CIUDAD JUAREZ / EL PASO: February 9-16, 2013 Print
Afflicted by the violence of state and drug trafficking forces; police, military, and civil corruption; a brutal and indifferent U.S. border policy; economic depredation; and the iron flow of guns from the U.S. commercial market, Ciudad Juárez has been called the “epicenter of pain.” Murder rates have declined significantly, offering a window to visit and understand a city that has experienced more than ten thousand murders in the last six years. But both Juárez and its sister city, El Paso, Texas, are also the sites of creative and courageous activism and nonviolent resistance to violence and injustice. Women, youth, church, artists, medical, and human rights groups have bravely challenged the destruction and impunity. El Paso, which has received tens of thousands of Juarense refugees, has organized for political asylum, to support Mexico’s peace movement, and for city resolutions against the drug war and gun trafficking. For more information contact John Lindsay Poland by email or phone (510-282-8983). Applications are available at