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Colombia has sent more than 10,000 soldiers to train at the SOA, more than any other Latin American country. The results are chilling. SOA Watch has documented cases in which SOA/WHINSEC graduates and instructors have been involved in massacres, the killing of striking workers, assassinations, torture and other crimes. The current head of the Colombian Army, Mario Montoya Uribe, a former instructor at the School of the Americas, has been cited for collaboration with the right-wing paramilitaries. The SOA/ WHINSEC approach of employing military solutions to social and political problems is causing death and suffering for the people of Colombia.

Nearly 4 million people have been displaced, mostly by illegal paramilitary groups. These vigilante groups which often work in collaboration with Colombia’s military are responsible for the “disappearances” of more than 15,000 people. They have murdered more than 1,700 indigenous farmers and organizers, 2,500 union workers and nearly 5,000 members of the Union Patriótica movement. The violence has resulted in the displacement of thousands of Afro-Colombians and independent farmers from their lands. Victims of the paramilitaries are routinely tortured before being killed.

Between 1982 and 2005 paramilitaries carried out more than 3,500 massacres and occupied more than 12 million acres of land. Since 2002, after their supposed “demobilization”, Colombians are still dying. Paramilitaries are responsible for 600 deaths per year, and have since gained control of 35% of Congressional posts. Members of the Colombian army, which receives millions of dollars from the U.S. Government, have committed more than 950 execution-style murderers, often camouflaging their victims as guerrillas. Many paramilitary groups have not disbanded, calling themselves “Black Eagles.”

The 1993 human rights report State Terrorism in Colombia cites 247 Colombian officers for human rights violations. Fully one half of those cited were SOA graduates. Some were even featured as SOA guest speakers or instructors or included in the "Hall of Fame" after their involvement in such crimes.

On March 6, join us to accompany the victims of the Paramilitaries, the Parapoliticians and Agents of the state!

No more Common Graves. No more Forced Displacement. No more Paramilitaries. No more Parapoliticians. No more crimes by the State. No more US military aid to Colombia.

Events taking place on March 6, 2008 in the U.S. :


Converge at Park Street at 4:00 pm


Event: TBA. Start time: 6:00 pm


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Organized by the Colombia Support Network

Converge at the Gates of Heaven Synagogue 302 East Gorham Street (James Madison Park) - Madison, WI at 7:00pm


Converge at the Colombian consulate at 6:00 pm


Colombia Support Network CSN - MINNESOTA Invites to a vigil for the victims of violence in Colombia March 6, 2008 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Chapel inside of Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church 2742 15th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55407

New York

Contact: 718-672-0319

Organized by: Comité Against Violence in Colombia

Colombian Mission to the United Nations, 140 E 57th St (Lexington Ave) at 4:00 pm

San Francisco

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Organized by: Bay Area Colombia Working Group, American Friends Service Committee, Fellowship of Reconciliation, tel.: 415.495.6334.

Forum, Mission Cultural Center, 2868 Mission St. at 7:00 pm


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Organized by: Cristina Espinel 202-997-1358 o Sergio Guzmán, 202-538-2416.

Converge at Dupont Circle from 12:00noon to 1:00 pm.

Find out more at - and Colombia Support Network