras.  Caitlin has worked with the Coordination for International Accompaniment in Guatemala (CAIG-ACOGUATE), providing international accompaniment there.  Given the crisis and pressing needs, Caitlin has decided to bring her experience and skill to Honduras. 

We also have a new home to house delegations.  It has a gorgeous view, is centrally located, is safe and will help to support many other needs and efforts.  The September delegates will be the first to stay in the new house.  We are hoping they can bring sheets, towels and dishes to leave behind and help to equip the house for many, many more to come.

Please consider joining and help us to spread the word about the September Delegation.  We don't have the lead time we normally would - so we are counting on you to help us get the word out.

Thanks to you all for standing with the people of Honduras, and with us.

All the best,

Jenny and Caitlin

Honduras Accompaniment Project