October 2015 Delegation to Chile Print
Join SOA Watch in our fifth delegation to Chile, hosted by SOA Watch Latin America Coordinator Pablo Ruiz, to learn about the current political and human rights situation and request Chile stop sending troops to the SOA/WHINSEC. The delegation will be organized in collaboration with SOA Watch Chile, the Group of Family Members of the Politically Executed, and other organizations.

The September 11, 1973 US-backed coup in Chile removed the democratic government of President Salvador Allende and established a 17-year repressive dictatorship characterized by disappearances, torture, executions, and other human rights violations, the consequences of which continue to impact Chile today. Chile has made advances in addressing human rights violations and our delegation will engage in citizen diplomacy by meeting with Chilean government officials to ask them to join several other Latin American countries in withdrawing from the SOA/WHINSEC.

Additionally, the delegation plans to:

- Meet with victims' organizations to hear direct testimonies about the continued struggle for truth and justice.

- Visit homes that were formerly centers of torture, which today have been converted into centers for constructing historical memory of what occurred.

- Learn about current struggles in Chile through meetings with Mapuche, student, and worker organizations.

- Meet with the Victor Jara Foundation to learn about advances in the cases against the military officials responsible for Jara's torture and execution.

- In addition to time in Santiago, Chile's capital, the delegation will travel to the city of Valparaíso to meet with organizations, visit Pablo Neruda's home, and participate in a protest at the Fuerte Aguayo military base in Concon, where the US Southern Command has opened a military and police training center.

Cost: $1,350 - $1400, which covers meals, lodging (in double occupancy rooms), transportation within the country, translation of activities spanish to english, and programming. It does not include airfare to and from Chile. Single rooms are available for an extra cost.

Dates: Tentative Dates are October 6-14, 2015.

Language and translation: Activities will be translated from Spanish to English and it is not necessary to have a knowledge of Spanish to participate.

Housing: Participants will be lodged in a modest but comfortable hotel in Santiago. There will be two people per room. A single room is available for an additional fee.

Application Process: Please contact Brigitte @ soaw.org to request an application or call Mary Anne at 734-996-9390.

Travel: Participants must arrange their own travel to and from Chile. Please do not purchase tickets until we notify you of your acceptance. In-country travel will be arranged and provided by the delegation.

For more information and an application: Contact Brigitte Gynther at Brigitte @ soaw.org or Mary Anne Perrone at 734-996-9390 or maperrone @ ameritech.net